14 Best Serial Killer Movies On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Best Serial Killer Movies On Netflix

The movies about serial killers are fascinating to say the very least. Not only because of the topic matter but also because of how popular they are, even though they’re virtually always vile. We all have a deep, dark void within of us, and I believe that these products can help fill it. Because we’re not “them,” it gives us a sense of relief and satisfaction. Serial killers have always been a mystery to humanity. Innocent individuals are killed for no apparent reason. That’s why we’re so interested in it.

So if you’re on the market for some amazing “serial killer flicks,” Netflix is your best bet, with a selection of both good and poor offerings. But don’t worry! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve whittled down a long list to just a few of the best serial killer flicks from the ever-expanding collection. The genre never fails to astonish with its fascinating plots and curiously mysterious characters, from regular men to seasoned manhunters. Here is a list of the best Netflix serial killer movies currently streaming:

14. I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’ stars a teenage boy who believes he has a ‘active serial killer’ inside of him as the lead character. Born into a mortician family, John was raised to be a cold-blooded killer from an early age. There are rules and checks in place to keep him from engaging in criminal activity. Because of his risky behavior, John is able to become an amateur detective in his hometown when a serial killer begins stalking the area, thus becoming an accidental detective. “I am Not a Serial Killer,” a show that takes its cues from shows like “Dexter,” is sure to quench our neuron synapses’ thirst for blood.

13. All Good Things (2010)

The film’s portentous nature justifies its inclusion in the ‘Serial Killer’ subgenre. Ryan Gosling plays an unnerving figure in “All Good Things,” a film set in the world of the insanely wealthy, lecherously manipulating, and deviously sinister. Robert. A. Durst, the son of a wealthy real estate agent from New York City, is the subject of the film, which follows the strange encounters individuals have with him, including two mysterious disappearances and a murder that never gets solved. One of the best parts of the film is Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of the troubled obedient son.

12. Creep 2 (2017)

Creep 2 (2017)

In the cult found-footage thriller, there’s more crazy to show off. In ‘Creep 2,’ Mark Duplass reprises his role as ‘Aaron,’ a serial killer who freely admits his crimes. For 24 hours, Aaron hires a cinematographer to shoot him, playing on her with pre-murder games and scares, making each moment more suspenseful than the last. To produce ‘Creep 2’, filmmakers Blumhouse Pictures have worked on ‘Insidious’ and “Paranormal Activity.”

11. Righteous Kill (2008)

One would expect a lot of action, tension, and thrills from the pairing of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in this gritty criminal drama. Poetry Boy” is the term given to a killer who leaves poetry in the wake of murdering his victims in “Righteous Kill.” Poetry boy’s murder victims are mostly convicts and criminals, which makes him a vigilante in addition to a poet. In the end, there is a huge twist that I cannot tell, and the so-called “righteousness” is aptly justified. If you’re expecting something suspenseful out of this film’s title, you may be disappointed to learn that it’s actually rather predictable. Negative reviews for ‘Righteous Kill’ were met with criticism from critics who called it “stupid” and “overly generic,” respectively.

10. The Factory (2012)

On the case of a murdered prostitute whose body was sliced up and preserved in the freezer, Mike Fletcher (John Cusack) feverishly investigates. While Mike is searching for the killer he believes kidnapped his daughter’s boyfriend, he finds himself in the middle of a custody battle with his daughter’s teen boyfriend. After Mike and the serial murderer are placed against each other in the frigid streets of New York City, an aggressive inquiry into the disappearance of Mike’s daughter begins. In spite of its familiarity, the concept nonetheless manages to captivate those looking for a gripping criminal drama in which the steps of a man are not always easy to follow.

9. Thorne: Scaredycat (2010)

Thorne Scaredycat (2010)

Even if its title might be a bit of a mouthful, “Thorne: Scaredycat” is a gripping criminal thriller set in the UK. One of Detective Inspector Tom Thorne’s most recent cases involves two ladies who were assassinated in very different ways, reportedly hours apart, and who were apparently murdered together. It is Thorne’s belief that the two deaths are somehow connected to the serial murders that occurred a few months ago and are the work of a well-known serial murderer. ‘Thorne: Scaredycat’ is just one of many examples of DI Thorne’s brilliance and grit.

8. Hush (2016)

The thought of living in your summer home alone, with no one to annoy you, makes you feel like a hero. ‘Hush’, Netflix’s original, has a tale that will have your senses heightened, your hearing sharpened, and your desire for solitude broken. Cliche thriller: The main character is alone in a large mansion and visited by a stranger, who plays with her worries for the sake of pleasure. ‘Hush’ falls into this category. …Well, there’s one more thing… This team’s leader is completely deaf! Yes, can you feel the shivers creeping up your spine yet? To get the full experience, you should watch it right now on Netflix (if it hasn’t already passed midnight).

7. Basic Instinct (1992)

Basic Instinct (1992)

In your opinion, what is the most sensuous pose that has become a worldwide emblem of sexuality? Sharon Stone’s legs from ‘Basic Instinct’ might be a good place to start. Iconic actress Jacqueline Stone shines as a manipulative author whose characters she must kill (literally). Irresistible feminine appeal and unwavering charisma make her a veritable ‘kryptonite for men’.

6. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ introduces us to a family unable to come to terms with the disappearance of a long-lost member decades ago, leading us to a mystery-driven tale. The plot revolves around a journalist and a tomboy researcher who must deal with a terrible secret and each other at the same time. The acting of Rooney Mara in the film is outstanding. As a tattooed and slim girl, she prefers to keep her private life a secret. In response to popular demand, the first of three books in the series has been made into a film.

5. Saw (2004)

Saw (2004)

When it comes to horror, James Van is a household name. For his work on slasher films like ‘The Conjuring,’ Van is now better known than ever. At the beginning of his career, the “Saw” series brought him back to the attention of his early admirers. Convoluted and intriguing, this series topped the charts for its engrossing narrative approach. ‘Saw’ is a film about normal individuals who find themselves in the clutches of a fragile elderly man who calls himself ‘Jigsaw’. Shockingly, Jigsaw’s macabre games include hiding the key to the victim’s handcuffs under their eyeball socket and requiring them to find the same before the timer runs out. All of ‘Saw’s’ sequels were well-received by its worldwide audience. Saw’s status as a ‘B-Grade Horror Flick’-busting franchise made it stand out from the rest of the ‘horror’ genre.

4. The Bone Collector (1999)

She is nurtured by an odd mentor who is bedridden, who shows her the latent confidence she never knew she had. Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington), a paraplegic and bedridden former forensics specialist, concludes that a serial killer is on the loose after the city is shaken by a series of mysterious disappearances. A dark and gruesome plot, with Angelina Jolie’s young police officer (Rhyme) developing a crush on him, ensues, culminating in the most unexpected conclusion.

3. Seven (1995)

Seven (1995)

When it comes to the creepiest manhunters ever, David Fincher is an expert. In Netflix’s darkest regions, you’ll find one of his greatest works. Check out ‘Seven’ if you haven’t already done so. It’s Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in the lead roles, but director David Fincher builds up suspense with an eerie depiction of a serial killer for much of the first half of the film. Then, as Kevin Spacey appears in his blood-smeared shirt outside the police station, the audience is taken by surprise. After that, the murderer plays a horrific torture game in which he entertains himself by enlisting the help of one of the detectives.

2. I Saw The Devil (2010)

It would be great to call this film “a serial killer/worst rapist’s nightmare” in layman’s terms. One of those stories that, for the first time, makes you feel sorry for the villain despite the fact that he got himself into trouble for messing with the wrong man. ‘I Saw the Devil’ tells the story of a man’s ferocious pursuit of the murderer of his wife. Clich√©! Even if this film isn’t your cup of tea, it would be wrong to evaluate it without seeing it. Not pompous, but a brutal and remorseless plot that doesn’t wait for the audience to comprehend it is what I Saw the Devil is about. As the plot progresses towards an avalanche of violence, the boundary between vengeance and forgiveness gets increasingly blurred, ultimately transcending the age-old assumption that a story must have a hero and villain no matter what.

1. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Doctor Hannibal Lecter’s peripheral characteristic weapons are the horrific mouth mask, the stare that can strip you naked, and the words that persuade suicides. Having a taste for human flesh, Hannibal Lecter approaches Clarice (Jodie Foster), a young detective, as he advances on her with his psychological tentacles, forming an unbreakable link between them. To track down ‘Buffalo Bill’ (a serial killer on the run), Clarice employs Hannibal’s expertise, and as the tense conclusion draws closer, further shocks await us from Hannibal himself! Let yourself enjoy Antony Hopkins’ portrayal of the sleazy serial killer, because you’re not the only one who feels the same way!