12 Best Anime Songs That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Anime Songs

Please don’t tell me that I’ve been the only one viewing shoujo rom-coms in my room since COVID-19? It’s also possible that you’ve had the same thoughts as me when I’ve been wrapped up in a blanket or basking in the AC, swooning over 2D men, and wondering why the ending music doesn’t slap as hard as the opener. Another option is to sit through the “Top 100 anime songs of all time” playlist on YouTube and wait for A Cruel Angel’s Thesis to appear.

Or are you simply intrigued to give anime songs a try? No worries, you’re not the only social outcast lurking on the internet. Here’s a shoulder to cry on, plus Takahiro Kanazawa’s hand-picked collection of undervalued banger tunes that even My Anime List’s music aficionados may have missed.

This Season

Dragon Maid S and HameFura X fought to the death in an amphitheater in Summer ’21 to win the “best comfort anime sequel with a random letter at the end” award. Sonny Boy, a new sci-fi anime that has captivated the otaku community due to its sheer bafflement, has eclipsed the conflict.

1. GING NANG BOYZ “Shonen Shojo” (Sonny Boy 2021)


When 36 students find themselves in a void of nothingness, they embark on a psychedelic journey. Imagine “Lord of the Flies,” but with unhappy Japanese highschoolers instead of affluent whites with superpowers they’re unable to control from the book.


In addition to designing the characters in the anime, Hisashi Eguchi drew the album cover for GING NANG BOYZ’ acclaimed second album “Kimi to Boku no Dai-san-ji Sekai Taisen-teki Renai Kakumei,” which was released in 2012. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. When it came to an anime about, you guessed it, boys and girls, GING NANG BOYZ nailed the toon “Shonen Shojo.” The anime’s theme song features a punk-rock band, but the soundtrack also includes music by a number of other up-and-coming artists (Mitsume and Taiwanese synth-pop band, Sunset Rollercoaster to name a few).

This Year

In 2021, the year of the ox, shonen anime is expected to do well. As an alternative, if you’re fed up with the underwhelming season of My Hero Academia (who’s going to say it?), tired of face-palming every episode of Tokyo Revengers for how useless Takemitchy is, or writing a letter of complaint to the producers of Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season, you might want to check out these other shows. Please take a seat and apologize for leaving us in suspense. Stop watching TV shows that make you sit in front of a screen for six hours and instead watch a movie. Your eyes will thank you later.

2. Hikaru Utada “One Last Kiss” (Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time 2021)

Here is the sixth and last film in the Evangelion series, if that wasn’t enough to explain the most cognitively hard anime series. 26 years after the debut release of this historic mecha series, 155 minutes are devoted to bringing the destiny of psychologically tormented youths to a close. For the last time, remember that Christianity, Schopenhauerian philosophy, and cyborgs DO intersect.

Artist and Song Title

Evangelion makes the list, even though we don’t have it as basic as A Cruel Angel’s Thesis would have been. The movie’s theme song is performed by Japanese R&B and Pop icon Hikaru Utada. In the film’s big climax, her soothing voice provide a poignant touch, not only to the film, but to the entire franchise. Is there any better marketing strategy than bringing together Japan’s two national treasures, Evangelion and UTADA, for an epic collaboration? After six tries, Evangelion has finally come to an end. Let’s say our final goodbyes to “One Last Kiss,” a work of art that spans decades.

3. Millennium parade × Belle (Kaho Nakamura) “U” (BELLE 2021)

There is a real-world and an online version of each of us in this golden era of the internet we live in. Which is the true version? “U,” the social media platform that Hosoda’s 2021 film centers on a rural high school girl’s struggle to maintain her identity as an internet star while balancing her existence in a small town.

Artist and Song Title

With Kaho Nakamura as Belle and millenium parade as her musical collaborators, “U” is the movie’s theme song. A gang of music producers who take their craft to the next level is the perfect choice for a modern-themed film. This ensemble is more than just a band; it’s a conglomerate of digital native producers, filmmakers, designers, and illustrators. The millennium parade can be described as “digitally exciting.” Make sure to check out their YouTube videos; they’ll have your eyes and ears riveted to the screen.

4. スカート&PUNPEE “ODDTAXI” (Odd Taxi 2021)

What could be stranger than a rude taxi driver who also happens to be a walrus? Let me tell you about the dialogues between the walrus taxi driver and his customers. Alpaca nurses, hippo want tobes, and a boar-horse comedy combination are all on the bill. The case of a missing high school student is solved through what appears to be a series of amusing exchanges amongst animals. The oddity of it all is beyond description.

Artist and Song Title

Relaxing in a taxi with their own song playing on the radio, Japanese pop artists Skirt and PUNPEE enjoy the ride. PUNPEE’s bars and Skirt’s silky vocals combine to create a groovy tune that I’d happily listen to while driving around the city at night. PUNPEE has made a reputation for himself by appearing on Gen Hoshino’s “Sarashi-mono,” one of the most well-known tracks in the music industry.

All-Time Best

Then, we’ll take a look at a couple classics that you may have missed. I’ll wager my dignity that at least a handful of these songs will find their way onto your Spotify playlist. We’ve already done the hard work for you.

5. Eastern youth “時計台の鐘” (Golden Kamuy 2018)

In order to retrace our steps back to the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese war, we’ll need to turn on The History Channel right now. Unfortunately, I am too young to recall the events of the early 1900s with any authority, but Golden Kamuy does a commendable job of elucidating the Ainu people’s history. The prospect of digging through knee-deep snow in search of treasure does not excite me, but ex-soldier Saichi Sugimoto appears to have a different take on the concept of joy. This anime can appeal to those who enjoy adventure, history, or simply need a respite from the fast-paced world of the twenty-first century.

Artist and Song Title

What would you do if you spotted two middle-aged guys, one with a mohawk and the other with a flat cap, walking down the street with a woman? That appears to be cause for alarm, so I’d contact the authorities. It’s important to make sure it’s not the punk-rock trio or some drunken eastern teenager before dialing 110. At first glance, vocalist Yoshino appears to be an ordinary uncle, but give him a mic and a guitar and he will scream so loudly that you would wonder if he is really that old. Punk rock is the antithesis of old age. That was made very evident by the region’s youth.

6. Shinsei Kamattechan “My War” (Attack on Titan: The Final Season 2020)

To be an otaku, you need to watch AOT. If you haven’t done so, I recommend that you stop reading now and do so before returning. In this final season, it’s funny to see how little screen time the protagonist receives. Sadly, that’s about the only thing lighthearted about this otherwise depressingly depressing show. Seasons one through three dealt mostly with the human-titan conflict, but the third season, which concludes Isayama’s acclaimed series, reveals the human-to-human violence that has been simmering beneath the surface.

Artist and Song Title

My heart’s in it, my heart’s in it, my heart’s in it! You may not understand what I’m saying if you haven’t seen AOT. To anyone who hasn’t seen AOT, the rest of this is still gibberish. With previous S-tier openings like “Guren no Yumiya” and “Shinzou wo Sasageyo,” the standard was set high. Shinsei Kamattechan, a rock band from Chiba, Japan, accepted the challenge and delivered with “My War.” Despite the lack of discernible lyrics, the song manages to embrace brutality and eeriness at the same time, fitting well into the overall vibe of the series.

7. Tokyo Incidents “永遠の不在証明” (Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet 2021)

This year’s World Sports Games kidnappings were solved by our favorite teen investigator locked in a seven-year-old body, just in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The epidemic forced a postponement of the film’s debut. Coincidentally, the Olympic Games were taking place at the same time… Is this just a freak accident, or is an underground crime syndicate involved? Conan will have to look into this.

Artist and Song Title

Tokyo Incidents reformed in 2020 with a reunion EP News following their breakup in 2012.

Because of this, they’ve released song after song to ecstatic fan response ever since. Conan film producers noticed their return to Japan’s rock scene and granted them a slot for the song “Eternal Alibi,” which translates as “Eternal Alibi” in English.

8. CHAI “Tenkorin no Theme” (Oshiete Hokusai – THE ANIMATION 2021)

To become an artist, she prays to the thunder god, who invites a variety of past Japanese artists to teach her how to mold her inner artist, a sort of anime-like experience.

Artist and Song Title

In the series’ opener, the female group CHAI performs, signed to Sub Pop Records. The cheesy aesthetic style of the animation is accentuated by the bouncy tune. Three of the four members of the band were in the same high school light-music group, which sounds eerily similar to the storylines of our favorite K-On! anime series characters. Chai’s upbeat, alternative rock soundtrack has captivated the internet despite this being their only anime deal. Ho-kago Tea Ti—I mean CHAI has a bright future ahead of them.

9. SUPER BEAVER “突破口” (Haikyuu!!: TO THE TOP 2020)

If you’re a fan of sports anime, go no further than Haikyuu!! Following our favorite setter-spiker pair to the court of nations, the most current season of 2020 will be made available for viewing in theaters (surprise, surprise). Even as a die-hard Haikyuu fan, I have no idea what happened in the first half of the season. In the second half of the season, a high school volleyball match featuring Mamoru Miyano’s kansai-ben attempt takes place (dialect of the kansai region).

Artist and Song Title

SUPER BEAVER has a long history of working with anime soundtracks. Naruto, the king of shonen animation, even has a soundtrack featuring the rock band’s contributions. SUPER BEAVER has entered the sports anime arena for the first time ever. A sports anime’s soundtrack is its icing on the cake, setting the mood for the entire dramatic production. It’s just a video of some sweaty high school dudes playing ball without it. To kick things off, SUPER BEAVER brings out the electric guitars, quick beats, and a call to youth and sweaty high school lads playing ball for the second time.

10. Asian Kung-fu Generation “Re:Re:” (ERASED 2016)

When his mother is stabbed to death, what does a pizza delivery guy do? Make sure this never happens again by going back in time. In order to avert a kidnapping, Satoru, the protagonist, decided to change a few small details of history while he was in the past. Keep a look out for a reoccurring blue butterfly during pivotal sections of the plot, a not-so-subtle reference to the butterfly effect.

Artist and Song Title

“The best anime rock music” is an appropriate title for this list at this moment. To be eligible, Asian Kung-fu Generation has to be included in the list of nominees As active as they have been since 1996, these Yokohama boys—now men—have left a lasting legacy in the anime business that is second to none. With Naruto and Bleach, as well as FMA, they’ve basically made it into the anime hall of fame. Despite this, the catchiness of “Re:Re” has made it a perennial favorite among ERASED and Asian Kung-fu Generation fans.

11. Galileo Galilei “Summer Sky” (Big Windup!: Summer Tournament Chapter 2010)

Another sports anime is here in case the first one didn’t get your heart racing. We decided to give Big Windup! a run for its money, despite the fact that it’s typically overlooked in comparison to Ace of Diamond or Major. For baseball anime, it provides the viewers with what they want: the bromance between pitcher and catcher, fierce rivalries between teams, and a cliched message that practice makes perfect, among other things.

Artist and Song Title

In 2010, a rock band named Galileo Galilei, unrelated to the astronomer, pumped up the guys for their summer competition. Since they had done an ending song for Haikyuu!! in the past, the band appears to have an interest in sports anime. Fans of Big Windup! will cherish their memories long after the band has split.

12. Nujabes feat. Shing02 “Battlecry” (Samurai Champloo 2005)

Paintings by Ukiyo-e artists and American baseball players declaring war in the Edo-period environment. Okinawa dialect word champloo, meaning’mixed,’ is a fitting descriptor of this disorganized anime, which follows three travelers as they encounter important Japanese historical events in unexpected ways.

Song and Artist

Among Samurai Champloo’s champloo-ed features is the inclusion of hip-hop music in a traditional Japanese setting. Nujabes, a producer, pioneer of lo-fi hip hop, and sampling God, is brought in to mix the finest rhythm ever heard in an anime. When Nujabes and Shing02 collaborated on the opening track, “Battlecry,” it went viral outside of Japan and gained popularity in the U.S. hip hop scene. Who knew samurai and hip-hop would be such a match made in heaven? RIP Nujabes, this is in memory of you.