10 Best Movies About Peter Pan That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Peter Pan

According to Rotten Tomatoes, these are the finest and worst adaptations of Peter Pan, the boy who refused to grow up.

In 2020, Peter Pan will be back in the public eye after the Sundance Film Festival screening of WendyandCome Away.

Behn Zeitlin, the director ofBeasts of the Southern Wild, is behind both Wendy and Come Away, which stars Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo (it has yet to be widely released).

It’s time to revisit some of the various adaptations of J.M. Barrie’s classic that have appeared on the big screen over the years, such asWendyso and Come Away.

1. Peter Pan (1960 Musical) – No Rating

Peter Pan (1960 Musical)

Although it has no Rotten Tomatoes score, the 1960s musical starring Mary Martin is deserving of a spot on this list. Originally performed in 1954, the musical made its way to television in 1960. For many children, this is their first exposure to the now-classic musical retelling of the story of the boy who never grew up. “I won’t grow up” is a song that is memorable no matter where it is heard, on stage or in the movies. Although you can see some wires when Martin is flying, the music and commercial interruptions serve to amplify its magical quality.

2. Neverland (Syfy TV) – 57%

Peter Pan: Neverland, the two-part Syfy version, aired in 2011. Rhys Ifans, Bob Hoskins, and Charles Dance all appeared in the show. Despite the impressive cast, the story, which centered on the ascent of Sir Anthony Ifans’ Captain Hook, fell short of expectations. Hook and Peter are buddies in London before they are swept away to Neverland together in the story’s climax. A lot of mythology is added to the program regarding how one can reach Neverland and how to leave it (apparently flying isn’t the only option), but it doesn’t inspire quite like it used to.

3. Hook – 76%


Steven Spielberg directed Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman-starring remake has become a hit and classic since its original release in 1991, even if critics were not very appreciative. What if Peter grew up and came back to our world, but he had no idea where he was coming from? Before he is compelled to fight Captain Hook once more for the sake of his own stolen children, Robin Williams accomplishes just that. Rufio, the new leader of the Lost Boys, adds a whole new level of excitement to the film.

4. Return To Neverland – 45%

The official Disney animated sequel to its 1953 Peter Pan original, Return to Neverland is now available on DVD. Wendy’s own children are enchanted by her tales of her time with Peter Pan during World War II.

Captain Hook kidnaps Jane, another one of Wendy’s children, much like he did in “Hook” (thinking she is actually Wendy). In the midst of the chaos, Peter comes to the rescue. Jane, on the other hand, initially didn’t seem to fit in as well as Wendy did. Though not terrible, the film lacked the original’s enchantment in comparison.

5. Peter Pan (2003) – 76%

Peter Pan (2003)

In 2003, filmmaker P.J. Hogan finished the last real adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s original narrative. Peter Pan arrived at the Darling home and whisked away Wendy, John, and Michael to Neverland, as in the famous story. Captain Hook and Mr. Darling were even included in the iconic double casting (as seen on stage) (a fantastic Jason Isaacs). Compared to the book, play, or film versions, the movie gave Wendy a lot more control over the plot and played up Wendy and Peter’s blossoming romance. Audiences seemed to enjoy the new formula.

6. Wendy – 44%

Wendy, by Behn Zeitlin’s director of Beasts of the Southern Wild, went straight from Sundance to theaters. Modern-day children are whisked away to a barren island in an attempt to modernize the Peter Pan myth. Although the visuals are stunning, the storyline is weak and incoherent. Peter’s logic and Wendy’s seem to be lacking from this rendition of the story, which is why the film is titled “Wendy and Peter.”

7. Peter Pan (1953) – 80%

Peter Pan (1953)

Of course, most people’s primary frame of reference for the story is the beloved Disney animated blockbuster, Peter Pan (even more so than the J.M. Barrie originals). Fans of famous music like “Follow the leader” and “You can fly!” recognize the tunes from the film even if they haven’t seen it in theaters yet.

Because to Tiger Lily’s and the rest of the Neverland Indians’ negative portrayals, the story’s original portrayal of the characters was also criticized.

8. Neverland – 39%

To avoid confusion with the Syfy series,Neverland was a gloomy 2003 rendition of Peter Pan’s story set in a decaying amusement park where Hook is an unhappy maintenance worker attempting to steal the secret of Pan’s youth.. Not only was the movie gloomy, but it was also disorienting and unsettling.

9. Finding Neverland – 83%

Finding Neverland

Rather than retelling the life of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, the film starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet tells the narrative of his creator. Barrie’s time and friendship with Llewelyn Davies and their mother were essential in inspiring the initial performance of Peter Pan on stage in 1904, and the movie concentrates on that influence. Freddie Highmore and Dustin Hoffman, both in their early twenties, gave excellent performances in the film.

10. Pan – 27%

More well-known and financially supported Peter Pan adaptations also failed at the box office. While Hugh Jackman played a Captain Hook stand-alike, Blackbeard, in 2015’s big-budgetPan, the retelling fell flat. Aside from retelling Peter’s origin story, the film also sought to show how he came to Neverland, like the Syfy series did. Moreover, it led to a friendship between a young Captain Hook and his wife. A little too much new content was incorporated into the film without due reverence to its source material.