15 Best Shows Like Get Shorty That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Get Shorty

1. Get Shorty (2017-)

Get Shorty (2017-)

Comedy starring Chris O’Dowd and Ray Romano based on the 1990 detective novel by Elmore Leonard. The series solely adapts the main notion of its source materials, which should not be confused with the 1995 film of the same name. O’Dowd takes on the role of Miles Daly, an enforcer for a Nevada crime syndicate. Daly makes the decision to leave the criminal underworld and pursue a career as a movie producer.

With the help of Ray Romano’s character Rick Moreweather, a low-level producer in LA, he moves to the city. As a result of Daly’s criminal background,

2. Marcella (2016-)

Marcella isn’t just one of Netflix’s underrated crime dramas; it’s one of Netflix’s underrated series. As Marcella, played by Anna Friel, tries to combine her delicate mental state with her work as a detective, the series follows her journey

If you haven’t seen the third season ofMarcella yet, now is the perfect opportunity to do so and get up to speed.

3. The Stranger (2020)

The Stranger (2020)

One of 2020’s most talked-about shows was “The Stranger,” according to critics. The story revolves around a husband’s search for his wife, who vanished without a trace. Further investigation leads him to believe his wife’s disappearance had anything to do with an acquaintance he had just before it. The series is only one season long, making it a rather quick read.

4. Collateral (2018)

Played by John Simm and Carey Mulligan, the film Collateral explores what happens online when a pizza delivery boy is murdered in London’s East End. The show’s political elements are woven throughout the usual crime-drama motifs.

If you’ve got too much time on your hands, Collateral can be watched in just four episodes.

5. Criminal: United Kingdom (2019)

United Kingdom

has 12 episodes that are split across the UK, Germany, France and Spain as part of Netflix’sCriminalanthologyseries. David Tennant and Hayley Atwell star in the UK version, which is set in a police interrogation chamber for three episodes.

The series, like the others on our list, is short and intense enough to keep viewers riveted.

6. Giri/ Haji (2019)

Giri- Haji (2019)

Another underappreciated show isGiri/ Haji, a British crime drama about a Japanese detective brought to London to look for his presumed deceased brother.

It’s a great presentation that switches between Tokyo and London with ease. It’s one of Netflix’s most distinctive and breathtaking crime shows because of its multinational structure.

7. The Valhalla Murders (2020)

Enjoy a unique whodunnit amid the cold and monochrome country of Iceland. Kata, a female investigator, investigates a serial killer’s rampage across her town, which has become a killing ground for an unknown killer. Knife cuts around each victim’s eyes appear to indicate a link between the atrocities committed by the same individual.

An inside view at Kata’s Icelandic police force, familial dynamics that inform detective work, and public response to violence are all provided by The Valhalla Murders.

8. The Mire (2018)

The Mire (2018)

A pair of journalists hired by a local newspaper to write about the fatalities soon learn that there is more to the cases than meets the eye. They also start to assume that the police are participating in a vast cover-up that, if discovered, would implicate a number of high-ranking individuals in the atrocities.

9. London Spy (2015)

Ben Whishaw appears in London, a five-part drama written and directed by Tom Rob Jones that is both captivating and well-acted. American Crime: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, written by Jones, was produced by Ryan Murphy.

Danny, a party boy, falls in love with Alex, a mystery stranger. Danny and Alex had just been together for eight months when Alex was found slain in his apartment. Danny goes rogue to find the truth about Alex’s mysterious death while the authorities sculpt a single narrative. There is a supporting cast, including Jim Broadbent.

10. The Break (2016-)

The Break (2016-)

Yoaan Peeters, a Belgian police detective, is the star of this French-language Belgian sitcom. While in Brussels, he investigates the death of an African soccer player in the first series. Initially, it was ruled a suicide, but Peeters thinks there’s more to the story than that.

During the second season, Peeters works with a criminal psychiatrist who is trying to clear her patient’s name. An ex-gardener for a wealthy woman was suspected of murdering the woman, who was found dead in her swimming pool, after her body was found there. Netflix offers both programs.

11. Sacred Games (2018 – )

Check out this flashy cat-and-mouse thriller set in the busy streets of Mumbai, India, if you’re a fan of Bollywood. Sartaj Singh, an anti-hero police officer based on Vikram Chandra’s novel, is the series’ protagonist. He receives a phone call from a gangster who has been missing for 16 years, and decides to investigate.

The thug tells him that he has only 25 days left to save the city from destruction. Singh sets out to investigate whether or not the threat is real by traversing the city’s dark underbelly.

12. Retribution (2016)

Retribution (2016)

Retribution, which was released in the United Kingdom as One of Us, is a mash-up of rural Scottish murders and Shakespearean-level theater. After returning from their honeymoon, a newlywed couple is found killed and disfigured in their remote Scottish Highlands community.

Adding to the creepiness is the fact that the man who appears to be their killer reappears after a vehicle accident. In one sitting, you’ll want to watch this four-part series.

13. American Crime (2015 – 2017)

ABC ran American Crime for three seasons, an anthology crime series. It’s a heartfelt and candid look at the racial, gender, and socioeconomic concerns that influence the American criminal justice system today. Social criticism can be seen in the show’s focus on marginalized people and how their lives are influenced by violence, political policies, and cultural stigmas.

The showrunner is John Ridley, who earned an Oscar for his writing for 12 Years a Slave. Its three seasons feature well-known actors, such as Timothy Hutton, Regina King, and Lili Taylor, among others.

14. Top Boy (2011-)

Top Boy (2011-)

Channel 4 in the United States showed this British organized crime series in 2011. In 2013, a second series was released. It was reported that Canadian rapper Drake was interested in the show being brought back, and in 2019, Netflix aired the third season. In the near future, there will be another installment.

An East London apartment complex full of young, would-be drug dealers is the setting for Top Boy’s protagonist. Sully and Dushane, two teenage business partners, strive for the role of “top boy” in their developing crime syndicate.

15. Damnation (2017 – 2018)

At the height of the Great Depression in 1931, Damnation is a period crime drama set in the United States. Seth Davenport, a vagrant who pretends to be a pastor, is the subject of the show as labor strikes and wage wars grow. Worker resistance to rich bosses and financial predators is the focus of Davenport’s activism.

There are affluent business owners who want to see Davenport killed. To what extent does the show raise critical concerns regarding who are the genuine criminals? It highlight the agony that laborers undergo while their superiors accumulate money. Damnation, despite its short run, is a well-executed and dramatic addition to Netflix’s library.