10 Most Powerful Female Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Most Powerful Female Anime Characters

An official list of the 20 most powerful women in the world of anime.

The fiercest males in anime would have a hard time taking on these ferocious female fighters.

Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, and Luffy are among the most frequently mentioned powerful anime characters. To put it another way, it’s a boys-only club. To be fair, the Shonen (boys) category of Japanese comic books and animation associated with “power” for the better part of the previous three decades has been filled with ripped men and athletic teenagers yelling the names of their last moves and eviscerating adversaries with energetic burst. All too often, males like Dragon Ball and Naruto are overlooked since there are so many similarly ripped female characters out there. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of anime’s most powerful female characters.

Some of the genre’s most powerful female characters range from cybernetic police officers to double-denim androids to shapeshifting martial artists to straight-up deities. Shonen characters aren’t the only ones capable of delivering devastating blows. Some of the magical girls in Shojo (girls) anime appear innocent, yet they can wield weapons with planet-sized destructive potential, and they do so with innocent-looking grins and flowery clothes. Female fighters from some of the most popular anime series and films have been selected for this list, which ranks them solely on raw strength. Physical, mystical, or technological powers are all examples of this type of power. For every extra damage they’ve done or could do, they’re ranked higher.



Big Mom’s real name is Charlotte Linlin, but you may call her Big Mom: Captain of the Big Mom Pirates, Queen of Totto Land, and one of OnePiece’s fabled four Emperors. A lot of titles there… Although Big Mom desires Totto Land to be a paradise for its inhabitants, she levies a high tax on it.

The Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit allows her to transform any living or inanimate object into a “Homie” by transferring a human soul into it. They lose some or all of their life force, which they utilize to manipulate their subordinates. Among her most notable creations are Prometheus the sun, Zeus the thundercloud, and Napoleon the bicorne.


Raymond Kiruin is the ruthless CEO of Revocs Corporation, the head of Honnoji Academy, and the mastermind behind everything that goes on in Kill La Kill. As the first human to be infused with Life Fibers, she is able to effortlessly outpower those who wear Life Fiber uniforms (known as Kamui.)

Because of her superior strength and regeneration, she was able to break her daughter Satsuki’s Bakuzan. She was able to get her bearings again in a matter of minutes. A ability known as “Mind Stitching,” which allows her to sew Life Fibers into the brains of her victims, allows her to control them like a puppet. Also, she’s got wings, so beware of her as you fly by!


Yoruichi Shihouin – Bleach

There are a lot of insanely powerful people in Bleachis, but if we were to pick just one, it would have to be Shihouin Yoruichi from the manga and anime series. The first time we see this shinigami, she’s been living as a cat in the human world for a hundred years. In the end, it’s revealed that she was a high-ranking member of Soul Society.

Yoruichi is an expert in Hoho, Shunpo, Kido, and other self-invented fighting techniques, whether she’s dressed as a cat or not. Even without her Zanpakuto, she’s an expert in hand-to-hand battle. She’s primarily renowned for her speed, not her lightning powers. “Flash Goddess” is the term given to her because of her ability to move so quickly that she leaves a trail of destruction in her wake.


Boa Hancock, Amazon Lily’s Snake Princess, is undoubtedly OnePiece’s Medusa, what with the Love Love Devil Fruit’s ability to utilize people’s sentiments of desire to turn them to stone. She’s also the leader of the Kuja Pirates and one of the show’s Seven Warlords.

Her fame in One Piece is measured in bounty, and it stands at a whopping 80,000,000.

When you consider that she took down dozens of Pacifistas all by herself, it’s hardly surprise that she’s superior to the Straw Hat team, who spent two years practicing for a single victory. He is also an expert in two forms of Haki, one of which is only possessed by less than one in a million people.


Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

It might be Natsu Dragneel, but Erza Scarlet is equally as fiery inFairy Tail. While Master Makarov was away, she became Master of the Fairy Tail Guild. She is in the top 5% of S-Class Mages. Requip: The Knight space magic allows Erza to have over 200 weapons at her disposal, including sabre blades, staffs, axes, and more.

It is also possible for her to perform multi-piercing, blade-based techniques because to her command of telekinetic Sword Magic Armadura Fairy armor, according to her Edolas counterpart, is Erza’s most powerful amor, capable of destroying a sacred lance and shattering itself in the process, as well.


A Saiyan is hard to compare to, but theAndroid 18 from Dragon Ball has demonstrated her metal might time and time again. The robotic fighter, like many others in the franchise, began as a foe before becoming a member of the family — Krillin’s family, to be exact. With a single kick, she can shatter Vegeta’s arm, smash Future Trunks’ sword, and lift and toss large cars.

She can fly and use a wide variety of energy-based strikes, just like a Saiyan.

An advantage of Android 18’s is that she possesses an unlimited source of energy that never needs replenishment; she put this to good use when she defeated Goten and Trunks at the same time during the Buu Saga.



Master Roshi and Setsuno from Toriko show that the elderly are not to be messed with in anime, and the same holds true for both sexes. “Elderly,” on the other hand, refers to someone who is more than 500 years old in this circumstance. Setsuno is one of the world’s top five chefs because of his extensive experience in the industry.

That doesn’t stop her from getting her hands dirty hunting high level animals, since she serves as the CEO of a company with over 1 million people. By heating up the air around her opponents, she is able to microwave them. Setsuno’s mere presence elicits a sense of overwhelming dread.


A two-for-one Saiyan special is included in this entry’s Dragon Ballrankings. Caulifla and Kale are the first female Saiyans to appear in the series. When she transforms into a Super Saiyan, Caulifla’s friend and protege Kale gains incredible — and uncontrollable — power, making her the strongest of the two (and of her universe).

Even with just her scream, she can erupt craters, and she’s survived Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha at point blank range.

She also plowed Goku through solid rock with Caulifla’s help. Kefla is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe because he can only be defeated with the power of Super Saiyan God.


Lucy, Elfen Lied

Eleven’s character inStranger Things was inspired by the controversial anime Elfen Lied. Eleven and Lucy, the protagonists of Elfen Lied, both escaped from research facilities and possess psychokinetic powers. This doesn’t apply to Lucy, though. She’s the ruler of the Diclonius, a humanoid species that has evolved over the millennia.

Diclonius also has telepathy, fast healing, and the ability to generate mental “Vectors” to attack and defend themselves against other creatures. A strange virus they carry can infect human males, causing them to be able to produce only offspring of the Diclonius species, which the Diclonius intends to destroy. Finally, Lucy will have the ability to cause massive explosions and drown entire countries, becoming her humanity’s greatest threat.


Super Saiyans and psychic mutants can only be beaten by a genuine goddess. As close to one as Naruto can get. A celestial entity, Kaguya Otsutsuki existed before the secret settlements were discovered by the villagers. People were brought together by their mutual fear of her, which she used to try and put an end to the endless fighting.

In her previous life, before she united with the God Tree, the Rabbit Goddess was able to travel across space, hypnotize people, obliterate memories, shoot energy beams that killed, read minds and emotions, and manipulate the natural world. After consuming the fruit, she developed the ability to absorb any technique and, if struck, to heal herself.