15 ENFP Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

ENFP Anime Characters

If your favorite anime characters are intuitive extroverts who place more weight on perception than judgment, find out which ENFP type they are.

1. Reki Kyan – Sk8 the Infinity

Reki Kyan - Sk8 the Infinity

Like many ENFP’s, Reki Kyan is a delightful and inventive character. When it comes to skating and his pals, he wears his heart on his sleeve in Sk8 the Infinity.

However, when things begin to wear him down, his emotions take over and he begins to isolate himself from those closest to him. As Reki grows in self-awareness of these emotions, he has a better understanding of his relationships and the positive and negative effects they have on him.

2. Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki has a strong sense of self-reliance. As a witch-in-training, she leaves home at the age of 13 and sets out on her own. Her extroversion reflects her joy and desire.

When it comes to making decisions, Kiki trusts her instincts. Kiki’s Delivery Service is an example of this. She jumps at the possibility to get a job when it presents itself. When she discovers that she isn’t being true to herself, her magic begins to go haywire.

3. Narumi Momose – Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Narumi Momose - Wotakoi Love Is Hard for Otaku

Narumi, the main character in Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, is a talkative individual who expresses her thoughts and feelings verbally. She pays close attention to the people she’s close to and recalls details that others might forget (like how Hirotaka has his ears pierced).

At first, she may come out as reserved, but once you get to know her, there’s no holding back. In a flash, her enthusiasm can transform the mood of the room.

4. Spirit Albarn – Soul Eater

When the circumstances call for it, Spirit can switch between seriousness and playfulness. While he might be a little over-the-top at times, he has a great ability to read a room and figure out the best way to handle a situation.

Because to his impulsiveness inSoul Eater, his relationships have been damaged. Spirit, on the other hand, would put his life in the hands of individuals he deems friends.

5. Kaoru Kurita – Wonder Egg Priority

FromWonder Egg Priority, Kaoru Kurita is a self-improvement enthusiast. The Wonder Killer tells him he’s a girl, but that doesn’t deter his self-assurance. Confidence and focus are the keys to his success as an ENFP.

Kaoru’s eyes are wide open as he surveys the landscape. What might or might not be. Even when Momoe’s time is over, his presence has a lasting effect on her because of the bond they formed.

6. Touta Matsuda – Death Note

Touta Matsuda - Death Note

The anime series Death Note’s Touta Matsuda, a police officer, appears to be more ENFP than anything else.

While he values collaboration and embraces the input of others, he is also prone to making decisions based completely on his own beliefs at any given time.

7. Mako Mankanshoku – Kill la Kill

When it comes to friendship, Mako Mankanshoku from the anime series Kill la Kill can be a little iffy about trusting others, yet she can still build strong bonds with others. She’s always on the go, yet she’s willing to take a break and enjoy the moment for a short time before returning to her typical pace.

She’s a typical ENFP protagonist, despite the fact that they’re commonly mislabeled as ESFPs or the like in popular culture.

8. Camie Utsushimi – My Hero Academia

Because Camie Utsushimi, the protagonist of anime series My Hero Academia, enjoys conversing with people and learning about them, she makes an excellent “investigator” character.

Although she can be boisterous and likes to wear flamboyant clothing, she has a sincere desire to help others.

9. Obito Uchiha – Naruto

Obito Uchiha - Naruto

From the anime series, Obito When we first meet Naruto Shippuden, it’s difficult to gauge his personality. Despite his outgoing personality, he prefers to have a “advantage” over his peers in chats.

When his pessimistic tendencies take hold, he may become agitated and confrontational as a result. In spite of this, he still appears to have a real affection for others.

10. Misato Katsuragi – Neon Genesis Evangelion

For example, Misato Katsuragi from the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” also known as “troubled” ENFPs, like Obito; she tries to forget her past and make little ties with people, but her emotions might at times return, making her wild and unpredictable.

To avoid having to deal with the bad effects afterwards, she likes to just “go for it” when she wants to do something.

11. Son Goku – Dragon Ball Z

Son Goku - Dragon Ball Z

Characters like Dragon Ball Z’s Son Goku are the epitome of the cheerful ENFP personality type. Son Goku has a close network of friends and is always in touch with them. He has a strong sense of adventure and is not bothered by the petty opinions of others.

But at the same time, it doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of being empathetic and sympathetic to someone else who is going through a difficult period.

12. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

When it comes to being an ENFP, Lucy Heartfilia, a character in Fairy Tail, wonderfully demonstrates the virtues of the trait.

She enjoys meeting new people and is seldom bored because she is good at making friends. While this sometimes cause her exhaustion, she immediately rises to the challenge of a new adventure.

13. Kamina – Gurren Lagann

Kamina - Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann’s Kamina, the deuteragonist, is an ENFP who delights in having a good time at the expense of following the rules. This doesn’t stop him from getting along well with others or causing mischief just for the sake of it.

If his buddies are willing to fulfill their part of the agreement, he will not compromise on his own part either; even if he has few principles, he adheres to them as if they were gospel.

14. Yui Hirasawa- K-On!

ENFP Yui Hirasawa is a K-On! protagonist who isn’t constrained by rules, is eager to approach strangers and establish friends without any prior connection, and wants to make sure everyone feels important.

It all stems from the fact that she’s the kind of person who cares little about why she does what she does, but is also knowledgeable enough to avoid harming anyone else.

15. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy is a typical ENFP. The man has aspirations, and he’s eager to share those aspirations with others. However, he might also become self-centered or say the incorrect thing, not because he intends to, but simply because he doesn’t give it any thought, treating it like any other activity he performs.

It’s fortunate that the people in his life realize this, and he develops meaningful relationships that have a positive impact on his life.