15 Best Jump Scare Movies That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Best Jump Scare Movies

The jump scare is a staple of horror films, and these films have nailed the art of eliciting audience members to leap out of their seats.

Aficionados of gore (Saw) and fans of the jump scare (The Hills Have Eyes) tend to fall into one of two categories (Paranormal Activity). Some horror films are literally made to make viewers jump out of their seats, frequently without showing the viewers what they are terrified of, even though the two can coexist (and often do). Otherwise stated, creating an effective jump scare is an exact science. Build the suspense, dim the lights, and prepare to wet your pants. Here are a few of the best spooky movies to watch if you like to jump.

Zach Gass updated this page on 8 September 2020:

A superb horror picture relies heavily on jump scares, which are the bread and butter of the director. Even if a horror film has monsters, masked men brandishing weapons, demonic possession, or any number of other tropes, it will fail to hold the interest of a horror fanatic for long without the inclusion of effective jump scares. Jump scares aren’t enough to make a good horror film, but for those looking for a little additional excitement in their favorite flicks, these are definitely worth a look.

15. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

It’s hard to beat Paranormal Activity for JUMP scares, right? Anyone who hasn’t seen it (the original was released in 2007) knows that it’s about a young couple who are plagued by a spirit in their house. They installed surveillance cameras throughout their home in an attempt to document the “haunting.” In theory, the blurry security film might lessen the fright effect, but in reality, it really increases it. You don’t have to see evil to be terrified of it, as this film demonstrates.

14.The Conjuring

Anyone who saw The Conjuring, a 2013 supernatural horror thriller, will remember the famed “clap sequence.” They turn to paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for help after their Rhode Island farmhouse is plagued by a malevolent creature.

It’s hardly the most original plot in the horror genre, but the unexpected horrors and moments of terror in this film are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Netflix is currently streaming it for anyone who haven’t watched it yet.

13. Creep


On Netflix in 2015, Creep is a “found footage” horror film that was first distributed on video on demand. There’s an unsettling story about a cameraman named Aaron who agrees to work for Josef, a dying man who wants to produce videos for his unborn child. If you haven’t seen it, the trailer alone is enough to make you scream. In some cases, the scariest things in the world aren’t supernatural in any way.

12.  Hush

In the 2016 horror thriller Hush, total silence makes jump scares even scarier, which is why it’s on this year’s list. Masked killer hunts down a writer named Maddie in the midst of nowhere because she is deaf-mute and vulnerable.

Due to her hearing impairment, Maddie frequently fails to notice that the killer is right in front of her. I can’t get enough of the suspense. In this film, you’ll be jumping out of your seat more times than you can keep track of.

11.The Babadook

The Babadook

The Babadook, a suspense-fueled, infantile nightmare that will make you rethink every book you read to your child from here on out, as depicted in the photo above. After reading her a mysterious pop-up storybook named Mister Babadook with her kid, a bereaved mother becomes persuaded that Mister Babadook is real.

To put it simply, this film gets an 11/10 in the scare department. You can watch it if you want.

10. Insidious

James Wan’s 2010 film, Insidious, is the first film in the Insidious series and the third in the series’ chronology.. Son of the parents falls unconscious and becomes a host for the ghosts of the deceased.

You’ll be screamed at by the unexpected twists and turns, especially at the finale of this film (no, seriously).

The producers ofParanormal Activity are behind this flick, and they know how to get you flung out of your seat.

9. Scream

As a “slasher flick,” Scream is one of the best “jump scare” horror films ever filmed. Sidney Prescott, a high school student, is the protagonist of Scream, a 1996 horror film released by Columbia Pictures. Ghostface, an unknown killer, takes aim at her. However, the film is a fantastic illustration of how to scare someone with a simple phone call, and it’s a collection of horror movie clichés. Not many movies can make your heart leap out of its chest when the phone rings. This one does it over and over again.

8. The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect

When we first saw the trailer forThe Lazarus Effect, we were convinced that it would be a jumpscare masterpiece, and it was. It doesn’t take long for medical researchers working on a serum codenamed “Lazarus” to realize they’ve discovered a technique to revive the dead. A dead animal or human can only be brought back to life if it’s in the form of a body. How much of their soul has been replaced by something far more sinister? Watch and see what happens (and get ready to be jolted out of your seat).

7. A Quiet Place

When it comes to jump scares, silence is the best weapon, and A Quiet Place is the quietest horror film ever made.

It’s a story of a family’s struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic planet surrounded by blind extraterrestrials with a keen sense of hearing.

The beasts can hear even the tiniest of noises coming from kilometers away, thus the family’s stillness is critical to their survival. The secret ingredient to a good jump scare is suspense, and this film has a lot of it.

6.The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Three student filmmakers set out on a trekking adventure to document a local legend known as the Blair Witch in The Blair Witch Project, which was published in 1999. There are three students who go missing, but a year later, their equipment and footage are uncovered. The persistent sense of dread that permeates the film sets the stage for a good “jump,” as in most good horror flicks. Filmgoers become as sensitive to noise as the students who are said to be filming it, regardless of whether it is a twig snapping or a scream.

5.Hell Fest

Hell Fest was derided by some, but for many aficionados of the genre, it was a welcome return to form. The Candyman himself, Tony Todd, would make a cameo appearance in this legendary gruesome slasher film, which would be set in a Halloween-Horror-Nights-inspired theme park.

In a nutshell, that is Hell Festin. The picture is filled to the brim with jump scares and in-your-face situations because of the environment. While there may be some generic aspects, the overall effect is one of blood-soaked comfort food. It’s also worth noting the killer’s POV at the end of the film.

4. Brightburn


Think about what would happen if the Man of Steel had an ulterior motive. Brightburn, a superhero-slasher film directed by David Yarovesky and starring the Gunn brothers, answers that question. While the film’s originality and suspense make it stand out, it also includes a large amount of jump scares, as well as an incredible post-credit corpse count. You needn’t bring a knife or hatchets to this movie maniac; he only wants an unblinking stare. Brightburn is a powerful and ruthless superhero who has no intention of joining the Avengers Initiative anytime soon.

3. Evil Dead II

Few directors have amassed as many or as many jump scares as the venerable Sam Raimi. Rami basically became the undisputed king of horror films with hisEvil Dead trilogy.

While the first film in the series was a classic, it was the second film that really went for the gold in terms of artistic achievement. Even while Raimi’s zombie-infested film is jam-packed with jump scares, it also features some of the best dark comedic work in horror history. “Groovy,” as Ash put it.

2. Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell

Dragged Me To Hell is a great option for those who like quantity over quality. Of course, Raimi has you covered there.

Jump scares are one of the few things this film has going for it, even though the CGI is a little shaky at times and the plot is a little predictable. If you’re looking for the most jump scares, it’s probably Drag Me to Hell. This is the perfect film for horror aficionados who want to get a lot of scares in a short amount of time.

1.It (Chapters 1 and 2)

It’s a two-for-one deal with these two spooky flicks. In spite of the lack of jump scares, theItfilms do things with its scary aspects that every horror film should seek to do. As much as they startle and terrify the audience, The Conjuring 2 manages to be as much fun and entertaining as it is fear-inducing. Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise, in contrast to Tim Curry’s, is certain to keep viewers up at night. Over-the-top? Sure. Unreasonable and exaggerated? Possibly. Scary? That’s for sure.