10 Best Nicolas Cage Movies That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Nicolas Cage Movies

In the last decade, Nicolas Cage has made a lot of interesting films, but only a few of them are worth adding to his impressive filmography.

It’s been about 2011 since most of Nicolas Cage’s work has been relegated to Direct-to-Video releases. It’s not uncommon for him to release multiple films each year, but most of them aren’t worth the cost of renting or paying for admission to the theater.

In spite of this, Cage has managed to star in several underappreciated and underappreciated films during this period. In the midst of the actor’s near-weekly Redbox releases, it’s easy to overlook these films.

1. Dog Eat Dog (2016) – 4.7

Dog Eat Dog (2016)

These two ex-cons, played by Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, are hired by a mob boss to perform a specific task: kidnapping the baby of a rival boss and extorting his father. Sadly, it’s possible that neither of them will make it to the end.

Dog Eat Dog is one of only two recent Cage films that is truly difficult to watch. For reasons that have nothing to do with what’s being shown on screen. In spite of the film’s grim subject matter and sluggish pace, it is visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

2. The Trust (2016) – 5.4

The Trust has one of Nicolas Cage’s most memorable quotes. That movie where Nicolas Cage grabs Elijah Wood by the collar and screams, “Open it!” repeatedly. As he speaks, the intensity of his line readings increases.

Cage and Wood portray corrupt cops in the evidence room of the department in the film. When they learn that a drug money vault has been discovered, they decide to swoop in and get their hands on it.

3. Running With The Devil (2019) – 5.4

Running With The Devil (2019)

Potential and a stellar cast made Running with the Devil one of the best movies of the year (Cage, Laurence Fishburne, Leslie Bibb, Barry Pepper, Clifton Collins Jr., Adam Goldberg, Natalia Reyes). As a result, the film was viewed as having little to offer the criminal thriller subgenre in general.

It’s a raunchy, sexy film that frequently veers into a dark place. The film’s direct-to-video home, as well as the cast’s acting prowess, aren’t in sync with the script, but fans of the actors might give it a try.

4.  Mom And Dad (2017) – 5.5

In Mom and Dad, which premiered in 2017, Nicolas Cage found a safe haven for his acting where the films were both inventive and at least a little solid.

The low-budget horror film is a safe haven in this world (sometimes with a splash of comedy for good measure).

When a mass hysteria sweeps the country, a teenage girl is forced to protect her younger brother from their own parents (Cage and Selma Blair), who take their own lives as a result. When it comes to budgetary constraints, this is a novel idea that makes the most of it (mostly). Unhinged Cage performances will thrive in this vehicle.

5. Willy’s Wonderland (2021) – 5.5

Willy's Wonderland (2021)

Willy’s Wonderland is a memorable horror film starring Nicolas Cage.

For the most part, the film succeeds due of Cage’s utter lack of language.

For the price of getting his automobile repaired, the Janitor is hired to clean up a Chuck-E-Cheese-like establishment over the course of a single night. As a result, there was an all-out carnage at the facility’s animatronic fluffy companions.

6. Color Out Of Space (2019) – 6.2

One of the best Lovecraft adaptations ever, Color Out of Space, comes from RLJE Films (also responsible for Mandy). The Lovecraft stories are notoriously difficult to adapt to the screen, but Nicolas Cage’s picture masterfully employs vivid purple hues to suggest the presence of a sinister force.

Despite the fact that Cage gets to indulge in some late-period Cage excess, this is a film whose visual ambiance serves as its strongest selling point. In addition, a picture starring Nicolas Cage and Tommy Chongandis, both of whom have received good reviews, is one worth seeing.

7. The Frozen Ground (2013) – 6.4

The Frozen Ground (2013)

The Frozen Ground is one of Cage’s more realistic films of the last decade, and it’s a true-crime drama chock-full of trivia. Cage’s performance as state trooper Jack Halcombe is the best element of the picture (along with the magnificent Anchorage-based photography).

Robert Hansen is the target of Halcombe’s investigation (Con Airco-star John Cusack, who also has been relegated to the same direct-to-video terrain). As the kidnapped Cindy Paulson, Vanessa Hudgens turns in a memorable performance.

8. Mandy (2018) – 6.6

One half of a couple living in solitude is played by Cage inMandy. Red Miller (Cage) goes all-out for vengeance in order to reclaim his beloved Mandy from the clutches of the biker hippy cult that has been terrorizing them (Andrea Riseborough, delivering an excellent performance).

Mandy is a treat to see since it displays Cage at his most erratic. When he’s screaming with rage in his bathroom, covered in blood and flinging his fists around carelessly, it’s one of Nicolas Cage’s funniest movie moments, but it can also be deep and serious.

9. Pig (2021) – 6.9

Pig (2021)

When Cage’s prized truffle-finding pig is stolen, he portrays an Oregon truffle hunter in Pig. In accordance with his recent string of quiet performances, this is the actor’s best one yet. Pig includes what must be Cage’s most impressive display in nearly two decades.

The relationship between Nicolas Cage’s Robin Feld and Alex Wolff’s Amir occupies the majority of the film’s running duration. The two actors have a great chemistry on screen, which adds depth to their characters and convinces the audience that their professional partnership is not only real, but also beneficial to both of them in ways they could never have imagined at the outset.

10. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) – 8.4

“Spider-Man:Into The Spider-Verse” has been Cage’s most well-received and renowned film endeavor in the last decade (by a substantial margin).

The Amazing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was both a critical and commercial success, and a great time at the cinema.

Spider-Man Noir may or may not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s not out of the question. This great animated story may have been a stealthy way into a true Spider-Verse. Whatever the case may be, the prospect of seeing Nicolas Cage in a Marvel film is tantalizing.