10 Best Morgan Freeman Movies That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Morgan Freeman Movies

Morgan Freeman is a well-known actor thanks to his numerous memorable roles. On Rotten Tomatoes, here are the top ten of his films.

As a Hollywood actor, Morgan Freeman is one of its most prolific stars. He has worked on a variety of projects that have earned him a well-respected figure in the industry and a household name around the world.

We can use Rotten Tomatoes to evaluate any actor’s career. If you’ve ever wanted to see what IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes think of Morgan Freeman’s finest and worst films, this is the place to do it. Ten of his biggest hits have been compiled here.

1. MILLION DOLLAR BABY (2004): 91%


Clint Eastwood, who wrote and directed the star-studded Million Dollar Baby, proves that he is a talented filmmaker in this film. Throughout the film, Morgan plays an important part in helping the young Maggie achieve her goals.

Maggie’s father and daughter are reunited for the first time in a long time, as Maggie needs a boxing coach. An exceptional athlete is shown to realize her full potential in a journey depicted in the film. Rotten Tomatoes gave the picture a 91% rating.

2. GLORY (1989): 93%

When the American Civil War was over, the gallantry of African-American soldiers was mostly overlooked. As a result of systemic prejudice, their story has gone untold and they haven’t received the credit they deserve.

Freeman stars alongside Denzel Washington as one of the gallant warriors in question. Freeman’s most inspirational film, it received a 93 percent fresh rating and a position in the annals of cinematic history.

3. MARCH OF THE PENGUINS (2005): 94%


An amazing documentary on wildlife in its natural habitat is made every now and then by a production company. Aside from Disney Wildlife, Warner Bros. has also put out nature documentaries.

March of the Penguins is a documentary that takes viewers on a journey through these bleak frozen landscapes. This 94 percent rated picture has a good narrative and Morgan Freeman gives his tones to it.

 4. GONE BABY GONE (2007): 94%

Ben Affleck’s acting and directing careers have had their share of successes and failures.

Argo is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Affleck’s filmmaking prowess, thanks in large part to the stellar work of the whole cast, including Affleck himself. Gone Baby Gone, on the other hand, is a commendable effort.

Morgan, who played Jack Doyle in the Batman films, plays a major role in the picture, which is directed by the former Batman. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 94% fresh rating, making it one of the best-reviewed thrillers of the year.

5. THE DARK KNIGHT (2008): 94%


Rotten Tomatoes lists The Dark Knight as one of the best superhero films of all time, but the site also includes some other standouts. Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance enhanced director Christopher Nolan’s vision for the movie.

However, there is plenty of opportunity for supporting roles for some of the more established actors in the film. In every moment he appears in, Freeman’s Lucius Fox is written as if he sprang directly out of the comics. This item received an excellent 94 percent rating from the panelists.

 6. UNFORGIVEN (1992): 96%

When Clint Eastwood returns as director, he is reinventing the western genre that made him famous. He’s teamed up with Morgan Freeman once again, a talent who has elevated every film he has appeared in.

When it came to Westerns, the Oscar-winning film stripped away most of the Hollywood glitz and replaced it with the raw grit that viewers were used to in the genre’s early days. As Ned Logan, Freeman makes a significant contribution to the film’s 96 percent score.

 7. THE LEGO MOVIE (2014): 96%


Every aspect of this acclaimed animated animation about children’s love of toy bricks is perfect. As impressive as the film’s director and co-writer Lord and Miller are, they pale in comparison to the mini-figures.

In addition to Chris Pratt and Jonah Hill and Elizabeth Banks and Channing Tatum and Will Ferrell and Allison Brie and Nick Offerman and Liam Neeson and Cobie Smulders, there is a cast that is brimming with talent. In addition to Freeman’s Vitruvius, the movie is as good as its 96% rating suggests.

8. BORN TO BE WILD (2011): 98%

Warner Bros. has released yet another nature documentary, this time with Morgan Freeman lending his voice to the narration, and we have to agree the video is better for it.

Animals such as Orangutans and Elephants are featured in Born to be Wild, which follows them in their natural habitats. Filmgoers and critics alike were impressed by the film’s heartfelt plot, which earned it a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

9. THE C WORD (2015): 100%

THE C WORD (2015)

Morgan Freeman’s voice lends itself perfectly to these narrating roles in which he tells the story of someone else. He’s a talented actor, but there’s something about the way he speaks and the topics he discusses that makes you want to listen to him.

In the film, the c word is, of course, cancer, and it follows a group of people who have battled the disease. Heartbreaking, inspiring and of course deserving of the 100% rating it has despite never being declared fresh.


Despite the success of the first March of the Penguins, the studio decided to follow up with a sequel. The penguins in question have captivated audiences all around the world with their adorable antics.

It was Morgan Freeman’s decision to narrate this universe again that convinced him to revisit this project. On RT, the film received a 100 percent approval rating, making it even better than the first!