5 Best Horror Movies About Scarecrows That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Horror Movies About Scarecrows

It’s hard to argue with the power of scarecrows in a horror story. It’s a staple of horror cheap-scare to have something that’s supposed to be inanimate suddenly get up and walk around. A humanoid body and easy access to burlap bags and pitchforks make this inanimate object even more useful. No one should be surprised that the scarecrow motif (along with his vampire and zombie low-budget costumed relatives) has been over-farmed to the point where government control is required in the age of direct to DVD and digital production. Psycho Scarecrow (2000), Scarecrow (2002), Scarekiller (2002), Scarecrow Gone Wild (2003), Dark Harvest (2003), The Maize (2003), and Hallowed Ground (2003) are all to blame for the current state of the horror genre (2007). So much bullsh*t in seven years of munching on maize, right? Breath. Let me hold your hand and guide you through the cornfield of dreck to the golden fields of horror’s greatest scarecrow crops with the help of Deadly Movies.

5. Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009)

Messengers 2 The Scarecrow (2009)

“The Messengers” prequel. What else can I say? The scenery is wonderful, and the lead actor? This is none other than Norman Reedus, who plays The Walking Dead’s Darryl in the show. The scarecrow is perhaps the best of the 2000s’ other schlock.

  1. Night of the Scarecrow (1995)

Night of the Scarecrow (1995)

Horror movies from the 1990s that appear like they were made a decade earlier (Halloween 6 was released in 1995). Friday the 13th meets A Nightmare on Elm Street, with a demonic scarecrow serving as the killer. It’s fine for what it is, thanks to a clever sickle poster. The inclusion of Stephen Root as the star is an added perk.

  1. Kakashi (2001)

Kakashi (2001)

What a great phrase for Scarecrow, Kakashi. The tile alone is enough to sell it. This J-Horror film is a cross between The Wicker Man and The Ring. The excellent visuals on exhibit here break up the monotony of the American killer scarecrow, which was adapted from an 80s Manga comic. You’re on the right track if you imagine The Ring’s Sadako tied to a crucifix and packed with straw.

  1. Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)

There will be a Scarecrow for us all, just not this particular one. Lennie, the lynch mob killer in Of Mice and Men style, has been wrongfully accused of kiddie fiddling by a lynch mob in this fantastic movie. Charles Durning and his gang of fire-squad killers take justice into their own hands by killing the oaf disguised as a scarecrow in a field. In the same way that Japanese girls like to hold hands, this country idiot returns for sweet payback. The slack-jawed mask is also fantastic.

  1. Scarecrows (1986)

Scarecrows (1986)

Night vision goggles are a useful ally and budget-saving story device in this film, which plunges both the audience and the protagonists into pitch darkness. Some nice old-fashioned 80s grisly killings can be found in the scarecrow designs. These burlap bags, like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, are only interested in a brain, lungs, and small intestine. Check out the complete Deadly Movies Scarecrows review right here!..