10 Best What If comics That You Should Reading Update 06/2024

Best What If comics

Comic book fans like to think about how their favorite heroes and their lives might have turned out if they had done things a different way. Since 1977, Marvel has been publishing a series called “What If…?” that imagines what would happen if well-known characters were put in new situations.

What If…? is getting more attention because of the new animated series that Disney+ is going to be making. It might even pique the interest of new readers. It’s a lot to choose from, because there are hundreds of scenarios. Some of them are decades old, but they’re still good.

1. The Fantastic Four Have No Powers

The Fantastic Four Have No Powers

Marvel has shown over and over again that superheroes don’t need special powers to do great things. The Fantastic Four and other well-known characters, on the other hand, all have powers. It shows how their lives could have been very different if they hadn’t gone on the space mission that changed everything.

They would be able to build a big business and set up an intergalactic research center. Even more important, they would be able to defeat a monster from space with their brains, not their powers. There is only one family that could do this.

2. Phoenix Didn’t Pass Away

Many people were shocked when Jean Gray died. Jean’s X-Men also were shocked. But, if you think about what might have happened if Phoenix hadn’t died, it’s probably for the best.

What if Jean loses her power in this What If? scenario? She loses control of herself and starts to hurt people. The first thing that she does is kill Kitty Pryde. That’s just the start. Jean died to protect those who were close to her from more harm, so one could say that her death was not in vain.

3. Elektra Survives

Elektra Survives

Phoenix might be able to stay alive, but Elektra’s survival would have a positive effect on the Marvel universe. When she died, Matt Murdock was very sad. As this story says, Elektra and Daredevil would have been much happier if Elektra had been able to live. They would have left New York and started a new life somewhere else, not in New York.

In the comic, Elektra was shown for the first time that she was a good person at heart. Her boss, the Kingpin, told her to kill Foggy Nelson. She didn’t do it, so she had to run away. A hero who doesn’t care very much about other people would not do things like this.

4. Venom And Punisher Make A Duo

Because Venom is linked to Spider-Man or Flash Thompson (who even joined the Guardians of The Galaxy with a symbiote!), he is the most well-known. It’s also interesting to think about what would happen if Venom joined Frank Castle, better known as the Punisher.

Because Venom is controlled by Punisher, it would all work out for the best. Punisher would use Venom to fight criminals and corrupt people even better than before. When the two morally gray characters were put together, it was a great idea. The book is a lot of fun to read!

5. Spider-Man Doesn’t Fight Crime

Spider-Man Doesn't Fight Crime

With great power comes great responsibility, as Spider-Man and all of his fans will be able to tell you. But before he became a superhero, Peter Parker just wanted to make money by using his new powers to fight in a ring and make some money. As soon as his uncle died, he learned what he had to do to become better.

Here, Spider-life Man’s is very different. Not only does he not fight crime, but he also decides to become a star instead of. When Spider-Man gets a lot of attention, he lets that make him forget about his duties. This isn’t a surprise. All Spider-Man fans should read the story because it shows a different side of him.

6. Gwen Stacy Survives

If Elektra had not died, the comics might have thought about what would have happened if an important person had not died. His first true love, Gwen Stacy, died and changed everything.

A lot more happy: If Gwen had been alive, Peter would have been a better person, but he also would have been on the run. As time went on, his secret identity would become known. They tried to arrest him at his wedding. Because Peter and Mary Jane fans would be without their favorite couple.

7. Spider-Man No More

Spider-Man No More

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, and it has changed his life for good. If the spider had bit someone else, things could have been very different. In this scenario, we thought about what would happen if the spider powers went to Flash Thompson or Betty Brant and not to Spider-Man.

It showed that not everyone would be able to do it. Betty didn’t want to accept Flash’s powers because she couldn’t deal with them. The story shows that Peter Parker isn’t just special because of his powers. He’s unique in many other ways, too.

8. Worst: Namor Grows Up On Land

Well, this story has a good idea. Some people think the execution isn’t very good, but two words can sum it up: underwater soldiers who are very bad at what they do. During this story, we see that Prince Namor of Atlantis was raised on land by his human father, who was a fisherman. However, because Namor isn’t in the right place in Atlantis, the soldiers can take over the ocean kingdom because they don’t have him.

They use Atlantis as a base from which to rule the world. With other heroes, Namor fights against the Nazis in World War II, but it doesn’t go very well because he doesn’t have the resources of Atlantis to back him up.

9. Best: The Avengers Become Pawns Of Korvac

Best The Avengers Become Pawns Of Korvac

One of the most difficult things the Avengers had to do was fight a being called Korvac. Korvac was added to a special extraterrestrial computer that could get energy from any source, even the Power Cosmic. First, he was only defeated when he was hurt by betrayed love and gave up on his quest for power. This is how he first lost.

In this story, Korvac never feels betrayed, wins the girl, and is inspired to achieve his “noble” goals, which he sees as the best way to change the world as he sees fit. Powerful at this point, he stops the Gods from interfering, banished all of the powerful heroes, and tried to get rid of the Watcher. This is how it works: The Watcher tries one last time to get together a last-ditch plan to stop Korvac. Korvac, on the other hand, uses the Ultimate Nullifier and pretty much wipes out the entire universe. Sad.

10. Worst: The Reader Is Spider-man

It’s one of the more amusing What If? stories that people have told. It’s still a good joke, though. The story asks the reader to play Spider-Man. Spider-face man’s is covered with a picture of the reader at the start of the story.

On the cover, Spider-most Man’s baddies are laughing over your grave. This answers the title question without you even having to read the story. As Spider-Man, what would you do? A lot of people think you would be a bad superhero, and so they’d get rid of you quickly.