10 Best Female Fairy Tail Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Female Fairy Tail Anime Characters

Who are the most powerful ladies in Fairy Tail’s ranks, and who are the most powerful women?

That being said, it’s true that Fairy Tail is best renowned for one thing above all else: fan service. Bikini photos and soiled clothes abound in this series, which defies expectations. Without being too serious, this game stands out from other shonen stories because of the large amount of strong female characters.

It’s not only that the female characters have a lot of screen time here, but that they’re often depicted in a more aggressive light than their male counterparts. We’ve selected ten of the series’ most formidable female characters and ranked them based on their overall magic level and performance throughout the series. What is the name of the top-ranked woman? Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Juvia

Juvia - Fairy Tail

In spite of her desire for Gray’s devotion, Juvia is not hesitant to fight back when necessary. She has the ability to transform herself into water, as well as affect the water she encounters.

While Fairy Tail fans have seen Juvia participate in combat countless times, it’s when she teams up with someone else that she really shines. People like Lucy and Gray have pushed her to her limit, but we’ve never seen what she’s capable of on her own.

2.  Wendy

Wendy’s position on this list is only as low as it is because she is so young. One of the strongest magicians on this list and in general is Wendy, who is known as a Sky Dragon Slayer. Fairy Tail has exposed her to more dangerous fighting than most of the others on this list, despite her seeming lack of expertise in the field

Her ability to harness Dragon Force at such a young age shows how destructive she will be as she matures.. While it’s unlikely she’d be able to defeat some of the other Dragon Slayers on this list, the impossible has been done before. As a result, it’s hard not to observe Wendy’s strength grow exponentially as she gets older. Right now, she’s down in the weeds.

3. Ultear

Ultear - Fairy Tail

An enemy and member of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart, Ultear was introduced as the daughter of Ur. Her original plan was to exact revenge on Gray for the death of her mother, but she later changed her mind and joined Crime Sorciere, a guild she co-founded with Jellal in order to make amends.

Master of Ice Make magic, metamorphosis, and the Arc of Time; Ultear was a wizard. Her record isn’t great, hence she’s landed in this spot.

4. Brandish

Brandish, a member of the Spriggan 12, is one of the Alvarez Empire’s most powerful warriors because of her high rank. It’s her capacity to manipulate matter, and hence change the size of her opponent, that makes her so dangerous.

As a result, she is able to shrink entire islands into oblivion and grow to enormous proportions. As a result of this, she was knocked out by a single head-kick while preoccupied by her allergies.

5. Kagura


When Kagura first joined Mermaid Heel, she wanted to murder Jellal since he had ruined her family’s lives. Her swordplay is impeccable, and she’s shown that she can keep even Erza off-guard without ever drawing her own weapon.

Erza’s armor was no match for her ability to cut through hers, and she moves at a breakneck pace. A powerful gravity magic and war experience make her capable of taking on any task.

6. Minerva

Minerva, the original Sabertooth leader’s daughter, was first introduced as one of the series’ greatest threats. Some of the people on this list have been defeated by her and she has gained power-ups, becoming a demon in order to obtain more power.

With her magic, Territory, she has the ability to move objects around her view, switch places with an opponent, and more. In many ways, she’s even more powerful than her father.

7. Lucy

Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail

Lucy isn’t given a lot of credit for what she accomplishes. It’s logical, given that when the series begins, she’s more of a crafty fighter than a plain one. However, as the series progresses, she is repeatedly put to the test by more powerful wizards, which forces her to improve her skills even further.

While collecting Celestial spirits, she finally becomes able to harness their power. She’s one of the greatest mages in Fairy Tail, and she proved it in the last arc when she fought with her Celestial Spirits instead of relying on them to fight for her.

8. Mirajane

Mirajane is Fairy Tail’s second-strongest woman, and that’s not a question of debate. Despite the fact that she appears to be friendly, she is terrifying when she’s guarding Fairy Tail and her brothers and sisters.

Despite the fact that she’s repeatedly proven her worth as an S-Class magician, the only time we see her lose is when she becomes distracted by the need to protect her siblings.

9. Irene

Irene - Fairy Tail

She’s not just ordinary Fairy Tail warrior because she’s the original Dragon Slayer. Even more astounding is the fact that Irene has a magical power that is beyond comprehension.

That she can accomplish so many amazing things has been demonstrated to the public. She had no trouble defeating Mirajane, putting her far ahead of the rest of the field. There is, however, one person who deserves to be ranked higher than her.

10. Erza

Erza isn’t as powerful as her mother, Irene. The truth is that Irene was unable to kill Erza or even claim her corpse. When it comes to plot armor, Erza has a lot more than her mother, who lacks it.

A comet was stopped by her own strength during the previous arc, proving her immense might. With a single gaze, she was able to intimidate three of her most formidable foes. Meanwhile, she led Fairy Tail to victory against some of the most dangerous wizards they’d ever fought while smacking some sense into Gray and Natsu.