10 Best Flat Chested Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Flat Chested Anime Characters

There has clearly been an increase in the thiccening movement over the past few decades as even high school characters suddenly gained enough “plot significance” to induce back pain.

It’s important to remember that curvaceous is just one way to look at the feminine body!

Our focus for the day is on some of the prettiest and most gorgeous anime heroines who are flat (or sporty).

10. Megumin

Megumin (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!)

The KonoSuba Anime

I’d still root for Megumin if she had to toss a baby across a field littered with landmines.

This might be because she has such classic and endearing troll expressions, because she is goofy and doesn’t understand that normal cats don’t spit fire, or it could be due of her pointy helmet.

My heart has exploded since discovering Megumin, whatever the circumstance may be.

If you haven’t seen the show, the final sentence either sounds strange or like a medical issue. I’m understanding this now. Shucks.

9. Neferpitou

Hunter x Hunter is an anime series that I enjoy (2011)

As far as I’m concerned, I’m just begging for the furry remarks here. But that doesn’t matter to me at all.

Because Neferpitou is one of the few female villains that can take on Nefertiti.

She was the cutest cat-girl ever before we discovered her destructive prowess and bloodlust.

For those who are okay with occasional decapitated heads tumbling around, you could regard her in that light.

Neferpitou is, in fact, charming, therefore I agree with your sentiment.

8. Mine

Assault on Precinct 13

Using a sniper rifle while enraged is almost never a good idea. Mine, on the other hand, manages to make it all work.

To a large extent because her weapon is intelligent and adjusts to the degree of threat she faces, forcing her into an awkward situation is a surefire way to meet her demise.

Mine is a tsundere, in case you missed it earlier.

Let me present to you: a tsundere in all his glory, complete with battle-hardened, sniper-wielding, flat-chested awesomeness! Isn’t that an incredible sales pitch?

7. Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano

K-On! is a popular anime series.

Azusa is the only member of the group that wants to begin the assignment two weeks in advance and score the most points.

But if you’re in Rome, relax, because the locals are either playing games or napping.

As a result, Azusa became a more laid-back member of the band, only sometimes remembering her religious sentiments before to joining the group.

The only thing you need to do is give her some candy and pat her head, and she’ll go back to sleep mode in no time.

Also, when she’s dozing off, she showers us with obscene amounts of moe.

6. Binboda Momiji

It’s a good luck girl anime

Rivalry may be difficult. Particularly if they’re utterly faultless.

When you look at Sakura, you see a kaleidoscope of all of these things: plotting, cleverness, money, charisma, status, all of it.

So lucky is she that she drains the luck from everyone in her path!

Finally, Binboda, the goddess of poverty.

As you might expect, she’s not exactly a millionaire or a millionaire’s wife. Despite this, she comes out as a lot more appealing. The only time she loses her cool is when people keep making comparisons between her rack and Sakura’s.

But after a while, who wouldn’t become bored of that?

5. Yuki Nagato

Yuki Nagato (The Melanchony Of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Anime: Haruhi Suzumiya: The Melancholy Chronicles

Yuki should be at the top of your list if you like your daily dose of kuudere sweetness.

Because she is only there to gather information, she plays the role of an observer rather than a participant in the show’s plot.

As a result, you’d expect her to be dull, right?

Quite the contrary. Deadpan commentary and occasional jokes when everyone is having fun and she’s just chilling out with a straight face keep the show new and interesting!

4. Fuu Kasumi

Samurai Champloo, an animated series

The show needs a character like Fuu, who is an optimist and a nutcase all at once. Simply because Mugen and Jin’s presence alone would have rendered the show bleak and dismal.

She’s always bouncing off the walls, which adds a friendly vibe to the event.

As a result of Mugen’s enticing dance skills, Fuu has a newfound aversion to top-plot-heavy female characters. and it’s quite easy to start a fight with.

When she’s enraged, she does so in a way that’s appealing. As a result, I’m not going to hold it against her.

3. Krul Tepes

Krul Tepes

Seraph of the Ending

A vampire loli was already on the list, but I couldn’t resist.

Despite the fact that Krul receives far less screen time than she deserves, we nevertheless get a solid sense of who she is.

She’s a nightmare come true. And good luck trying to put her to the test.

Even though she’s only a few inches tall, she wields ultimate power over all of her surroundings. To be honest, I was hoping Mikaela would just say “mother” to me. We’ll move on now, because it sounded strange…

2. Taiga Aisaka

It’s Toradora!

Even though I haven’t watched this show in a while, Taiga is still my favorite tsundere.

It’s clear to me why she’s a tsundere from her past and character.

Sophisticated moe content may be found in her downtime, as well. Her romance with Ryuugi was endearing from the start to the finish. Then there’s the fact that she just seems like a fun person to spend time with.

As many people as possible would weep again.

1. Nana Osaki


Nana: The Anime

This list included a lot of loli characters in it, so I paid close attention to them. If you prefer your waifus to be fully matured and burdened with problems, I’d like to end on a rock-and-roll badass.

While Nana had a rock-solid confidence and charisma, she also possessed a heartfelt vulnerability that made her a fascinating character.

She was a determined performer who aspired to dominate the music charts. As well as remaining humble and caring profoundly about her bandmates and fans.

No one else I know has more balls than this flat-chested beauty.