Top 10 Blond Anime Characters Female That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Blond Anime Characters Female

Do not mistake me for the legendary WWE wrestler Vince McMahon. As a result, it’s safe to say that my preference for blondes is reasonable.

However, this doesn’t mean that anime doesn’t have any memorable and downright great blonde characters. There are a few I can appreciate from time to time.

The “helplessly dumb blonde” stereotype may apply to some.

However, some of the best break away from the norm with very distinct personalities. Also, I’ve compiled a list of the best anime blondes for your viewing pleasure; take a look at our order of preference below.

10. Misa Amane

Misa Amane from Death Note

Death Note: The Animated Series

At the height of the Death Note anime adaption, Misa Amane was the quintessential anime girl.

As far as my male pals were concerned, she was the one.

Then again, who can truly blame them?

From her haircut to her trademark stockings, her character design is god-tier. It’s a cosplayer’s fantasy.

Misa will always be a blessing in the lives of Death Note fans who have grown weary of the series (especially in light of the most recent episodes). Maybe Shinigami-send would be a better term.

9. Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon: The Anime Series

Sailor Moon’s Usagi Tsukino, along with Android 18 from the series, was a familiar figure on national television.

Usagi Tsukino and the other Sailor Guardians were well-known to the children (and their parents).

For many young people, she was a role model.

In my country, shipping Usagi and Goku wasn’t out of the question. Yes, Usagi and the Super Saiyan Goku are a team.

But she didn’t rely on him to be memorable.

The magical female transformation process was known by both girls and boys because of how influential she and Sailor Moon are.

8. Clare

Clare (Claymore)

Claymore: The Animated Series

I stumbled into Claymore, a show I had no prior knowledge of.

Just because I remembered seeing claymores in one of my online games, I decided to get it.

As a result, don’t be surprised if I end up watching this anime. It was more harsh and severe than the typical shounen that I watched as an adolescent would have you believe.

I adore how women predominate in this strange, gloomy universe.

Clare, the stubborn, awe-inspiring core of it all, is refreshing.

7. Riza Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series.

There’s no need for a lengthy introduction to Riza, a blonde anime girl from Japan.

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series that I hope everyone is familiar with.

Yes, millions of people are aware of her merits as a nominee.

Additionally to her well-known badassery, Riza is a cool-headed woman with a taste in dry humor. However, you aren’t as frequently exposed to it.

I think she’s one of the coolest women in fiction, animated or not.

When it comes to being an awesome blonde lady, she doesn’t need to carry a weapon! (although she looks admittedly fierce with a sniper rifle or two handguns).

6. Saber

Obligatory Saber Part (Fate Series)

Fate/stay night is an anime.

Saber, like Shinobu, has the ability to change her appearance at will.

However, the massive FSN series includes not just classic Saber but also Saber Alter and Saber Lily.

She reminds me of a more mature Asuna from the Super Smash Bros. series.

When she’s relaxing with Shirou Emiya, she transforms from valiant warrior to adorable girlfriend (again, no spoilers).

With Ufotable’s well-known abilities, I’ve seen so many sakuga instances of Saber.

During Unlimited Blade Works, in particular.

5. Eriri Spencer Sawamura

How to Raise an Uninteresting Girlfriend (Saekano)

So why am I placing Eriri over the likes of Saber, Riza, and Shinobu? I know what you’re thinking.

But keep in mind that this is my ranking, and Eriri has been a long-time favorite of mine.

Despite the fact that I was initially unimpressed with her.

She appeared to be a typical childhood buddy who would never rise in the ranks of the harem.

After that, we developed a deeper bond. She is a doujinshi artist.

My attention was immediately drawn to her beautiful blonde hair adorned with ribbons, as well as her light blue eyes and little fangs.

Even still, I think Eriri Spencer looks best in her glasses and green tracksuit when she’s relaxing at home.

I’d love to get my hands on a figurine with that face (since overseas shipping is expensive).

4. Anzu

Anzu Hinamatsuri,

Hinamatsuri, the anime

In 2018, Hinamatsuri became one of my unexpected favorite films.

Yes, the chemistry between Hina and Hitomi is entertaining and worth watching. Anzu, on the other hand, is the character that made this series stick in my mind for so long.

Like Hina, Anzu began as a brash, self-centered superhuman child. However, her arc was flawless.

She became a symbol of the challenges faced by many Japanese people who have no place to call home and must rely on each other for survival.

When I saw Hina’s idleness, I got irritated since Anzu had been impoverished and alone.

That wasn’t the only time she had a moment of brilliance.

To her credit, she demonstrated to her audience that even if you’re not related by blood, you can still be considered a member of a close-knit group.

3. Kaori Miyazano

Anime: April’s Lies:

Kaori has become a meme in recent years. However, when Your Life in April was still on the air, it was a very different period.

A well-animated drama with musical prodigies from A-1 Pictures surprised everyone.

The finale of the series didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. But Kaori, Kousei, Tsubaki, and Ryouta’s journey is something I appreciate.

Kaori’s tenacity and enthusiasm were contagious, and we can all benefit from her example.

It would be an understatement to say that Kaori is full of life and passion.

2. Tanya von Degurechaff

Tanya Von Degurechaff

Manga: The Tanya the Evil Saga

The Saga of Tanya the Evil’s film adaptation didn’t have to be as good as it was. As NUT’s first project, it exceeded expectations in every way.

Do you think it’s acceptable for Tanya to be considered blonde even though she was a salaryman?


I had no idea the anime industry required a nasty youngster capable of wreaking havoc during a time of war.

Despite her psychopathic tendencies, there are times when she is endearing.

Tanya is a one-of-a-kind blond anime girl who stands out from the crowd.

1. Violet Evergarden

A few times I’ve seen Violet Evergarden and I can’t wait for the film to come out.

Her status as the best blonde girl in anime grows stronger with each viewing. She’s the best.

As soon as Kyoto Animation published the teaser trailer, I already knew that I was in for a roller coaster trip.

Violet’s design is flawless, and the show’s jaw-dropping animation by KyoAni completes the package.

She shares many of the qualities I admire in my prior choices. It doesn’t take a genius to read a thousand words into a face like Violet’s.

I’ve been moved by her story, which has brought me to tears, joy, elation, wrath, and all the other human emotions.

Anime’s Violet Evergarden is a treasure, and so is its protagonist.