10 Best Anime Cosplays That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Anime Cosplays

These anime cosplayers blow us away with their creativity and talent. They’re like-for-like replacements for our favorite characters.

We’re just stumbling around in a cosplay universe. As the fanbase has increased over the years, so has the number of talented individuals who have joined the cause. A few choose art, others write, and yet others bring 2D characters to life by making stunning cosplays that leave us speechless.

Of course, there are certain cosplays that go above and beyond the simple sum of their components to produce something genuinely extraordinary. They take on a life of their own as vehicles for bringing the characters to life. That being said, let’s take a look at the 10 best anime cosplays that look just like the character.

1. Asuka by Shirogane-sama

Asuka by Shirogane-sama

Nothing compares to a timeless piece of art. Shirogane-sama proves that Evangelion cosplay will continue to be a staple at conferences for many years to come.

Shinji’s roommate Asuka is decked out in her pilot plugsuit, and she seems like she’s ready to defend the Earth from the Angels. A lot of effort appears to have gone into making the red stand out and the entire outfit glow. Even so, it all comes together in that small grin that seems to proclaim her superiority over everyone else.

2. Star Build Strike Gundam by Clivelee

Check out this Gundam for an excellent example of putting forth a lot of effort. We will never know how long it took to create such a magnificent work of art. There is no doubt that a countless amount of cardboard, plastic, and/or metal was sacrificed to the dark gods of cosplay to make this thing from start to completion.

And it was all worth it in the end. Everybody’s attention was focused on it, even if it wasn’t all that pleasant to move around in. Even if it weren’t for the way it lights up, the overall magnificence is what really sells it.

3. Nonon Jakuzure by MaySakaali

Nonon Jakuzure by MaySakaali

May Sakaali’s rendition of Nonon Jakuzure from Kill La Kill is one of the few that necessitates a full costume. The suit itself serves as an example of the overall color scheme. A good balance of pink and other hues is achieved in this design. Not to mention the intricate work on the skull on her hat, which completes the look of the anime’s little schemer.

However, the cosplayer sells it with her expression, as she did in the previous Evangelion entry. Her sly half-smile is a giveaway that she’s planning something sneaky.

4. Master Roshi by Caleb Noble

We first couldn’t locate Caleb Noble, but he contacted us and we’re delighted to give him the recognition he deserves. Many Dragon Ball Z fans have been brought delight by this cosplay. The Turtle Hermit was a hit at Anime Expo 2019, as he charmed everyone he met with his excellent interpretation of Master Roshi. Even though he took the time to make the costume perfect, he also brought his own dirty props to round off the look.

5. Genos and Saitama by Sly Kucing and Hara Takumi

Genos and Saitama by Sly Kucing and Hara Takumi

Do you think there was a need for a hero? Why not go for three? Cosplaying as both characters is made easier because to this double-decker of heroism. To begin, we have Genos, who comes fully equipped to cosplay as a Demon Cyborg. When it comes to constructing the robot’s arms and painting both of his eyes black for a photo shoot he’s particularly impressive.

Then there is Saitama. This is a far more modest ensemble than Genos’, yet it is no less magnificent for it. Wearing the mantle in full yellow tights and a white cape has never looked better. He has a serious-faced rendition of the character. It’s as if they leaped right out of the film and decided to devote their lives to being superheroes.

6. Dark Sakura by mussum

For several years now, the Fate series has swept the anime world. Light novels, video games, and anime have all been adapted from the original visual novel as part of the multi-media franchise. It’s amazing that Dark Sakura has taken this long to get an animated version, given how many different forms the series has taken over the years.

So long as cosplay like this continues, it was well worth the effort. The entire ensemble has a captivating quality that captivates onlookers. The admirer will no certainly be drawn into Dark Sakura’s deadly web by this tactic

7. Sasuke by KumaQi熊祁

Sasuke by KumaQi熊祁

Nothing will dissuade us from believing this is Sasuke despite our best efforts to dispel our misconceptions. In a way, it’s almost too beautiful to the point that you begin to question whether or not it’s all just an illusion.

The fact that this cosplayer looks exactly like Sasuke doesn’t hurt, either. Beyond that, though, the tiniest details do matter. Even the Uchiha Curse Mark Tattoothey placed on their shoulder adds to the authenticity of the cosplay.

8. Tsuyu by Mon夢

One of the best-loved froggy heroes. Anyone who sees this costume will be convinced that anyone can become a hero. It just takes a whole lot of cosplay know-how and probably a lot of time to make that dream come true.

A fantastic illustration of this is Mon! Asui is perfectly portrayed in her take on the role. Aside from the costume itself, the way she applies her eye makeup is a good indication of how much time and effort went into it. That’s not even considering how she made Tsuyu’s bizarre hair ribbon function.

9. The Elric Brother by Geazaki Cosplay and Khiimura Cosplay

The Elric Brother by Geazaki Cosplay and Khiimura Cosplay

Our beloved alchemist brothers come to life thanks to this awesome cosplay tag team. Geazaki Cosplay’s costume of Edward Elric probably cost them an arm and a leg to make, but bad jokes aside,they sell the costumes. We then have the Alphonse Elric depiction by Khiimura Cosplay that explains why people mistook him for FMA. He definitely has the right look for the job.

Because of their fraternal chemistry, this photo is a standout. As seen by the simple fist bump and Edward’s look, it is clear that they share a link that goes beyond alchemy. Each ready to take on anything together until the end of their journey.

10. Rachnera Arachnera by Maria-Claude Bourbonnais

This is a monster. Rachnera by Marie-Claude is head and shoulders above the competition. Look how small the Papi cosplayer appears in comparison to it. We’d imagine how much time and effort she put into making the costume if she didn’t detail it on her website.

Six entries on her website detail the process of creating Rachnera, a cosplay marvel that only lucky nerds will be able to see in person, much less construct. It’s hard not to wonder, looking at the massive fiberglass structure and the attractive lady atop it, if monster girls were genuine all along.