10 Best Anime Games On Xbox That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Anime Games On Xbox

Fans of anime games are a distinct subculture. Anime from Japan is hugely popular around the globe. Anime has a large following of dedicated enthusiasts. Anime video games are a priceless commodity to such gamers.

In the same way that Japanese films, television, and comics are adapted into anime, the finest anime games feature a plethora of options. There are a wide variety of anime video games to pick from, ranging from a school with a sadistic remote-controlled bear to a book club with a sinister side.

Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Attack on Titan are all here, along with a few unexpected surprises. Games that aren’t explicitly based on any anime or manga can yet be deemed to be “anime games” because of the unique style and aesthetic they exhibit.

10. Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is a heavy combat role-playing anime game based on Chinese mythology and set in a fantasy universe. As an anime RPG, it stands out from the crowd of other massively multiplayer online games. Aside from brute strength, the emphasis in the game is on martial arts, in which quick reactions and accurate counterattacking take precedence over the use of brute strength attributes and weaponry. In addition, you can use the power of the windwalk to glide, dash, and jump around mid-battle, resulting in some pretty stylish brawls.

Four races based on Chinese symbols are available to you as you choose your character: the Gon (Dragon), Jin (Tortoise) and Yun (Vermilion Bird) (White Tiger). In addition to the standard Assassins and Kung Fu masters, there are eleven classes to choose from, including Blade Dancer, Soul Fighter, and Summoner. You may also create your ideal martial artist persona in Blade and Soul thanks to the game’s highly complex character customization option.

Play Blade of Soul, an anime role-playing game, and take in the stunning scenery of the game’s zen woods, rivers, and mountains.

9. Closers

En Masse Entertainment’s Closers is a free-to-play episodic action anime RPG. It’s also one of the best anime video games around. To begin the game, you must first select an avatar with a unique backstory from a pool of available options.

A band of interdimensional aliens must be repelled by the Black Lambs, a group of telepathic youths. Combat is quick, and pounding buttons is a blast whether you’re playing in co-op or going head-to-head in Player vs. Player. To those who enjoy free-action anime games, Closers is a must-have.

8. Archeage


ArcheAge is one of the best free MMOs and anime games out there, so if you can’t find a decent Game of Thrones game, you can check it out. Conquer new areas, construct legendary kingdoms that span continents, and build gigantic castles, but be prepared to defend your creations in massive wars.

For the first time in a typical anime game, you’ll be able to fight and complete tasks while sailing the seven seas! While exploring the vast marine area, channel your inner Edward Kenway by completing side quests and collecting loot.

The game is free to play, but a subscription is required to access all of the game’s features. Unchained, a different but identical game, was recently released and needs a one-time purchase to unlock all of ArcheAge’s content.

7. Tera

TERA is one of those anime games that just won’t let you put it down. Since its debut in 2011, Arborea’s fast-paced combat system and vast, beautiful landscape have enticed MMO fans to return time and time again.

Bluehole’s programmers haven’t been sitting around either. MMO enthusiasts had already fallen in love with the anime game when the Manahan alternate-reality event server was launched, but it offered additional levels of difficulty to the game, as well as an entirely new battleground. TERA is one of the greatest anime games on PC for battling BAMs (Big Ass Monsters) solo or with buddies.

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

In addition to being one of the best anime games ever developed, Dragon Ball FighterZ is also one of the best fighting games ever made. As a result of its great visual design, the game’s punches, kicks, and spirit balls appear to have been lifted directly from the anime.

There are a plethora of characters to meet in this game. It doesn’t matter if your favorite character is Piccolo, Goku, or Buu; everyone is represented here. Furthermore, you have no excuse not to become engaged thanks to the user-friendly controls.

5. Attack on Titan 2

In terms of PC anime games, Attack on Titan’s art style is in good company. Boost and swing through cities, forests, and the game’s eponymous Titans if you’re a fan of the manga or the TV program.

There are a few drawbacks to the premise at first. Developed by Omega Force, Eren and his comrades battle legions of mindless, naked humanoid giants with a taste for human flesh – Titans, in other words. You are thrown into their shoes. As you cut Titans’ necks in this anime game, the plot is consistent with the known canon.

4. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Without mentioning Dragon Ball, no list of anime would be complete. Xenoverse 2 is one of the best anime games for PC and an excellent addition to the well-known series. Look no farther than this anime game if you’re searching for an MMO light with an authentic, fan-service-filled tale that fits well within the DBZ canon.

Playing Xenoverse 2 is all about flying and taking on quests together with other people in order to increase your strength. You’re snatched from the sky and thrown into a frenzied arena combat, where you’re forced to use a wide variety of special skills.

3. Genshin Impact

Unlike any other free-to-play RPG we’ve encountered, Genshin Impact is truly unique. It’s got a lot of things going for it, including a great plot, a beautiful open world, co-op, cross-play, and a relatively inconspicuous paywall. However, while the comparison doesn’t do justice, you may get an idea for the importance of the open world in this game by looking at its anime-inspired name. Once you’ve completed the tutorial and are free to explore the open world, you’ll find yourself sucked into a never-ending cycle of killing opponents, solving puzzles, crafting, and cooking your way through endless hours of gameplay. Like Breath of the Wild, Teyvat has cross-play and co-op compatibility so you may explore the beautiful environment with up to three pals.

2. Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is a must-have if you’re seeking for an anime-inspired open world with a doe-eyed protagonist. Many players have lauded the game’s incredible narrative, stunning aesthetics, and unique method to leveling. Switching weapons at level 10 instead of making alts to explore new classes in the game allows you to play as any character while still being tied to the same cute character you’ve gotten accustomed to in Final Fantasy XVI.

There is much more to Final Fantasy XVI than the typical MMO-leveling experience. Final Fantasy XVI is without a doubt one of the best anime role-playing games ever made.

1. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

There have been three DLCs for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot since its January 2020 debut. Repetition of one of anime’s best sagas may bore some viewers. The narrative has been told so many times in DBZ games that one would think players would be sick of hearing about it. But Kakarot is one of those games that show there is still a lot to be delivered.

This is a single-player, story-driven RPG that plays more like Xenoverse than most other DBZ titles.

This game stands head and shoulders above every other entry in the Dragon Ball series in terms of visual presentation and fighting effects. I think it’s the best video game depiction of the main DBZ tale to yet. In addition, the side quests contain ingenious easter eggs for die-hard fans. It’s not perfect, but for fans of the series, it’s well worth the price of admission.