10 Best Anime Like Non Non Biyori That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Non Non Biyori

There are just five pupils in Asahigaoka, a small town in rural Japan, and their days are spent trying to keep boredom at bay. All the different ages, their methods of amusing themselves are never the same.

Cute females doing cute things don’t have to be all about the moe when the setting is laid back and fun. Go down below for more anime recommendations if you’re seeking for more Non Non Biyori.

For Fans of Countryside Relaxation

1. Barakamon


Reigning calligraphy master Sieshuu Handa is exiled to the Goto Islands by his father for an introspective period following an outburst at one of his peers. His neighbors and some neighborhood kids constantly getting in the way of his attempts to discover new inspiration for his work.

There are no better shows about rural living than these two. Barakamon, on the other hand, makes the most of the setting’s impact on the story’s protagonists by reveling in it wherever possible. There’s no shortage of exciting things to do.

2. The Flying Witch

Makoto Kowata, a 15-year-old witch, has some room for improvement when it comes to her abilities. She moves in with her cousins in rural Aomori, Japan, to continue her craft training. There is no better spot to get in touch with one’s inner naturalist than this lush, green enclave.

No matter what you think you know about Non Non Biyori, there is just as much enchantment there as in The Flying Witch. In both series, nature is a source of inspiration, both literally and figuratively.

3. Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Cam

Nadeshiko decides to visit Mount Fuji after moving. She manages to cycle a considerable distance before collapsing due to the weather. She wakes up in a place she’s never been before, with no idea how she got there. Rin, a young woman camping alone in the forest, saves her life here.

In contrast, the girls at Non Non Biyori come home at the end of the day, whereas those at Laid-Back Camp have fun while camping. In both shows, the natural scenery plays a big role in creating the show’s ambiance by taking extended quiet periods to show off the scenery.

For Fans of Cute Girls Enjoying Life

4. Is The Order a Rabbit?

Kokoa Hoto’s contagious enthusiasm and upbeat demeanor make it easy for her to make fast friends with just about anyone. In order to support herself while she’s away at school, she works as a barista at a café. Everyone she comes into contact with quickly becomes friends with her.

Basically, all of these shows have the same premise. They basically hang out and get into mischief here because it’s so cute. Laughter is abundant, but there isn’t much in the way of substantive content to be found.

5. K-On!


Yui is instantly smitten by the Light Music Club the moment she steps foot on campus in high school. Problem is, she’s not musically inclined. To save the club from disbandment, the other members allow her to join, despite their dismay at her lack of musical knowledge. As of right now, Yui has officially begun her musical training!

Even though K-On makes a more concerted effort to develop a story by giving the girls a specific objective, their basic structure is the same in both series. The girls make an effort, fail miserably most of the time, but always do it in a cute manner. The few times you do succeed, though, are especially sweet.

6. Mitsuboshi Colors

At the park, three elementary school girls regularly get together to play. As the “Colors,” they vow to keep the city safe because the adults simply lack the energy to do it.

Even if the characters in Mitsuboshi Colors are much younger, the basic principle of the show is the same in both cases. Were you ever young enough to remember the days when the only thing on your mind was to have fun? Yes, that’s what these shows are about.

For Fans of Great Visuals

7. Aria


Aqua is the new name given to Mars, which is now commonly referred to as a water planet. Neo Venezia, a floating metropolis on the water, may be found on this planet. Gondolas are the principal form of transportation in this Venice-like city, so join a rookie tour guide as she shows you around.

Even though the planets in these shows are distinct, they both spend a lot of time showcasing the scenery. Long, languid pieces of music accompanied by beautifully illuminated scenes are intended to generate a certain kind of slice-of-life mood. They’re about making the most of every day in a stunning location.

8. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless

Tanaka has made being sluggish a manner of life for him. He tries to conserve as much energy as possible throughout the course of the day. Because of his lackadaisical methods, it appears like the entire world is trying to modify his ways.

The first few minutes of Non Non Biyori are all about drawing your attention to the show’s stunning aesthetics. Tanaka, on the other hand, is a more obscure slice-of-life show. It’s not complicated, yet that doesn’t take away from its beauty.

9. Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest

A tiny town intends to revitalize its tourist program and hires five women as travel ambassadors in the wake of a national movement during the Bubble economic period. After following them for a year, we learn about the difficulties of reviving a tiny community in this series.

Non Non Biyori tells the story of a group of girls who live in rural Japan. There are several adult women in Sakura Quest that live in the country. While Sakura Quest depicts these ladies striving for bigger things, it also has a whimsical quality to it.