20 Best Half Elf Warrior Anime Girl That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Half Elf Warrior Anime Girl

The presence of elves in anime is a given, as if it were a given. Particularly in light of the recent popularity of series like Isekai and other fantasy fare.

Upon closer examination, I discovered the following:

There aren’t as many well-known elves in anime as I’d anticipated. If you’re a fan of the above-mentioned genres, you’ll likely come across them in some capacity.

A tribute to all the elves (including half-elves) who have had an impact on the world of anime.

20. Juana


Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is a Japanese anime.

Although Juana isn’t the typical elf, it’s precisely because of this that she stands out among the rest.

As if poised to take on a mecha unit, we have a voluptuous blue-haired half-elf woman with massive plates around her waist and shoulders.

People wouldn’t believe she’s an elf if not for her pointed ears and the fact that she’s the queen of Tres Espaa, which contains humans, elves, and half-elves.

This is the strange sci-fi world of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere for you, though.

It provided viewers with a queen (and vice-president of the student council) who appears unapproachable but is occasionally stupid — and quite attractive at all times (thanks for voicing her, Rie Tanaka).

19. Zel

Watching Anime with People from Other Species

Somehow, it’s poetic that Interspecies Reviewers is among the most divisive anime series in recent memory.

However, the show will go on regardless of your efforts:

It’s already available. No one has to be reminded of the crimes committed by Zel, Kanchal, and Stunk, nor of the succubi creatures’ vengeance toward them.

Even if you don’t watch the full series, you’ll see why I’m so fond of Zel. You only have to look at Ep 01 to see how comically drawn Zel is to an old human woman (supposedly only in her 50s) because she has rich mana.

18. Mare Bello Fiore

Mare Bello Fiore

Overlord, an anime

That’s right, you read that correctly:

Aura Bella Fiora was a close second, but I went with Mare Bello Fiore since Bukubukuchagama made him appear like a pawn.

This diminutive dark elf, with his lovely heterochromatic eyes and ears that are unusually long for someone his size, has an air of vulnerability about him.

Mare Bello Fiore, on the other hand, prefers to stay home and read rather than engage in conversation, despite the fact that he and his sister are capable members of the 6th Floor Guardians.

Finally, the attention to detail in the creation of his characters is stunning. In addition to his gold bangs and green cloak, he also wears a white skirt and gloves to complete his look.

17. Puck

Berserk is a popular anime series.

On this list, Puck is the tiniest elf, and he’s also one of the tiniest in anime. Because he’s already got the bulk and wing span of a crow.

But this blue-haired, bare-breasted elf is a real deal. As an Elfhelmian Pisky, he fled the realm because he was bored and ended up in Skellig.

What if he didn’t choose wisely in the first place?

The first time we saw Puck was during the Black Swordsman arc, and he’s now… Guts can be a cruel thing, as Berserk fans are well aware.

If you believe Puck made the proper decision, you’d be correct:

Guts will never be bored again if he chooses to be his company (although he has to put up with his brooding personality).

Plus, a teeny-weeny flying elf is a nice touch for Berserk fans who are used to dark humor.

16. Fiel Nirvalen

Fiel Nirvalen

Anime: Life Without a Game

When the film eventually came to my nation, I was disappointed that I couldn’t view it in a theater. This series had a distinct look and feel that would have been fantastic on the big screen.

Fiel Nilvalen stands out from other elves because of the vivid and distinct aesthetic of No Game No Life, as if it had gone through all the insane photo filters.

When done effectively, it’s fine to conform to the tried-and-true formulas of popular anime characters.

Fiel Nirvalen still has the youthful appearance of a woman half her age.

In fact, I’d be happy if she were my ally in a fantasy world. For some reason, perhaps because of her wide but gentle blue eyes as well as her adorably charming smile—and her long golden hair.

But most of all, I adore her for the way she treats her elven family’s human slave, Chlammy Zell. Her decision to treat her as a partner in the game rather than a slave is a risky one, but she chose not to discriminate on the basis of color.

15. Lyrule

Even in another world, high school prodigies had it easy!

Although CHOYOYU was released only lately, it isn’t to blame anyone for forgetting about it. It’s only because of the awful story and execution that it has stayed in someone’s mind.

There is, however, one major plus to it:

Just one letter separates Lyrule from being called the same as the Kingdom of Zelda in The Legend of Zelda.

Lyrule, on the other hand, brought a smile to my face while the high schoolers and side characters irritated me.

Her hair was a milder shade of green, not neon or dark, which matched her sweet demeanor perfectly.

Because of the way she smiles (and her fan service pictures), you begin to believe that CHOYOYU can be saved from itself—but it can’t.

14. Licht

Black Clover, an anime

Even though you’ll have to sit through about 40 episodes before you see Licht, the anime did a good job of highlighting his special charm.

Licht, Patolli of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and William Vangeance perplexed me for a while.

In the end, you’ll be impressed by this elven king’s character design (a tall, slim, white elf with golden eyes and braided long white hair) and his goals.

No matter how much he’s suffered, Licht has always been an advocate for harmony among the elves and between them and humans.

13. Echidna


The Queen’s Blade: Anime.

When it comes to anime characters who are curvaceous, Echidna is by far the most twisted.

Sure, there are plenty of female warriors in anime that wear revealing armor. Echidna, on the other hand, wears nothing but a pair of shorts in public.

Besides, do you know what she employs to protect her private parts from prying eyes?

Keltan, a pet snake that lives in Keltan’s enclosure.

Even though Echidna has a penchant for attacking other ladies and is an expert with melee weapons, she isn’t necessarily the menacing elf you might expect. Her soft side is evident, although she’s a strong candidate for the tournament but has no desire to take the throne herself.

12. Victoria Samanark

Restaurant to a Different Universe

It was a pleasant surprise to discover Victoria Samanark in Silver Link’s slice-of-life isekai. This show has a special place in my heart because it used to accompany my monotonous and lonely dinnertimes.

Moreover, I haven’t come across a character like Victoria in any anime.

She is a shy half-elf princess who has dedicated her life to the study and practice of magic.

It’s possible that saying it was a decision in the first place is incorrect. Like her parents and brother in the royal dynasty, Victoria was a non-purebred human. As a result, she knew her supporters would have a hard time accepting her as the next monarch because of this.

When it was all said and done, she had no other choice than to hone her magic powers.

Altorius is the one who brought the lovely Victoria to the Nekoya restaurant, where she fell in love with pudding so much that she invented a refrigerator just for it. (I love her silver hair and green gown.)

11. Pwyll


In the Anime: Tiara’s Tears

There are more elven characters in Tears to Tiara who speak than in most similar shows, but it’s Pwyll that sticks with me the most.

Among other things, he is the father of two of the key protagonists. In this case, we’re talking about Riannon and Arthur.

Other characters’ reactions to learning they’re related to the fabled king of the Elves who fought alongside Arawn’s army of Heaven are seen throughout the story.

Pwyll’s reincarnation as Arthur is also a popular theory. Which may help to explain why the second individual has such a striking resemblance to the first.

Finally, despite the fact that he appeared only in Arthur’s flashbacks in EP 22, his charisma, power, and readiness to adapt if it meant saving his people were all on display. A true leader must possess these three attributes.

10. Tiffania Westwood

The Familiar of Zero

Even though I hadn’t seen a single episode of the show, I was familiar with her name thanks to other forum posters who had mentioned her.

Tiffania Westwood is impossible to forget.

My first impression was that she was a blonde girl from the United States based on her name alone. I had no idea that she was half-elf, but it turns out she’s blonde, as well.

And that’s how MC Saito remembers her: as the half-elf girl who saved his life with her large breasts.

In the fourth and final season, Tiffania does not make an appearance until the very last scene in The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (thanks in part to her effective and adorable fanservice).

9. Celcia “Elizabeth” Marieclaire

Celcia “Elizabeth” Marieclaire

Manga: The Elves’ Hunters

On this list, there’s no way to leave out the show’s main character, who happens to be an elven hunter.

Celcia was the star of the show.

In her imaginary world, she was having a typical existence, until three humans interrupted it. Things didn’t go as planned when she used her powers to bring them back to Earth. To collect the fragments of the magic, they must now seek female elves, stripping them naked, in order to find them.

Celcia’s retro style is one of my favorites (the anime is from 1996 after all).

A female elf with long, golden hair isn’t the only one to appear in anime. That is, until, of course, she’s transformed into an adorable puppy, and then an adorable panda.

8. Shera Greenwood

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord from Anime

At this point, it’s safe to conclude that a blonde female elf is likely to appear in a fantasy series featuring ecchi and harem aspects.

However, this isn’t necessarily a negative. As a result, it merely underlines the allure of the elf race in general.

Shera Greenwood, with her golden hair and pointed ears, is one of the most lovely characters in the entire series.

Yes, she has a lot of cleavage.

It’s still Shera, but she’s also more than just a typical blonde chick.

Shera, a princess, was forced to flee her realm by her brother Keera, who was a tyrant. So she’s coping with the aftermath of a tragic event, and there’s a nagging feeling of loneliness.

That’s why Diablo was summoned by her. She is saved by Diablo and Rem from drowning in her darkest memories.

Shera, on the other hand, is a role model:

While Shera is saddened by Keera’s death, she chooses not to harbor resentment or retaliation towards her brother.

7. Kokoro Natsume

Kokoro Natsume

Princess Connect Anime Re:Dive

Between Princess Connect! and its many parallels Due to their similar themes and director, Takaomi Kanasaki, the comparisons between Re:Dive and KonoSuba are fair.

Princess Connect, on the other hand, has a distinct advantage:

Kokoro Natsume, a little but adorably cute critter.

Seeing her for the first time will likely bring back memories of your favorite role-playing games. Besides, she’s the one who explains the imaginary world to Yuuki like a standard video game lesson.

And I’m in love with her character.

I’ve saved a lot of GIFs of Kokoro’s cute moments, and I enjoy that she’s not a boring elf. It’s true that she has a pair of pointed ears. But she also has pink eyes and short white hair with some curls in the correct spots.

What I like most about her outfit is that it has an oriental feel to it. Also, her lance (adorned with a blue jewel) is taller than she is.

6. Myucel Foaran

Assault on Precinct 13

You have to admit, elves are quite cool. How would you feel about Outbreak Company if I told you they have a maid, as well as a twin-tailed half-elf?

So, there you have it. That’s Myucel Foaran.

It’s unfortunate that she lives in a world where not being pure-blooded is considered negative. causing her to constantly cover up her elven ears

And it’s at this point that Shinichi starts to matter to her.

The fact that she is half-elf and has long, pointed ears doesn’t bother him because he’s not from her planet (plus he’s an otaku). He, on the other hand, finds them alluring (and he’s absolutely correct).

Myucel is a remarkable individual who has mastered the Japanese language in a short period of time and is always willing to go the extra mile for Shinichi.

5. Eina Tulle

Eina Tulle

Can You Pick Up Girls in an Anime Dungeon?

Glasses-wearing anime girls are my favorite.

Eina Tulle, a half-elf with glasses, is a godsend.

I like elf girls who are confident of their femininity and wear revealing clothing, but Eina’s traditional, neutral-colored outfit is also quite appealing to me.

Despite the fact that Eina does not have long or vivid hair, I find her haircut to be perfectly suited to her.

Her green eyes are accentuated by her hairstyle (and eyeglasses).

With her spectacles off, she’s got a different type of enchantment on her face, which I find appealing.

The only one who has completed all of her studies is Bell, and she’s very concerned about the well-being of the other adventures.

4. Marielle

Log Horizon is an anime.

Marielle is not the type of elf who is mysterious or frightened. Her character in the video game is an elf that is willing to offer others a hearty hug.

When she speaks, you can tell right away that she is outgoing and friendly. It’s as if she is the epitome of eagerness.


Her character design already conveys an air of approachability, vivacity, and camaraderie to the viewer. When it comes to guild leadership, Marielle is one of the few women in the game that isn’t afraid to communicate with or assist male players.

Even though Marielle isn’t much older than Shiroe (and still has the exuberance of an adolescent), it’s clear why so many of the other players look up to her in the game.

Marielle has gone from being a 28-year-old NEET in the real world to a well-liked, kind, and trustworthy guild master in Elder Tale.

3. Tuka Luna Marceau

Tuka Luna Marceau

GATE is an anime series.

Tuka has reached the ripe old age of 165. Despite the fact that she’s an elf, she looks like an ordinary blonde teenager.

In a pair of thin blue jeans and a white short-sleeved top, she’s both cute and trendy. As a result of seeing the devastation of her town and the death of her father, Tuka’s life is anything but easy.

As a result, when Itami comes to her rescue, she believes her father is still alive. As if Itami were her father, she requests a bed and enough food for both of them.

Her mental and emotional well-being has since improved thanks to Itami, and I wish her all the best for the future.

Elves with blonde hair and blue eyes like Tuka are said to be a rare breed—an interesting circumstance, given that the majority of anime ladies are either blonde or blue-eyed elves.

2. Emilia – Re:Zero

Anime: Getting Started in a Different Universe

Emilia would have surprised me if she wasn’t at the top of my priority list. She is the most popular and beloved elf in anime history.

Fans had great hopes for Emilia, the female lead of one of the most popular anime series in recent memory.

Because she resembles Stella, Emilia has been subjected to unfair treatment. Despite the fact that she is a genuinely selfless person, she feels she is selfish. Last but not least, she had a difficult time adjusting to life outside of the woodland where she grew up.

There is no stopping Emilia from being the silver-haired, purple-eyed half elf anxious to become king (with Subaru as Rem’s heartbreaker as her faithful knight) and be of assistance to others.

Since her “I love Emilia” scene went viral, Subaru’s fame will never wane, especially with the ongoing anime adaptation of Re:Zero.

1. Deedlit


Anime: Lodoss War: The Record

Deedlit is the High Elf MC of the Record of Lodoss War, a renowned series based on high fantasy and adventure that just so happened to acquire an adaptation in 1991.

The importance of diverse species and races isn’t just thrown in for good measure.

There is more to Deedlit and the other characters than a basic anime plot.

Deedlit, like Celcia of Those Who Hunt Elves, possesses a classic character design that makes her appear more fabled and polished than her peers (as opposed to just being a moe girl with pointy ears).

To date, her animations and artwork have endured. Unmistakably her, her facial expressions and body language convey (though at times pompous).

Deedlit, a High Elf, values the natural world and makes use of wind and water in her spells. Dark elves and a dark magician are among her enemies. In this way, her abilities and her foes strongly indicate that she is an elf in the strictest sense of the term.

Above all else, Deedlit exudes a sense of wonder and awe rather than mere femininity and beauty (although she does exude both). In all of anime, there is no better person to represent and champion the elf race than her.