35 Best Creepy Anime Girl With White Hair That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Creepy Anime Girl With White Hair

Seeing a white-haired anime character is a sure sign of excitement, in my opinion.

There is something about white-haired characters, or those whose hair grows white, that sets the stage for great episodes. I don’t know what it is.

These characters, at the very least, are rarely boring, thus they’re the real standouts in this collection.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best examples of anime characters with snow-white hair. Let’s see who can rock their snowy hat the most creatively.

35. Five


Zankyou no Terror is an anime (Terror in Resonance)

First, I’d want to introduce Five because I believe she had the least impact.

Her introduction, on the other hand, was nothing to laugh at.

A smarter person than them suddenly appears, and Twelve and Nine realize that they’ve been playing with the police all along. That they’re related isn’t a big surprise, and Five even becomes a likeable character once everything is brought into the light of day.

In terms of white-haired characters, this isn’t the most memorable.

34. Licht


Black Clover is an anime.

Are we ready for this storyline surprise, right?

In the same way that Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc was impossible without Meruem or the crazy butterfly, the Elf Revenge arc was impossible without Licht.

This is due to the fact that he has been the main opponent for a long time now. However, due to the duration of the story arc, his character is given a lot of room to grow.

In other words, he doesn’t just come out and say, “I’m bad because I’m evil,” but instead has a rich past and even a satisfying redemption tale. Who else is presented throughout the course of the film?

The white-haired characters, as I have stated, are invariably followed by something spectacular.

33. Yaichi

Yaichi (House of Five Leaves)

Japanese animation series House of Five Leaves

Perhaps the least well-known person on this list is… However, I believe he is worthy of attention.

Every aspect of the show focuses around this man and his inexplicably complex character.

He has more secrets than Yuno and Eminem put together, despite his laid-back demeanor. Because he’s so vague, it’s hard to know whether to think of him as the good guy or the bad man.

He also doesn’t do anything too drastic because it’s a pretty subtle presentation. But I couldn’t leave him out of the list because I loved his character development so much.

32. Najenda

Akame ga Kill is an anime series.

Even if she did nothing for the entire course of the show, Najenda was still my favorite character.

If it was her design that made me fall in love with her, or her dreadful humor, I don’t know, but I’ve always been a fan of the character before she ever had a mechanical finger.

To picture my fanboy delight when she was given the ability to swing around, even if in an unusual manner was beyond me.

The addition of Inspector Gadget-ing was icing on the cake. Because icing is white, it’s a double-entendre on this list… I’m not surprised that her sense of humor appealed to me.

31. Altair

Re:Creators is a Japanese anime series.

I can’t say much about Altair’s personality because she doesn’t really stand out.

She doesn’t even speak that much, to be honest.

In terms of narrative and thought, however, she is a genius.

For this reason, fictional characters burst to life in the universe of Re; Creators since their existence is based on their story and fans. Altair, on the other hand, emerges as the major antagonist and begins to destroy havoc on everyone in her path, perhaps with the support of Reddit and the rest of DeviantArt.

30. Black Hanekawa

Black Hanekawa

Kuro is a character in the anime series Nekomonogatari.

Lock me up if you think I’m guilty of a crime based on my love for cat females.

A stand-alone character isn’t what you’d generally term Hanekawa’s other personality, so this one is hard. However, she is such a unique and endearing character that I cannot leave her out.

Hanekawa’s kitten form is far more domineering and aggressive than her “base form.” Additionally, she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and, if necessary, kill a few fools.

Furthermore, she’s a lot more powerful, faster, and a little more agile than I am… She’s a cat.

29. Eri

Boku no Hero Academia is an anime series.

As it is, the Overhaul arc was already tense. As a result, the stakes rose significantly when Eri was placed into the equation.

Look at that adorable little child. To her, nothing is more exciting than attending a fair and indulging in a candied apple, for example… Have fun as a kid.

But nooo, she needs to go through a lot of pain and trauma in her upbringing to ultimately be happy for the first time in her life.

If we travel back in time, she’ll be a complete and utter monster.

28. Noelle Silva

Black Clover is an anime.

Be aware that if you challenge my color judgment, I’ll take the Fifth Amendment.

This character is a symbol of my last hope that new-gen shounen will have strong female protagonists with interesting backstories.

The Sakuras are getting a little much for some individuals.

After a snooty beginning, Noelle became a serious menace on the battlefield in the later half of the series.

Just accept the fact that Asta has no idea what she’s doing and move on with her love life is all that is left.

27. Yukichi Fukuzawa

Yukichi Fukuzawa

It’s Bungo Stray Dogs!

They don’t always get a lot of screen time for Sensei characters. Even yet, it’s crucial to realize that without their guiding lights, most narratives and character groups would fall flat.

This is a role Yukichi is perfectly suited for, as he has the ability to literally stabilize his entire group and prevent any of them from going wild and injuring themselves.

“Captain power” can only get so far.

As a bonus, he’s just a fun-loving guy who puts all of his subordinates on a pedestal and shields them from danger.

26. Nao Tomori

Charlotte the Anime

In the conversation, may I have some waifu spam from you? We’re done now.

That’s Nao, who is a tsundere-like figure that enjoys kicking people in the face. But it can and will save your life in the process.

When she stayed with Yuu for days to make sure he didn’t fall off the rails, I’ll remember it forever. Because she knows how much he means to her, she doesn’t do it right away. But when she sees the road he’s taking, she’s not scared to take the lead.

So, if you have a person like that in your life, you have no choice but to be married to them.

25. Sui/Souta


The Darwin’s Game of Anime

A two-for-one deal is always a winner.

That’s a terrible thing to say in the Darwin’s Game universe, but I’ve known for a long time that I’m not going to Heaven.

They are twins who share the same body and tag each other depending on the situation.

If the stakes were high enough, Sui would throw you over a baseball field, whereas Souta would not hesitate to do the same if the situation warranted it.

Sui controls water and Souta controls ice in an incredible wombo-combo. Because of this, even though they appear to be little and vulnerable, they are in fact formidable opponents.

24. Shiro

In the anime Deadman Wonderland.

Beware of spoilers!

Eh, that’s quite the double life. When we first meet Shiro, she appears to be the most adorable, ignorant, and strange prisoner in the entire circus. I mean, that’s a lot.

She appears carefree, focusing her attention solely on Ganta and only erupting into a rage when he offends her.

However, the prison’s primary function is to hold her prisoner, as she is known as the “Spoiled Omelette” or something like that, and has committed genocide in the past.

What a turn of events! Shiro’s lullaby is a great place to start if you’re seeking for some foreboding creepy vibes. You won’t be disappointed.

23. Nate River

Death Note: The Anime

It’s a hot-button issue even for me. Because he had to fill the biggest shoes in the world, not because he was a nasty character.

However, if we remove L from the equation, Nate is truly astonishing.

That being said, he was able to end the struggle and vanquish Light thanks to a large amount of brain power.

He also has a distinct personality, and he doesn’t attribute it solely to the fact that he eats chocolate every day.

All things considered, it’s hard not to see him as an excellent replacement for L. Almost to the point that you might say he was almost flawless.

22. Decim


Death Parade: Anime

Every time I see him, he brings a tear to my eye.

It’s funny to see him start out as such an uninteresting kuudere, as it’s as if the artist never had to sketch anything other than a few more facial expressions kuudere.

In addition to being kind to his coworkers and extremely committed to his career, he was also really pleasant.

As soon as the final two episodes strike, you, him, everyone else are all inconsolable.

I’ve never seen a character arc of this depth done in such a short period of time. However, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

21. Byakuya Ishigami

Dr. Stone in the animated series

I had originally planned to include Senku on this list, but then I remembered this colossus of a person and couldn’t help myself.

He is without a doubt one of the best anime parents.

The combination of his unwavering faith in Senku and his desire to make his kid proud is enough to make even the toughest of men shed a tear. When his word from the past finally reaches his genius kid, I’m sure quite a few people have shed a few tears.

I feel like I’ve known and loved him for the past ten years, even though he only appeared on television for approximately 20 minutes. My only complaint is that I don’t know how they achieved it.

20. Isaac Netero

Huntress against. Hunter, a Japanese anime (2011)

Shounen shows are famous for their epic boss bouts. When Netero faced up against Meruem, the script didn’t pull a “the main character has to give the concluding blow with nakama power” trick on us.

It was fascinating to see him go all out after previously simply acting like a stupid old man who had seen more than most.

As soon as he started going all out, he went all in.

I’m not a liar when I say that his final minutes haunted me. But if I had to do it all over again, I would.

19. Eris

Eris KonoSuba

An animated series titled KonoSuba

Aqua can’t understand why Eris is so popular with fans. However, this should be evident.

Everyone wants to see a dangere when they die, right?

In comparison to Zeus and Aqua, she is sweet, adorable, and easily flustered.

It’s still up in the air whether or not she cushions her chest. There are bound to be many conflicts before we get to the bottom of this mystery.

My customer, on the other hand, has an immaculate reputation, and I don’t think this should hurt it. The case was dropped.

18. Ja’far

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is an anime series.

When it came to picking a name, he really didn’t have much of a chance.

This Ja’far, on the other hand, is far more impressive than the scumbag snake boy. The cool factor comes from him being a highly skilled assassin, and the relatability comes from him fainting because he worries so much.

As Sinbad’s “voice of reason,” he occasionally nags and nags at him, but it’s always for his own good.

As a matter of fact, Sinbad is in desperate need of a manager. The king’s wild and accident-prone nature is not a good match for his enormous authority and throne.

17. Misha Necron

TV Series: Demon King Academy’s Misfits

Misha is like a ray of sunshine. At first glance, we observe that she has a kind heart and an easygoing demeanor, like a gentle sheep.

Even more so when we realize that she’s not only heart-meltingly lovely to Demon Kirito but also to her sister, her colleagues, and even just humans in general.

In addition, an anime viewer’s heart can’t bear the sister duo in an emotional situation all at once.

16. Shouto Todoroki

Shouto Todoroki

Boku no Hero Academia is an anime series.

Todoroki is, to be fair, a mixed bag. That’s what he’s all about. As a result, he’s been included in this list because I doubt he’ll ever be a topic I can write about.

When it comes to thematically, Todoroki would give anything to have simply his white hair and erase Papa Fire from his life.

At the top of his class when it comes to raw power, his calm demeanor sets him apart from the rest.

Personally, I believe that in some instances, he may even be better than the others because of his kit’s versatility and AoE power.

15. Aru Akise

Mirai Nikki, if you can call it that, was a step ahead of its time when it came to showcasing diversity.

Akise was infatuated with Yuki, but the madlad also drew the ire of the Yuno bear by coming too close to him. Obviously, she was not happy about it.

In fact, despite the fact that he didn’t have a future diary, Akise was a prominent role in the game. He was a genius of both intellect and physical prowess.

There’s already a spin-off on him, so I’ll just say that I’d watch it.

14. Elizabeth Liones

The Seven Deadly Sins in Anime

Elizabeth may have started out as a typical female love interest, but she undergoes a dramatic transformation at the end of the story.

A charming damsel in distress who tolerates Blondy Shorts’ foundling is what she appears to be at first.

When her backstory is exposed, we learn a few things.

Meliodas’ death is a heartbreaking story in and of itself.

Secondly, she’s an angel and now she can kick butt as well as ever. Unlike the animated characters, Elizabeth’s performance became better and better as the show went on.

13. Neferpitou


Huntress against. Hunter, a Japanese anime (2011)

Because she has so much to do with the narrative, I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion. Neferpitou, on the other hand, was one of my favorite characters because of how effectively she was written.

I could see why Gon was so enraged by her. However, I could also see why Killua fled so quickly.

Wow, such a grand arrival.

The fact that I accidentally incorporated yet another feline into this description is a testament to her fierceness and want for blood. There are things that never change, and there are things that don’t.

Even Meruem couldn’t get as much out of Gon as she did, and she was the ideal counterpoint.

12. Ken Kaneki

anime series Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki became a household name when his hair turned white, no matter what you think of the show.

Kaneki was the talk of the community for a hot minute after giving us a spectacular fight, horrible finger joints, and a slew of Tumblr entries.

Because of this, he was the most exciting character to me: an unexpected badass who gave us exactly the appropriate amount of power fantasies we needed to get us through the day.

It became noticeably darker the moment it ceased being completely white.

11. Jiraiya

Towel-tine: Naruto Shippuden

Thanks for being such an amazing Pervy Sage, my friend.

The man’s name strongly suggests that he enjoys the better things in life, as the term implies. For the most part, he’s just a jokester.

The Sage, on the other hand, reveals his martial visage.

In other words, he got into a fight with Itachi. So far in the series, no one has been able to say more than that.

However, spoilers are ahead… the Way of Pain had killed him.

That scene really got to me. Even to this day, I’m sure that photo still brings tears to the eyes of Naruto fans. There is only one.

10. Shiro

Shiro-Life Without a Game

Anime: Life Without a Game

From the very first episode, the pairing of Sora and Shiro was a huge success.

The combination of their 500 IQs and a dash of southern charm sold the show.

I can’t say that Sora shines out more than Shiro despite the fact that he is the protagonist’s mouthpiece. As a rule of thumb, when she does speak, it’s either extremely intelligent or really brutal. That’s always a good thing.

She’s also adorable, which helps her score well on the leaderboard. Her skill level in 6d chess blindfolded is so impressive that you can’t even feel furious at her.

9. Komugi

Huntress against. Hunter, a Japanese anime (2011)

To be fair to Naruto, most of the criticism of his talk/no-jutsu style comes from the fact that it’s effective. In contrast to Komugi, I can only remember of one other character where this plot element made sense.

As a result of her innocence and purity, even turtle head Satan came to appreciate the wonders of humanity with her.

It seemed believable, as well.

Seeing the scenario where she was attacked by a bird, or even better yet their last Gungi match, leaves no space for doubt. She is a saint who was able to transform herself from a depraved evildoer into a compassionate human being.

8. Garou

One Punch Man, a Japanese anime series (Second Season)

It seemed inevitable that the second season of the show would fail to live up to the success of the first. Although the community as a whole fared well, Garou was the one element that made it all come together for me.

Aside than Saitama, it was interesting to see someone else be a little bit overpowered.

Garou’s battles were a big deal because they weren’t one-punch KOs. There are protracted fights in which Garou learns how to counter each of his opponents’ movements and techniques over time.

He’s promptly smacked aside by Saitama, who appears unconcerned. Then again, it’s still his program, right?

7. Shougo Makishima

Shougo Makishima

Psycho-Pass: The Animated Series

Aside from Johan, Johan is one of the most memorable characters I’ve ever encountered.

Because he is always five steps ahead of everyone else and appears to have no limits to his craziness, the man is terrifying.

It’s like the man doesn’t even notice that he has a gun aimed at him since he’s safe.

Every scene he was in, he occupied the center of attention. And each of his internal monologues could be a psychology thesis.

I’m not sure whether I’m exaggerating, but the character writing for this guy was excellent.

6. Emilia

In Re: Zero, a Japanese anime series

I’m sure we’ve all made fun of Emilia for being a distant second to Rem in every aspect. Most characters are, after all.

After watching the show again, you’ll see that Emilia was the right choice for Subaru. She was a sweetheart with a quirky side, and there were a few charming moments in her life. As far as I’m concerned, she’s showed a great deal of empathy for Subaru’s irrationality.

And she’s an all-around good person.

I mean, I wish she had a bigger role in the plot. However, that minor flaw was remedied in the most recent season. When it comes to that…

5. Echidna

One-Hundred and One-Two (Season 2)

Not sure if I should have liked Echidna or not, but I did.

In other words, she’s not someone I’d recommend. She is, after all, a greedy witch.

However, she did give the program a unique atmosphere because the audience was never quite sure if she was going to destroy Subaru’s day or provide him the solution he needed to get out of his circular hellhole..

The more ambiguous and unpredictable the plot, the more enjoyable it is for me to read.

Just because she’s attractive doesn’t hurt.

4. Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya

anime series Tokyo Ghoul

In the absence of Kaneki’s white-hair debut, Juuzou was my favorite figure on TV.

Because I’m a huge fan of his style. Moreover, it’s the action that he brings to the table that sets him apart.

A lot of talented fighters may be found in the series. It’s not simply physical strength and regeneration that make Juuzou unique; instead, he uses blades, speed and precision as well as a fake Iron Man costume at one point.

His character’s journey wasn’t boring, but it certainly was. But I was a big fan of seeing him in the ring.

3. Norman

Anime: The Land of Neverland’s Promise

Norman was my favorite of the three main characters since he lacked Ray’s edgy feel and Emma’s gung-ho demeanor.

He was a cool, calm, and collected young man who never failed to astound me.

He’s not just a genius, he’s also mature beyond his years. There’s no doubt about it that the three major characters are all mature adults.

Norman, on the other hand, is the clear winner in my book since I can’t fathom anyone else having so much faith in you that you don’t lose your footing even in the face of possible betrayal.

When Norman succumbed to despair, the play was at its lowest point in terms of atmosphere.

2. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Huntress against. Hunter, a Japanese anime (2011)

Killua is a perfect representation of everything on this list.

At the same time, he is one of the most badass, one of the most tragic, and one of the most likeable characters in the entire book.

The teeny-tiny assassin has proven to be an unstoppable force in combat. But when it comes to Gon, he has a sensitive spot.

Instead of waiting for 600 episodes to realize that a friend and his family are still alive, he’s like Sasuke from the show.

For sure, he made the program what it is and demonstrated the show’s endearing/tragic combination to the hilt.

1. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake

Towel-tine: Naruto Shippuden

To put it simply, Kakashi is the original. “He’s one of the few characters who I can honestly claim has not ceased to be intriguing.”

I mean, he has a long list of accomplishments to his name.

In addition to becoming a Hokage, he was a student of one, a teacher of another, and a Hokage himself. And Sakura, too.

Sasuke and Naruto can’t keep up with him in terms of power. In addition, his calm demeanor always lends itself to a fantastic story.

When Obito was introduced into the picture, my man became a legend.