18 Amazing Movies Like She’s The Man Update 04/2024

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Have you ever watched the film She’s The Man? This is one of the best films for many film buffs combining a touch of comedy, a feel of romance and a nice combination of sport in a single film. It’s quite an intriguing story, which many sports fans like. The film itself manages to bring the protagonist, Viola Johnson, to a lot of hijinks, love triangles and various scenarios.

You see, Viola intends to pose at the boarding school as her twin brother, Sebastian. But heart issues make it difficult for her to keep things as easy as they ought to be. It’s a good watch, and definitely a film with a good touch of drama. If you like films that create a good little dilemma, you might want to take a look at Amanda Bynes, the 2006 classic.

But what if you’d like to look at something like that? If you have She’s the Man in your mood for something a little similar, but not quite the same?

Let’s look at 10 films that look like She’s the Man. If you just saw this DreamWorks classic, some of the following films we are thinking of for you, such as She’s the Man, can be enjoyed.

She’s All That

She’s All That

Let’s take a journey back to the last millennium with She’s All That in 1999. It follows the story of Zach Siler, a stylish high school student, whom everybody looks to and wants. But when his partner, Taylor, leaves him in Brock Hudson for a television personality, his reputation is divebombing.

The film follows Siler while he tries to sort his life out and struggle to gain his reputation that he once was so revered. It’s a good watch and one that follows the mischievous secondary school style we all love. A film that we advise you to take the time to watch if you’re a She’s the Man fan.

Sydney White

For many people, the 2007 film Sydney White is a must for those who enjoy such a highly octaneous drama. That humorous hit was great when it first came out with the entire film around Snow White’s plot.

It’s basically a modern storytelling, with a great variety of changes to the ordinary story that we all know so well. If you are a fan of so unique film adaptations, we recommend you take a look. This modern retelling shifts the story into a set of students in their new year, and the film succeeds in bringing together both moments of poignant reflection and fun, making a superb film.

Easy A

Another good choice if you want a classic setting for your film is Easy A. It follows the story of the 6/10 high school student Olive. Never to be noticed or to be in the light, she finds all changes when she decides to use her school’s gossip to change how she is perceived.

Things go against her however and the whole story follows an intriguing and dramatic story about someone trying to save their reputation. That may sound like a sad film, but it’s full of humor and charm and the story itself has a very good feeling that should give you lots to think about. You will definitely enjoy laughing and crying!

10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You

For a moment, going back to the 90s, 10 things I hate about you at that time got a huge attention. Although some references are dated so long ago, the story itself is still relevant and the things that you see happening in the film definitely deserve to be viewed and taken into account.

It’s a fun story about Bianca 10th, who was never on a date. She cannot go on until her older sister, Kat, gets a man. The problem is that Kat is not the nicest individual in the world. It’s a good cliché with many twists and turns, and follows the same path of adaptation and redemption as She’s the Man.

John Tucker Must Die

Published also in 2006, this is a popular movie for a number of people who could enjoy She’s the Man’s teen romance. A great movie about a trio of girls who want to break the heart of a manipulative and plastic baseball player, John Tucker. After all three girls have dated at once, promising to be “one,” the three girls find out about them and try to ruin Tucker once and for all.

It’s a fun and pleasant film that combines a lot of slapstick comedy, a small amount of stereo and a lot of good laughter. It’s a fun and pleasant film with which many viewers will certainly find it easy to relate!

Stick It

Stick This is a good choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a film about the sport side of what makes She’s the Man sometimes so interesting. In this film, you join Haley, an athlete with many talents but poor social status. She is not someone who has good governance, and a brush with the law sees her sent to an elite gymnast academy.

She is placed there under the watch of a tough disciplinary coach who is a legend on the circuit. There she manages to make friends and enemies as she grows up, learns to be a better athlete and learns to become a better person as the film goes on.

Love Wrecked

Love Wrecked

Love Wrecked would be another good choice for movie fans. This follows the story of the world-renowned Jenny Taylor, a fan of Jason Masters. Always unable to meet her love, but Jenny finds herself at the resort that Masters likes to visit in the Caribbean thanks to her nemesis Alexis.

Sneaking on a vessel of a party, she witnessed Jason jumping overboard and trying to save him by jumping in. Both end on a deserted island not far from the resort. However, Jenny felt an opportunity to tell him that they were stranded far away in order to give Masters time to see who she really is.

It is a movie with many emotions, but you definitely ought to look at it if you liked She’s the Man.

Wild Child

For many, the 2008 Wild Child is a good example of what you can get from the high school story and add some panache to it. Follow Poppy Moore, a girl who tries to ruin all the girlfriends of her father to impress her fellow women. When her dad came to England and sent her to boarding school, things became pretty real for her soon.

At first miserable, the outsider finds it difficult to adapt to the new life she must lead. This is an interesting story with needs for adaptation, adaptation and life change: the story we have to deal with as we grow up and see things change in our lives.

What A Girl Wants

What A Girl Wants

Finally, if you were a fan of She’s the Man, then what a girl wants you might enjoy watching. It’s quite an interesting one, published to a certain degree in 2003. It was generally well received while it received some mixed reviews. Daphne Reynolds follows as she struggles to enjoy life. She has a bright future, but not so much fun with her present.

She lives in New York with her mother, and wants to meet her alien dad, who lives in London. When he flies to the UK to try and meet his dad, he’ll wildly tell the story. It’s a very interesting story, and one that surely should give you something to think about while looking at the various acts and incidents.

Some Like It Hot

Maybe the mother – or dad – of all these comedic gender stories is this 1959 film called Some Like It Hot.

The comedy film stars Marilyn Monroe as the lead singer of an all-female traveling band. But here she isn’t the one who bends genders. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon would be two of her co-stars. The guys are playing two jazz players in a special bar run by mobsters.

In the prohibition era of the late 1920s the story is set and it is filmed in colorful black and white. When the two jazz men saw a mobster-type killing accidentally, they were afraid for their lives and ran. They decided to join the all-female traveling group to escape. And that’s where they meet Kane, the character of Marilyn.

But this is one film like She’s The Man, so Kane meets the two girls! There is more comedy when both guys try to compete for Kane’s love if they are not disguised. Aw, just watch this one, it’s just rowdy fun!

Shakespeare In Love

How about a Shakespearean gender-bending comedy? Then go and watch this funny Shakespeare in Love in 1998.

Gwyneth Paltrow has won the Academy Award for her work Viola, a high class woman who dresses as a man. Just her name, and of course her sex bending, becomes a fine candidate for our list of films such as She’s The Man.

Now why the dressage? Viola lives in the 1500s, when William Shakespeare strives to be inspired to write new stuff. She’s a big fan of his previous shows, and she wanted to try acting in one. She decides to dress for her new play like a man.

Now why did she dress like a hearing man? This is because no women are allowed to perform on stage during Shakespeare’s time. And men dressed as girls played the women’s roles. Many speculate that the term “drag” came from: dressed like a girl. Get it? Get it?

Go look at this superbly written material to see how it plays!!

Connie And Carla

Funny enough, Connie and Carla are like She’s The Man, but it’s like Some Like It Hot, too. This is because the story is about two women dressing together to flee from mobsters. And yeah, they saw somebody murdered by these mobsters too. How about that? How about that?

Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette, the women who saw the rubbing mob in 2004. They work as music-review singers of show tunes. They ran there to hide in Los Angeles. And their hiding involves being a double class sexist: they dress like men who drag queens!

The background to the two female musical reviews is perfect since they auditioned in a local drag queen musical journal club for a slot. And they got an edge among the drag queens, usually with lip sync because they sang their songs live!

If you love Broadway tunes and funny lines wisely written, then take a look at this!


What about sex-bending with God’s intervention? The comedy movie Switch from 1991 explores this story. And that’s why it’s here in our list of movies like She’s The Man. Literally, this time she’s a man, trapped in the body of a woman!

Let’s explain more: This very misogynist man, Steve, is named. He has done many good deeds in his lifetime. The only problem is that he is a man like this and treats women like people of the lower class. He’s the wham-bam-thank-thank-thank-thank-you-ma-am.

Steve dies, but he can’t go directly to heaven or hell. He is therefore forced to undo his misogynetic mistake with women in order to perhaps get into the sky – or go to hell if she is still hellish! Steve is reincarnated within a voluptuous woman’s body! And he’s calling himself Amanda.

See this film and see how a man literally experiences what a woman is like. It’s fun, but for such men it’s also a good eye opener.

It’s A Boy Girl Thing

How about a movie on gender equality, which means both girls and boys change places? The movie It’s A Boy Girl Thing explores this.

The 2006 film consists of two neighboring high school children. Woody is one of those popular school jocks, while Nell is nerdy and unwelcome. They hate each other, as they are totally opposites.

But one day, destiny tries to test the two. They have been assigned to work together on a school task, but always fight each other. One of these fights took place during a school trip in a natural museum. An ancient statue of the Aztecs was next to them when they fought and some Aztec magic worked on them.

So what happened? What happened? This is why you’re finding it in our list of films like She’s The Man. She, Nell, becomes the man! Like the truth! He is also a woman in the meantime, as Woody wakes up inside Nell’s body.

See how this epic gender comedy unfolds in the lives of these characters this kind of complication and confusion.

Just One Of The Guys

What about a gender mission to disrupt the gender gap? Go watch One of the guys for this, and see why it’s on this She’s The Man list of films.

Interestingly enough, the 1985 film tells the story of a young woman who wants to be a journalist. But according to her teachers, her skills and talents seem to be lacking in this department. But she thinks they’re not taking her as a journalist seriously because she’s a girl.

So what does a girl have to do in such a situation? Naturally, dress as a boy! She is dressed as a boy and enrolls in another school to become a student journalist in order to prove her criticism wrong. Would you like to see what happens next? Then watch and discover this!


Gender bending is one thing to prove sporting skills. But gender as a woman is another thing to get a job after being such a tough man. This is basically the plot for the 1982 classic Tootsie film.

The movie stars the great Dustin Hoffman, who plays the actor Michael Dorsey. Because he was so careful of a fault, the local film and film industry resented him. He finds himself without work and becomes desperate slowly.

A popular television soap opera held a female audition and Michael decided to try it out. So he clothed himself as a woman and won the audition. Since he’s so good an actor, he wins over the cast and the audiences. Her role as a woman on TV becomes a popular icon.

It’s part of this list of films like She’s The Man. In his work Michael finds himself excellent, as Viola knew she would be excellent in her sports. That’s a classic you shouldn’t miss in your film life. So go check it out! Go check it out!

Mrs. Doubtfire

How about sex bending, because you are such an unreliable father? That’s all about Ms. Doubtfire’s movie.

The 1993 film performs Robin Williams, who is very talented, as Daniel, a family man who shuffles around to get playing jobs. He is also a struggling actor, and sometimes prioritizes work over family. His wife therefore files for divorce. To make things worse, he can’t have their children’s joint custody because his working conditions are so unstable.

He remedies the situation and finds small jobs to be closer to them. But he saw a big job that interested him. It’s the job for a kid to find a caretaker for their kids by his ex-wife.

And here the story turns into one of those movies like She’s The Man. Daniel tries to use his nanny role with his acting skills and “auditions.” He gets it, of course. So while he is close to his children, he gets a better job. Of course, trouble begins when a new man suddenly comes into play in his ex-life. wife’s

What would Daniel do with that situation, now known as nanny Mrs. Doubtfire? Watch Robin Williams in one of his finest roles and experience them.

The Hot Chick

One thing is to play the role of your sex bending and another thing is to change bodies with the other gender of your age. But what about bending and switching with someone who’s much older or younger than you? Then for you, we’ve got The Hot Chick.

In 2002 Rob Schneider, a tiny guy named Clive, is a bungling criminal. Rachel McAdams was co-starring with Jessica, who is a bit mean-spirited as a teenager. Your body-shifting episode of gender bending comes in the form of mystical stolen jewels.

That’s why The Hot Chick is on the list of movies such as She’s The Man. A special pair of seemingly hexed earrings turns out to be our zany characters. Jessica, being her disgusting self, tries to shape her adolescent rival in a mall. While she is there, she also steals the special earrings in a jewel shop as an additional misleading act.

One time stopping for gas, the crook Clive is there, too. He just scamed there, but got a gasoline boy wrong. Jessica drops one of the special earrings accidentally, and Clive finds and steals it.

Jessica and Clive arrived in their respective homes this night and at the same time tried to wear the earrings. The magic earrings make the wearers temporarily switch bodies. And that’s where trouble starts.

This fun movie is worth watching, so go and see!