10 Among Us Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Among Us Anime Characters

Being a master of deception and manipulation could be the difference between life or death in certain anime!

One of the most popular computer games in the genre, Among Us, is based on the true story of a ship’s crew attempting to identify and expel “Imposters,” aliens dressed as fellow crew members who are intent on destroying the ship and killing everyone on board in secret.

Even if they didn’t use their particular skills, many anime characters would be excellent candidates for this task. Identifying who among them could blend in with the crew and how they could avoid suspicion helps us better comprehend their ruses and deceitful behavior.

1. Aizen Was Excellent At Deflecting Blame (Bleach)

Aizen (Bleach)

When it came to turning his friends and colleagues against one another, Aizen didn’t require any special powers. In the time it took him to persuade the Soul Society that Rukia was responsible for the crimes he committed, he had already convinced them of his innocence.

For him to do so, he’d have to provide solid evidence as to why others are to blame for the murders he committed. As long as ejects are unable to verify his assertions, the villain has a winning approach.

2. Fraudrin Was Brilliant At Convincing The Holy Knights Of Who He Was (Seven Deadly Sins)

Even while Fraudrin’s power to possess people may give him an unfair advantage, he doesn’t require it to be a convincing impostor. Although he made unusual requests of the holy knights, he was successful in convincing them of his identity as Hendrickson.

Since he was able to turn the kingdom’s blades against the previously venerated Seven Deadly Sins, he has proven to be a crowd-pleaser. As a result, few people would suspect him of being a fake until it was too late.

3. Lisa Lived As A Convincing Imposter For Years (Fire Force)

Lisa (Fire Force)

The White-Clad master, Giovanni, had Lisa live with Vulcan for years in order to gain his trust and grab the Amaterasu blueprints. Despite her lack of intelligence and skill to deflect criticism, she has shown the ability to dodge charges by keeping a low profile and keeping her mouth shut.

Her alluring presence would exonerate her from any suspicion if she only commented passively once in a while and remained in the background. The fact that she completed her objective on the behalf of her donor ensures her success even more.

4. Kabuto Was A Professional Spy Who Could Blend In Wherever He Went (Naruto)

Kabuto was a skilled spy before he became the necromancer seen in the Fourth Shinobi War. While working for Danzo Shimura’s Foundation, he was able to convince Team Seven of his identity, allowing him to follow them without suspicion.

He has also shown great dexterity by sneaking into a Konoha hospital undetected and almost taking Sasuke’s life in the process. As a result, he’ll know exactly when and where to execute a hit without drawing attention to himself, and he’ll always be prepared with a plausible alibi.

5. Oingo Convinced The Crusaders That He Was Jotaro (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Oingo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Oingo was a lot more competent manipulator than his rambling manner would suggest, despite the efficacy of his Stand (which allowed him to disguise himself as anyone). He was able to fool Polnareff and Joseph Joestar into believing he was Jotaro and infiltrate the Crusaders’ automobile without drawing any attention from them.

Kujo’s exploding fruit strategy backfired, but his skill to avoid detection by enemies would be a great benefit in a flawless fake win.

6. Satsuki Was Clever At Faking Tasks (Kill La Kill)

Satsuki Kiryuin was tasked by Ragyo with the creation of Honnoji Academy and the expansion of the Life Fibers’ influence. Even though she pretended to be obedient when they gathered the school, she had a completely different agenda in mind than the one they’d agreed to.

An imposter’s best asset is the ability to feign tasks so that they don’t get caught. Even Ragyo was astonished when Satsuki’s betrayal came to pass. It didn’t matter that she was a liar because she couldn’t murder her mother with one shot.

7. Hisoka Infiltrated The Most Powerful Criminal Enterprise On The Planet (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

When it came to infiltrating the Phantom Troupe (a criminal organization that values secrecy and devotion), Hisoka may have been lacking in stealth skills, but his deceitful nature allowed him to succeed. Despite the fact that he did not participate in the fight of Yorknew, he received this honor.

We can infer from Hisoka’s complete absence that he is an expert at making things up. Since he waited for Chrollo to be isolated from his teammates before attacking him, it follows that he would employ a similar method for picking off his fellow crew members.

8. Bertholdt Was The Best Spy The Warriors Had (Attack On Titan)

Among the Warriors, Bertholdt was the only one who could serve as an effective spy. He didn’t reveal his true identity like Annie did, but he also didn’t crumble like Reiner did when pressed. It was Marco who overheard Hoover’s talk with the Armored Titan that cost him the game.

So that the Scouts wouldn’t find out about Marco’s demise, they had him killed by feeding him to a pure titan. Having the ability to kill his targets at a location where their remains would be difficult to locate and report is a requirement for this.

9. Hawks Was Clever Enough To Infiltrate The League Of Villains (My Hero Academia)

Hawks (My Hero Academia)

The League of Villains particularly requested that Hawks join as a spy because of his plausible past and high talent for deception. In the end, the avian hero was accepted into one of the most dangerous groups on the globe after Dabi put him through the wringer.

However, he rapidly acclimated to his new surroundings and demonstrated a capacity to handle severe examination. Regardless of the evildoers’ concerns.

10. Light Yagami Was Able To Last As A Killer Despite Being Called Out For His Actions (Death Note)

Despite the fact that Light Yagami was the Kira Killer, he was able to lead the investigation into his whereabouts. Despite the fact that L had warned the other members of the task team about his betrayal from their first meeting, this nonetheless happened.

Because he was able to remain undetected even after the murder of L, it stands to reason that he could assassinate anyone in an Among Us game who tried to implicate him, using convincing alibis and scapegoats to keep his secret safe.