10 Green Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Green Anime Characters

Colorful characters, costumes, and designs are hallmarks of Anime, which has become a popular genre in recent years. Many characters, such as these fan favorites, have brilliant green hair.

Anime characters’ vibrant costumes are one of the most off-putting aspects of the medium for non-fans, but it is also one of its most endearing. Their hair colors, eye colors, hairstyles and strange clothes are always entertaining to the audience because they are so outlandish.

A lot of well-known anime characters have emerald-colored locks. Anime designers who wish to convey a strong personality through their characters often choose this color. Some of anime’s most beloved green-haired heroes and heroines can be found here.

1. Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko No Basket)

Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko No Basket)

The Generation of Miracles’ point guard also happens to be the show’s tallest character. He is currently a member of the basketball team at Shutoku High, one of Tokyo’s top three schools.

People are forced to avoid him because he is strong and mean. In order to protect the “pristine” condition of his dominant hand, he wraps it whenever he feels like it. In addition, his religious views include the study of astrology.

2. Freed Justine (Fairy Tail)

Due to the fact that Freed is a magician, the Fairy Tail guild didn’t see him very often. The Blue Pegasus Guild later accepted him as a member; however, he later returned to Fairy Tail after the guild’s reformation.

Freed’s honor is one of his most recognizable characteristics. He is a man of his word and follows through on what he says he will accomplish. Even when it means going against his morals, he makes it a priority to pay back his obligations.

3. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

The One Punch Man universe’s most powerful esper is shown to be this S-Class superheroine. She is sometimes misunderstood because of her little stature and baby-faced appearance. She’s smug and self-assured, but she never hesitates to carry out her superheroine duties.

Defeating villains is something she enjoys, and when there aren’t any available positions at the Hero Association, she’ll go out on her own to find some.

4. Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill)

As a Night Raid member, the laid-back Lubbock exhibits a surprising level of devotion to the organization. Despite his jovial demeanor toward women, he always avoids tampering with ladies who are capable of fighting back.

Even while he is engaged in battle, he maintains a lighthearted demeanor, boasting to his foes of his abilities and making fun jabs at them. When he realizes he has no chance of winning a battle, he retreats.

5. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Bounty hunters like Spike and Jet Black track down and apprehend fugitive criminals in exchange for a monetary reward. Spike, who is depicted to be an arrogant young man, is also shown to be young and full of adventure.

He’s a skilled sleight-of-hand performer who can also hold his own in a shootout. Hand-to-hand combat is a skill he learned while working for the Red Dragon crime gang.

6. Makishima (Yowamushi Pedal)

Cycling is the subject of this sports anime, which takes place in both the 2D and 3D worlds! Yusuke Makishima, a Sohoku High School alum, is known for his unconventional sense of style. He has a hard time establishing friends because of his tendency to speak his mind.

As a result of his inability to communicate effectively and his odd facial expressions, he has long been regarded as “creepy” by others.

7. Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Envy is one of the few anime characters that is neither male nor female. They are able to alter their appearance and speech in order to influence others or cause them pain.

As a result of humans’ ability to develop close ties with one another—something Envy longs for but is unable to achieve—they harbor tremendous contempt and loathing towards them.

8. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

Tsuyu is a free-spirited individual who says whatever comes to mind, frequently without considering the impact of what she says on others. Tsu is her nickname among her friends, and she uses the “chan” honorific to address everyone she encounters.

Many people are frightened by her blank expressions since they are difficult to decipher. The word “ribbit” is also frequently used as a substitute for brief responses by her.

9. Satan (The Devil Is A Part-Timer)

Satan (The Devil Is A Part-Timer)

Satan, who was once king of Ente Isla, is forced to escape the island after learning that the heroine Emilia has vanquished him. Unfortunately for him, she decides to follow him to Earth, where they quickly discover that they have lost all of their superhuman abilities.

It’s not difficult for Satan to pass like a normal person, even going so far as to secure a job at a fast-food joint. It’s clear that he relishes this demanding but ultimately fruitful existence.

10. San (Princess Mononoke)

San, the film’s title character, is also known as the Wolf Girl. She’s been raised by wolves since she was a baby, so she has a lot of the characteristics of a wolf. It is her life’s work to protect the forest (her home) from outside influence.

Because she doesn’t think of herself as a person, she’s been seen to have suicidal thoughts on occasion. When Prince Ashitaka shows up, her whole manner changes.