10 Best Fanservice Anime On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Fanservice Anime On Netflix

When we hear the term “fan service,” we tend to be a little unsure of what it means. I’m curious to know what this fan service is and how it works. Just like the name implies, it’s all about providing the fans with exactly what they want in terms of visual or other content. Some fan service anime programs err on the side of being improper, and this might come off as a shock to the unwary casual viewer.

Fan service, on the other hand, is ideal for folks who just want to relax and let their hair down while watching an anime. The following is a ranking of the best Netflix Fan Service Anime.

10) Testament of New Sister Devil 

The Testament of Sister New Devil (2015)

What would it be like to share a home with your bitterest rivals? Because your enemies are now members of your family, you must protect them. He learns of this in a way he didn’t expect when his father shows up with two lovely girls who he claims are Basara’s stepsisters one night.

However, the sisters are not who they appear to be. It’s a demon vs. a succubus matchup. Basara is now tasked with protecting them while keeping his own terrible truth under wraps. Exactly how long can he keep doing that?

9) High School of the Dead 

Like The Walking Dead, but with more brutality and a wider variety of weaponry, this is the anime version Kouta Hirano, an instructor of kendo, and her friends face a choice: fight the rising dead or join their ranks.

A gang of high school kids is tasked with protecting Tokyo and its citizens from the onslaught of these monsters. It is now a fight for one’s life in a society that has already fallen.

8) Baki 

Baki (2018-)

The ripped combatants take on each other in a tournament of respect for the female audience in this one. The story revolves around Baki Hanma, a 17-year-old high school student who is the strongest in his class. The only issue here is… Known asThe Ogre, Baki’s father is widely regarded as the strongest man on the planet.

All they want to do is take on Baki in combat and experience defeat, while five lethal convicts escaped from the world’s most secure jails. Baki invites you to join him in an epic battle of martial arts in which the best of them are on show.

7) Shimoneta 

Guerrilla squads will exist in a future Japan when all inappropriate content is forbidden because the government wants a cleaner society. Tanukichi Okuma, a vocal opponent of the country’s chastity rules, has recently gained considerable notoriety.

A group calledSOX has compelled him to participate in filthy propaganda, but how long can he continue doing so?

6) Kakegurui 


Everything in this school is decided by a game of chance.

When it comes to power, money talks. The students of Hyakkaou Private Academy are prepared for the hard realities of life.

No one knows what Yumeko Jabami is hooked to until it happens to them. In addition, she plays not for the money but for the excitement of risking it all. In this game of chance and skill, watch out for this raven-haired girl who is going all out.

5) High School DxD 

This anime is one of the most requested fan-service offerings available on Netflix. An angelic girl who’s also a lovely woman? Who’s the worst of the worst? Teenager high school student Issei Hyoudou was resurrected by a devil as her personal servant and made to join the Occult Research Club in a world where heroes and devils constantly clash. Follow Issei’s quest as he seeks to emerge uninjured from a fight that has raged for centuries.

4) Prison School 

Prison School

It was just a matter of time until this anime made it onto this list, given how well-known it has been since its release. It’s like a dream come true for five male pupils to be accepted into a girls-only institution.

As soon as boys are convicted of peeking into the female students’ baths at Hachimitsu Private Academy, they are sentenced to a month in the school’s own own prison, where student council members continually coming up with reasons to extend their sentences. Is it possible that the lads will ever be freed?

3) Seven Deadly Sins 

There are very few fan service anime shows that also have a well-developed plot and action sequences that are as gritty as the ones in this show. For centuries, it was widely believed that a few of the Holy Knights of Britannica had turned against their companions and taken up weapons against the ruler of the kingdom.

After their treachery, these were extraordinary warriors, capable of defeating entire armies, and they vanished. To keep you riveted to the screen, Meliodas gathers his troops in an epic fantasy as turmoil brews once more over Britannia.

2) Food Wars 

Food Wars

Souma Yukihira enrolls in Japan’s most prestigious culinary school. But what does he know that this is going to be the beginning of a new chapter in his life? Souma has always been a natural chef, and he and his father ran a little café in the middle of nowhere with a reputation for excellence.

His only goal is to take over his father’s diner and carry on the family’s tradition. Upon learning that his father has given him a note and then vanished, his world is turned upside down, and he is sent to Japan’s top culinary academy to let his cooking speak for itself. He consistently says, “I’m glad to help.”

1) Your Name 

Let’s be clear about this. What if you could live in the body of a different sex, and see what it would be like? In that case,Your Name is the anime for you.

The story revolves around the lives of two young people, one from Tokyo and the other from the countryside, who wake up one day to find themselves in the bodies of the other. Until they find a means to go back to their own lives, they must continue living in the other person’s shoes. Isn’t that intriguing? Take a chance, and you won’t regret it.

Netflix has all of the shows listed above available to stream. It’s up to you if you’d like to have some fun and try something new.

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