7 Best Anime Like No. 6 That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like No. 6

The anime ‘No. 6’ is set in the future. To understand how an apparently tranquil institution can cause so much pain, this book explores the dark truths of the society. It’s a fun series with a lot of mystery buried in it. Here is our pick of the top ten anime that we think you’ll enjoy if you liked “No. 6.” Many of these anime, like as ‘No. 6’, are available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.

7. Banana Fish (2018)

Anime Like No. 6

An enjoyable animation, ‘Banana Fish’, is out there. It was released a year ago and features 24 episodes, each lasting 22 minutes. Many anime fans haven’t heard of or seen this show because it isn’t very well known. To that end, if you enjoy it, make sure to tell your friends about it. Action, adventure, and drama abound in this Shoujo anime. ‘No. 6’ has some characteristics with ‘No. 6’ Both anime are concerned with or at least attempt to address society’s less desirable aspects. The main protagonists meet by coincidence and develop a deep relationship.

Instead of romance, the story focuses on the action, excitement, and drama that come from romantic pursuits. Aslan Jade Callenreese is the main character in the story. Ash Lynx is the moniker he goes by. As a child, Dino Golzine’s strong mafia raised Ash. At the age of 17, Ash has assumed leadership of his gang. When he comes upon a narcotic called Banana Fish, he recalls that his brother had mentioned it to him when he returned from war. Determined to find out more, he digs further. As a result, Dino kidnaps Ash’s companions in order to get his hands off the drugs. Besides saving his buddies, Ash must now learn more about the enigmatic substance.

6. Zankyou no Terror (2014)

Zankyou no Terror is one of the best animes I’ve seen to date. At the same time, it’s both amusing and educational. The music and animation are both excellent. With a dash of mystery, it’s an emotional thriller with a psychological twist. As the story progresses, we are kept on our toes until the finale. One similarity between the two shows is that both portray society and the ruling machine in a negative light, with the primary characters being two males. Similarly, the development of the characters in each anime is identical.

Terrorists appear to be targeting Japan. The term VON was scrawled on the wall of the nuclear facility after an arsonist set it off. The police are trying everything they can to track down these offenders, but they have had no luck. Video of two teenage lads identifying themselves as “Sphinx” challenges the police six months after the explosion. When the authorities catch them, they say they will continue to devastate until they do. The public is alarmed, and the police are in a bind as a result. Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki is determined to find the Sphinx before it’s too late, even as terror spreads like wildfire.

5. Shinsekai yori (2012)

Shinsekai yori (From the New World)

If you enjoy mystery and psychological suspense, then ‘Shinsekai yori’ is a good choice. The show also blends horror and science fiction clichés into its storylines. Check it out if you’re interested in that. There are some similarities between this series and ‘No. 6.’ Residents of cities like concrete jungles that rumble with unceasing noise populate both anime. The folks appear joyful at first, but the series gradually takes a dark turn and reveals the horrific secrets of their environment.. The protagonists of both animes are young and develop over the course of the story. Both shows contain hints of romance between characters of the same sex.

Anxiety is rampant as reports of persons with psychokinetic talents start to surface. When those who are talented begin to exercise their untamed powers, social unrest ensues. Many governments form and fail before the gifted society agrees to impose restrictions. Saki Watanabe, a newly awakened magical girl, and her companions are the focus of the story. Saki is overjoyed to be able to play with her favorite pals once again! However, she soon begins to arouse interest in what happened to the youngsters who were unable to activate their gifts. It’s a gradual shift in the show’s direction that uncovers numerous mysteries.

4. Psycho-Pass (2012)

If you enjoy psychological suspense, you should watch the popular anime ‘Psycho-Pass.’ In addition, the show features some enjoyable action sequences, good animation, and an eye-catching visual design. ‘No. 6’ and the anime share a connection. Both anime are psychological thrillers that feature a government structure for ensuring public safety. Everything isn’t as simple as it appears because every system and mechanism has flaws.

The story takes place in Japan in the 22nd century, where a new system known as Sybil overthrows the court system and its enforcement mechanism. A Psycho-Pass evaluation of every citizen is now possible as a result of the new conventions in place. Authorities would put you in prison if your Psycho-Pass analysis indicated that you would become violent and that you were a latent criminal who was likely to commit a crime. Inspectors are tasked with enforcing the law, and they are joined by Enforcers, former inspectors who have turned criminals. The Inspectors don’t have to worry about the filthy work they undertake because they have them. Inspector Akane Tsunemori is partnered with enforcer Shinya Kougami in this anime. Akane begins to question the validity of Sybil System’s judgment as the novel progresses.

3. Fractale (2011)

Fractale (2011)

Fractale is a science fiction/adventure anime that takes place in the not-too-distant future. Eleven episodes, each lasting about 23 minutes, make up the runtime of the show. No. 6’s premise of a futuristic planet that is regulated by a tight order is shared by this anime. Keeping order ensures that everyone has a peaceful existence. In both series, the protagonists are young and inexperienced. It’s not until they meet someone who can shatter their utopian civilizations and completely alter their course in life that they begin to question all they thought they knew about themselves.

The story takes place on a futuristic island where humans coexist with humanoids known as Doppels, who serve as domestic servants for the locals. Fractale, an ancient technology, governs the island. He meets Phryne as she flees the clutches of some deadly individuals, and Clain’s laid-back existence on the island is completely turned upside down. In spite of Clain’s heroics, she vanishes from the scene with a pendant full of information. A Doppel named Nessa appears out of nowhere, much to Clain’s surprise, and she holds the key to solving the ancient riddle of Fractale. Clain is now caught between his desire to bring down the system and his duty to safeguard it.

2. Guilty Crown (2011)

‘Guilty Crown’ is a sci-fi action anime that is extremely popular. This anime is a must-see for fans of the mecha genre. With 22 episodes, the show clocks in at roughly 24 minutes per episode. As with “No. 6,” the premise for “Guilty Crown” is a little similar. There will be a corrupt government in power soon, aiming to subjugate its people. An insurgency aims to topple the current dictatorial government.

An occurrence that happened 10 years ago is shown in this story, which is set in the year 2039. All societal structures were demolished by a devastating virus that spread across the land. As a result of the unrest, a military dictatorship led by the GHQ faction came to power. Only the Funeral Parlor, commanded by the fearsome Gai Tsutsugami, is striving to wrest authority back from the despotic authorities. Both Inori Yuzuriha andShuu Ouma are prominent members of the Funeral Parlor.

Eventually, as the story unfolds, their paths cross, and the kid is bestowed with the Power of Kings. Power comes with responsibility, and the youngster finds himself caught in the thick of a civil conflict between rebels and government forces.

1. Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

This anime is only included because of the similarity in tone between its central characters and those in ‘No. 6’. Both shows attempt to portray a nonjudgmental attitude about same-sex relationships, which is the proper way to go about it. Despite the fact that the romance is clearly obvious in ‘Yuri!!! on Ice,’ it is more subtle in ‘No. 6’. Apart from that, each show’s plot is unique.

Figure skating is the focus of the sports anime ‘Yuri!!! on Ice,’ which follows Yuuri Katsuki, a talented skater who is determined to return to the sport. He is 23 years old and has a burning desire to accomplish something significant. A viral video of him performing a sequence by the famous world champion Victor Nikiforov on ice has been viewed millions of times. As a result of the video, Victor pays Yuuri a visit and offers him the mentorship of the master. Yuuri is ecstatic and begins to work out hard. Yuri Plisetsky, from Russia, is the most deadly hurdle and opponent on this journey, and he’s not the only one.