10 Best Anime Characters Mad That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime Characters Mad

Sometimes, transformations happen spontaneously but often anger can be a critical trigger that fires a scary aspect to some otherwise lovely characters.

Anime is one of the most innovative and adaptable genres of entertainment. It’s impressive to see how new anime programs continue to come out with original conceptions and discover fresh angles for their tales and characters. There are clearly anime hero cliches that audiences have started to notice, but it’s helped these characters grow and defy expectations over time.

Certain characters may initially appear superficial, but gradually expose their complexities or that they’re capable of more darker crimes. Sometimes these transitions happen organically, but often anger can be a critical trigger that fires a scary aspect to some otherwise likeable characters.

1. Katsuki Bakugo Has A Fiery Temper That Matches His Explosive Quirk

Katsuki Bakugo - My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia excels with how it juggles dozens of characters and figures out the ideal moments to give everyone critical moments to shine. Katsuki Bakugo is typically posed as a friendly adversary and contrast to Izuku Midoriya. Bakugo’s anger problems and pleasure for mayhem prompted the League of Villains to assume that they might be able to sway him to their side.

Katsuki has thoroughly shown himself as an essential hero and even a worthy One For All host. However, his temper still gets the best of him and throws the hero in a truly exploding frenzy.

2. Shigeo Kageyama Turns Off His Emotions To Prevent A Psychic Explosion

One of the primary theories underlying Mob Psycho 100 is that Shigeo Kageyama is an esper of inconceivable psychic strength, but he’s purposely closed himself off from emotional emotions to prevent a disastrous explosion of psychic power.

The anime focuses on the tense tension between Shigeo’s increasing emotional percentage and the chaos that could ensue if he hits 100%. When Shigeo’s friends and family are in danger, however, he loses control and unleashes the devastating might of his darker side.

3. Vash The Stampede Tries To Compress The Lifetimes Of Pain That He’s Seen

Vash the Stampede from Trigun

From the 1990s comes the powerful action series Trigun. It tells the story of a famed bounty hunter who, after a lifetime of violence, has become disgusted with the world and has turned to pacifism for solace. Vash the Stampede is an intriguing character, especially when he is compelled to use violence by vigilantes.

A self-inflicted wound for Vash is preferable to taking a life. As a result of his silly demeanor, many people underestimate Vash’s abilities. Because of this, the times when his principles are put into jeopardy bring forth a furious and menacing figure that is more weapon than man.

4. Fairy Tail’s Natsu Dragnell Isn’t Afraid To Let His Dark Side Take Over

Fairy Tail’s transformation of magic into a service industry for mages is a bit reflective in terms of fantasy archetypes and their role in the shonen genre. At the beginning of his guild mission, Natsu Dragneel has a lot to learn, but he develops into an admirable hero and leader over time.

A hard patch develops for Natsu in the second part of Fairy Tail: The Final Series, as he approaches dangerously near to causing harm. Natus’ emotions are stimulated as never before by Lucy, and it’s terrible to witness him spiral out of control.

5. Levi Ackerman Carries The Weight Of His Team On His Shoulders

Levi Ackerman-Attack on Titan

The anime series Attack on Titan does a great job of depicting how combat hardens young warriors. From the beginning, Levi Ackerman has always been a Scout member who appeared to be in charge.

During times of uncertainty, Levi inspires the Survey Corps with his calm temperament. During his fight with Kenny, Levi was just human and he snapped and unleashed a torrent of pure, unfettered aggression. When this great fighter goes into crazy mode, it is scary to see.

6. Murderous Rage Becomes Yuno Gasai’s Trademark In Future Diary

It’s almost as if Death Note was turned into a competitive reality show like Future Diary. Approximately a dozen people undergo a bizarre sort of training in order to become the world’s next great god. There are many ways in which the Future Diary holders try to hide their true motives.

When Yuki is endangered, Yuno Gasai goes from nice to violent in a matter of seconds. Yuno is one of the series’ most hazardous characters because of her fixation with Yuki and her inability to recognize boundaries. There aren’t many examples like her around when a foul mood leads to murder.

7. Durarara!!’s Shizuo Heiwajima Has The Explosive Anger Of The Hulk

Shizuo Heiwajima

Ikebukuro’s violent gangs and criminal underworld are the subject of Durararainvestigation. !’s While Durarara!! is full of strange characters and strange aesthetics, its world-building genuinely shines. A Hulk-like wrath makes Shizuo Heiwajima a useful abnormality in Durarara!!, although he appears normal in comparison to some of the crooks in the show.

While Shizuo is usually placid, he understands that unleashing his fury might be a much more valuable asset. Shizuo is prone to irrational outbursts, but he doesn’t dread them like some of the other people in this story do.

8. Rak Wraithraiser’s Rough Exterior Doesn’t Always Reflect His Attitude

To reach the top of the Tower of God, you’ll face an arduous journey that’s riddled with danger. Bam, the stories’ protagonist, is quickly befriended by Rak Wraithraiser. Rak appears to be a regular participant in gladiatorial contests based on his appearance.

That Rak is a charmer and a good observer and source of comic relief is a pleasant surprise. When Rak sees what’s going on in the Tower, he’s pushed to his breaking point. When Rak’s rage gets the better of him, he can be a one-man wrecking team on the battlefield.

9. Meliodas’ Anger Is A Ticking Time Bomb That Frightens Him


Taking cues from shonen and fantasy tropes, The Seven Deadly Sins centers on a band of disgraced warriors who are given a second shot at atonement. Meliodas is a typical kindhearted shonen protagonist in the anime, which offers characters that pander to various extremes.

Meliodas, on the other hand, is frightened by the possibility of Meliodas’ rage. Meliodas becomes a nuclear bomb when he loses control of his rage and unleashes it on a metropolis. In order to control and train Meliodas’s wrath, he devotes a significant amount of time and effort.

10. Vegeta Is A Simmering Prince With Unfathomable Rage

Vegeta’s transformation from evil to hero in Dragon Ball is possibly the best example of this. Although Vegeta takes on the role of Earth’s protector, his character remains mostly unchanged. The Saiyan Prince in Vegeta still has a brusque and disdainful demeanor that is very appropriate.

Vegeta has been driven to violent rages on numerous occasions when his honor or the honor of people close to him have been dishonored. In fact, due to Vegeta’s extreme rage, these outbursts are sometimes considered their own unofficial stage in the Super Saiyan transformation process.