10 Best Movies About Alien Abduction That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Alien Abduction

IMDb’s list of the top films involving close encounters with extraterrestrial life includes a number of films concerning alien abductions.

Allen Hynek, a UFO researcher, developed a classification system for alien encounters in 1972. Observing a spacecraft up close is referred to as a first-type close encounter. In a second-type near encounter, you observe a spacecraft and also notice physical impacts around you, such as startled animals, radio interference, feeling heat from the object, and so on and so forth

The third type of contact is with aliens. An encounter of the third kind occurs when an object, humanoid or robotic, appears to be conscious. Abduction of this type can be voluntary or coerced, which is what we mean by the fourth type. According to IMDb, these are the top films about fourth-kind interactions.

1. Altered (2006) – 5.6

Altered (2006)

Director Eduardo Sanchez returned to the woods after The Blair Witch Project’s triumph. After being abducted by aliens, a group of men set out to avenge themselves by tracking down the invaders and killing them. The film garnered mixed reviews. Sanchez’s ability to incorporate parts from Blair Witch and make them feel original by establishing a new setting was praised by many, while some complained that the picture was too slow and lacked aliens.

2. Communion (1989) – 5.6

During a terrible night at the family cabin, Whitley Strieber (Christopher Walken) fears that he has been taken by aliens. Later, Strieber’s mental state deteriorates as he struggles to determine whether or not the incident actually occurred. When counseling fails, he comes to terms with the fact that he must face his memories, real or imagined. It doesn’t take him long to discover that not only did the event take place, but it had also occurred previously. In the film, we see people dealing with terrible truths and the suffering they bring with them.

3. The Fourth Kind (2009) – 5.9

The Fourth Kind (2009)

For all the controversy it generated after claiming to know the reason of many missing Alaskans, The Fourth Kind was a rather disturbing movie.

To add gasoline to the flames before its release, the film claimed to have been shot by a professor at Chapman University who documented a woman’s abduction experience.

4. The Circle (2015) – 6

As soon as the first 50 people wake up, they realize that someone has to die every few minutes. Furious, the group makes one more attempt to flee, only to find out that they have the ability to choose who will perish. The film takes advantage of human despair and the uncivil behavior that can result when confronted with adversity. The circle appears to be an alien experiment probing the limits of human psychology and sociology as the film progresses.

5. Dark Skies (2013) 6.3

Dark Skies (2013)

A mother (Keri Russell) gets anxious for answers after her family starts experiencing weird happenings. A series of bizarre occurrences, including shadowy figures, flying objects, and sleepwalking, begin to drive the family apart. Then Russell comes to the conclusion that they may be indicators of alien encounters. Her son is being kidnapped by aliens, and she prepared to do everything she can to save him.

6. Fire In The Sky (1993) – 6.6

The goal of Fire in the Sky was to shed light on what it’s like to be abducted by extraterrestrials. One of a group of pals gets kidnapped after they saw a UFO in the Arizona mountains. As a result, the friends’ reports of the occurrence are met with mockery and even accusations of murder. The movie’s greatest asset is its focus on character. You’ll learn about the shame and frustration that come from having an experience that nobody else has.

7. Cocoon (1985) – 6.7

Cocoon (1985)

They’ve taken a large house in Florida and installed cocoons in the backyard pool. They have no idea that the inhabitants of the elderly care facility next door frequently utilize the pool. The more time spent in the cocoon-filled pool, the younger and stronger the elderly feel. There will come a point in time when the aliens have to explain their situation to humans in order for them to have any hope of survival.

8. The Phoenix Lights (2005) – 6.7

The Phoenix Lights was a documentary about the 1997 UFO sightings in which thousands of people in the state of Arizona observed as unexplained lights sailed through the night sky in a perfectly symmetrical configuration. The Governor of Arizona was one of the witnesses.

Many witnesses were able to take images and video of this bizarre event. More legitimacy has been given to the largest ever UFO sighting because to the government’s recent release of UFO film.

9. Contact (1997) – 7.4

Contact (1997)

Iconic author Carl Sagan, who wrote the sci-fi epic novel, Contact, was behind the story. Contact is the story of Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodi Foster), a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) researcher, rather than an alien invasion. Almost immediately, she begins receiving instructions on how to develop a transportation system that will allow a person to travel to an alien realm. Despite its focus on extraterrestrials, the film also explores themes such as religion, human nature, political intrigue, and a longing for something greater.

10. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977) – 7.6

The film that got it all began. Steven Spielberg’s epic extraterrestrial encounter picture has been credited with laying the groundwork for the current science fiction genre. While watching the film, a parent is haunted by bizarre events that lead him to believe aliens are trying to communicate with him. He neglects both his family and his personal well-being in his mad dash to find the missing person. When humans eventually makes intellectual contact with alien life utilizing light and the now-famous five-note solfeggio on Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower, the movie comes to an epic conclusion. It is revealed in the film that the aliens had abducted a large number of people who had gone missing, proving that this was a near encounter of the fourth sort.