10 Best Malayalam Movies On Amazon Prime Update 07/2024

Best Malayalam Movies On Amazon Prime

Regional films have received a boost from the pandemic’s exponential surge in streaming platforms. Consumption of content has risen exponentially and has reached new highs in the past several years. Despite the fact that regional cinema always had a large audience, the tragic times have increased its penetration. Innovation in storytelling and character explication have helped the South’s films achieve popularity. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a slew of high-quality Malayalam films, a tribute to the growing influence of independent filmmakers. A new generation of filmmakers, such as Liju Jose Pellissery and Jeethu Joseph, is constantly raising the bar and providing spectators with emotionally draining experiences. Some of the best Indian films of recent years can be found on the streaming services.

For those who don’t know Malayalam, subtitles aren’t an issue because the platforms also provide dubbed audios in Hindi and English. All of this has motivated us to compile a list of the finest Malayalam movies to watch on Prime Video. Without sacrificing quality, the selections have been broadened to accommodate everyone’s preferences. In the comments, don’t be afraid to mention other people. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

10. Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020)

Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020)

The ego and its effects on men are well-documented in ancient Hindu scriptures. There is only one outcome for those who are enslaved to it, according to the old teachings: death. It is about two men who allow their egos dominate their actions and proceed to make sure the other person is destroyed in ‘Ayappanum Koshiyum’ (i.e., Ayyappapan Nair and Koshy). These two people share more than just personality traits; they have horrible pasts that are still hidden someplace deep inside.

The world is seeing an epic struggle fueled by patriarchal ideals about masculinity and the purpose of manhood as they collide (much like the Ayyapan and Koshiyam of Hollywood some weeks from now). On the one hand, Koshy has a hard time dealing with his father’s perceived inadequacy. As youngsters, powerful individuals of authority often encourage us to become more like them and prove ourselves, resulting in a perpetual condition of uneasiness. In contrast, we’re told that Ayyapan is a confirmed alpha, as evidenced by his history of violence for righteous causes. In light of the betrayal of his trust, he reassesses his standards of morality and teaches Koshy a lesson.

If you’re looking for something that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end, you’ll find it in Ayyappanum Koshiyum. Our society’s ills are symbolized by the terrifying Prithviraj and Biju pair.

9. Virus (2019)

As a global pandemic ravages the world, the makers of ‘Virus’ bring the audience back to Kerala, where a different but equally important battle is taking place. Nipah virus epidemic in 2018 astonished and surprised the state. “Virus” depicts those anxious days from the first indexed case until its end, and depicts both medical professionals’ and government officials’ and the public’s efforts in an attempt to limit the epidemic.

As the primary story progresses, numerous characters’ stories of losing loved ones are linked. Aashiq Abu’s simplicity ensures that the affairs of the general public are understandable. His ability to connect with his audience is based on the strength of the human spirit, which is fueled by empathy. It is a compelling and moving tale, and a timely reminder that united we can overcome the impossible and accomplish the impossible.’ ‘

8. Trance (2020)

Trance (2020)

“Trance” stars Fahadh Faasil as Viju, a poor motivational speaker who lives with his sad brother in Kanyakumari and struggles to overcome his personal demons. Kunju. As a result of his suicidal tendencies and excessive dependence on drugs, Viju is always on the lookout. The fan that his mother used to hang Kunju is the same one that he found Kunju hanging from a few years ago. Viju moves to Mumbai and meets an old friend, who refers him to a job. When he accepts the doomed deal, he has no idea what he’s actually giving up.

‘Trance’ examines a wide range of topics, including substance misuse, mental disease, and the spread of bogus spiritualism in modern society. It is an indictment of men who try to play God and commercialize the faith of forlorn people who live in poverty and luxury. This album has no life without Faasil’s central act. It’s amazing how quickly he can transform from the laid-back and jovial Viju into the jaded and uninterested Joshua. Viju’s voyage to oblivion and a place where he loses himself ebbs and flows throughout the film. After watching ‘Trance,’ you will be moved to tears by the banality and ease with which a damaged man falls into depression and is further isolated by greedy businesses who never hesitate to make a quick buck at any cost.

7. C U Soon (2020)

‘Searching’ was a huge hit when it came out. An entirely digital cinema genre was born out of the success of this picture. Since then, there has been a steady stream of comparable films, and the virus has spread to Indian cinema as well. Due of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, ‘C U Soon’ was conceived. A dating app friendship between Jimmy Kurien and Anu Sebastian is the focus of the film, which was written and directed by Mahesh Narayanan. The two fall in love and are married as a result of their initial flirtation. Although at first it appears to be a harmless cliche, Anu’s rigorous upbringing is a macabre occurrence that puts her life at jeopardy. Kevin and Jimmy are played by Fahadh Faasil and Roshan Mathew, respectively, while Anu is played by Darshana Rajendran. The tense plot doesn’t waste any time. In addition to creating a picture with an ideal runtime, the film’s sharp editing keeps new developments in the story exciting.

A social commentary on human trafficking by ‘C U Soon’ reveals the horror and agony that many young girls are subjected to nowadays. They’re vulnerable to vultures like Joseph since they don’t have any familiar faces or sources of support. The scene in which Kevin retells Anu’s conversations with her sister is a standout. With a unique blend of social commentary and deft narrative, “C U Soon” opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Indian cinema.

6. Unda (2019)

Unda (2019)

Malayalam’s word for “bullet” is ‘Unda’. After reading a newspaper article about a state government in Chattisgarh making the inconceivable mistake of not arming a police unit in a Maoist-infected area in time for elections, the filmmakers got the idea to make the movie. As with “Newton,” although from a different angle, this film looks at similar concerns.

Mani (Mammootty), a SI who leads the unit, is the star of the show. Our administrative structure and the casual manner in which public duty is disbursed are both on full display in ‘Unda,’ who is politically informed and critical of both. The film touches with a wide range of social topics, all of which are handled with care. This film, for the most part, reflects the odd reality of its source and raises important questions about our democracy that deserve the full attention of those who are affected by its ramifications.

5. Drishyam 2 (2021)

Officer Thomas quips, “I feel this is the beginning of something,” with roughly 18 minutes left. And he’s on the money, to be sure. Drishyam 2 is worth its weight in gold, despite the fact that it takes its time to explain Georgekutty’s remarkable escape from the clutches of Drishyam. ‘Drishyam 2’ takes place six years after the events of ‘Drishyam,’ in the same universe. He went from a small-time cable repairman to a movie theater owner and producer alongside a well-known scriptwriter. Georgekutty. After the events of that night, his family is still reeling from the weight of what happened. In the shadows, IG Thomas Bastin’s “personal mission” to bring down Georgekutty is still being carried out by the police, who now have local support. Georgekutty is already five steps ahead of the rest of them.

‘Drishyam 2’ brings in a modest but crucial number of new players. They all come together fractiously for the story’s benefit. Director Joseph has a high degree of dishonesty. There are certain leads that appear to be leads, but they aren’t; some details are more significant than they appear to be. The pieces of Joseph’s omniscient puzzle are scattered throughout the duration. It takes a while to get going, especially in the first hour. Even though it doesn’t have the panache of its legendary forefather, the novel is well-crafted and deals with serious issues of crime, punishment and atonement.

4. Helen (2019)

Helen (2019)

It’s uncommon to find a survival drama that successfully balances suspense and character development. Most of the time, the plot’s momentum and focus turn to a survival story in its full force. When it comes to overcoming adversity, film-makers tend to follow the formula of the genre and bring in new components. For her role as “Helen,” I’ve written an unusual script that goes against the grain. Director Mathukutty Xavier (in his debut) establishes the scope of Helen’s interpersonal ties and the foundation of her character from the very first scene. Her encounters with Xavier are described in depth, and he defines her abilities and destiny, which will ultimately save her. Because of the attention to detail, the story takes on a life of its own as it unfolds.

Thematically, the picture is well-woven. Because of the synergy between the two actors and their in-depth knowledge of their characters, Helen’s relationship with her father is at the heart of the story. This time around, Aju Varghese is a prominent performer and plays an entirely different part than in his prior flicks, despite a short-lived tenure. ‘Helen,’ despite its genre’s predictability, establishes its superiority with a well-crafted story and engaging performances that go above and beyond.

3. Ee. Ma. Yau. (2018)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are known as Eesho Mariyam Yauseppe/Ee. Ma Yau in the English language. One son’s (Eeshi’s) quest to fulfill his dying father’s pledge to pay for a lavish funeral is the focus of Liju Jose Pellisserry’s story, set in Kerala’s seaside village of Chellanam. ‘Ee. Ma. Yausardonic .’s cadence combines absurdist humour with deep sorrow.’ Two angels who play cards while the rest of the world around them is in disarray; Pennamma, who weeps at Vavacharan’s body and utters rude comments; and the rain that falls at the time of the burial all feature in the meditative work. As shown in the movie’s mid-credits scene, The Seventh Seal clearly influenced the film’s commentary on death. PF Matthews, the author of the script, has written numerous books on the subject.

In Pelliserry’s “circus of death,” everything goes awry, and it’s a far cry from the “glamorous” exhibition we were expecting from the opening picture. Jose, the bereaved Eeshi whose expectations of obeying his late father’s wishes are dashed after he insults the local priest, leads an impressive cast. It is Jose who brings together Eeshi’s frustration, hopelessness and heartbreak in a lovely harmony in this novel. With Vinayakan’s performance as the film’s solitary sensible voice in an ocean of drunken turmoil, Ayyapan is one of the film’s best performances. In modern Malayalam cinema, “Ee. Ma. Yau.” fills the long-standing void left by a timeless classic.

2. Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

For his directorial debut, Shane Nigam stars with Soubin Shahir and Sreenath Bhasi in ‘Kumbalangi Nights.’ Mathew Thomas joins the cast as a rookie. It’s so bad that Bonny (Bhasi) decides to stay away from the house totally, returning only when Franky (Thomas) gets back from school.. There is little or no work done by Saji and Bobby due to their constant fighting and lack of responsibility. As a result of both lucky and terrible situations, the film brings the family closer together while also introducing new members. A co-producer and actor of Shammi, Fahadh Faasil portrays the man of the house, who is unsure about his identity and place in the family.

Kumbalingi is where Syam Pushkaran spent his childhood vacations. As a character in itself, the town takes on a personality of its own with its own enchantment and sorrow. Natural beauty and bioluminescent water bodies make up the town’s stunning landscape. It’s a beautiful place captured by Shyju Khalid, but the great cast and director bring out the worst in human nature.

Unlike many of its contemporaries, “Kumbalangi Nights” includes a significant female representation. The modern woman, like Baby, combines her cultural upbringing with a strong spirit and a willingness to stand up for herself. She stands up to her sexist husband, even in her domestic manner and submissive nature, when the time comes. Narayanan also analyzes and emphasizes the inherent sexism and the “macho image” that males grow up with in our culture through these level-headed women. Shammi’s character, named after the hero Shammi Kapoor, is forced to resort to excessive violence because of his need to seem tough and as the savior of the women.

The brothers’ brotherhood and the family’s mental impact on the donors’ individuality as a unit progresses visually with more smiles and harmony beneath the roof. There’s an immediate shift in perspective when Franky responds “Really?” to Nylah’s remark that their house is gorgeous. Saji takes along Vijay’s widow and her newborn in order to complete the bond that makes their residence a home for them all. There is no way that Shammi would have been defeated without the combined efforts of the brothers.

In the film, ‘Kumbalangi Nights,’ you are both liberated and connected to yourself and those around you at the same time. After seeing the movie, you won’t be able to stop singing “Cherathukal.”

1. Jallikkattu (2019)

‘Jallikkattu’ is not a reference to the Tamil Nadu practice of celebrating a similar, controversial sport. In a small Keralan village, a frantic buffalo chase engulfs the entire population. However, the actual focus of the film is the age-old’man vs. beast’ conflict. Humanity’s millions of years of evolution into something that Liju Pelliserry dread, the beast, are traced in his staged pandemonium, in which he uses boisterous speech and carefully selected long shots. ‘Jallikkattu’s deep subtext and underlying themes make it possible to bridge the gap in the film’s exciting climax. After a long, teasing buildup, the final clash between Kuttachan and Antony is a microcosm of the film’s overall concept. There’s also the bigger battle to tame the wild beast, which began as a single group of men. It is clear that women are more savvy than men when it comes to analyzing societal trends. However, as males destroy forests, decimate the ecology, and clear forests of trees, women are forced to stay at home and suffer from the horror that afflicts those engaged in the chase.