10 Best Anime Like Nichijou That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Nichijou

What makes Nichijou so endearing is the show’s absurdist animation style, which brings out the show’s zany and wacky humor to its maximum potential.

“Nichijou” is Japanese for “every day,” and that’s what the anime Nichijou purports to be, a drama about the lives of ordinary people. Anyone who has seen the anime will immediately recognize that this is not the case. Not only does the show not have a plot but it is a collection of fantastic jokes and gags thrown together.

The primary appeal of Nichijou is its absurdist animation technique, which brings out the humor’s full, fantastic potential, as well as its goofy and wacky humor. Only a handful other comedy anime are as outlandishly amusing.

10. Wasteful Days of High School Girls

Wasteful Days of High School Girls

Overall, Wasteful Days of High School Girls is basically Nichijou with a smaller cast and “regular” animation and gags, but the humor remains.

Similar to the three inNichijou, the main female cast features a budding manga creator, a quiet natured teen girl, and an on-and-off accommodating goofy

Their personalities and attributes are reflected in the nicknames they are given, such as “Baka” (stupid) and “Majo” (witch).

9. Lucky Star

Lucky Star will appeal to those who enjoy protracted, pointless debates on the most inane of subjects. As in the first episode, there is a lot of discussion over how to correctly grill beef tongues as well as which side of a chocolate puff should be eaten first.

The plot revolves around four high school ladies with various personalities: an otaku, two twin sisters, and the fourth, an intellectual and well-spoken girl.

8. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san takes Nichijou’s romance just as seriously as the rest of the show, but the humor never gets old and never fails to bring a smile to your face. Unlike most comedic anime, where the spotlight is usually on a group of characters, this show is almost completely focused on the cute chemistry between its primary duo.

Nishikata’s life revolves around being taunted by Takagi all day long, and he doesn’t know that she likes him at all.

7. Asobi Asobase: Workshop Of Fun

Asobi Asobase’s opening would be the winner in a competition for the most misleading anime opening. A song about flowers in a garden opens the film, followed by a death metal performance by the same three female protagonists, all dressed in frilly white dresses.

Viewers of the anime will recognize that this final scene is a better reflection of the characters’ true natures. Three high school girls join an unauthorized “Pastime Club” whose sole purpose is to partake in whatever humourous “pastimes” they can come up with in order to have some fun.

6. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Many comedic anime feature an all-female cast or at least a predominantly female cast. This is why a show like Daily Lives of High School Boys is so uncommon and unique. Similar toNichijouin spirit, it focuses on the antics of students at Sanada North High School, an all-boys school in Tokyo.

Nothing stops these boys from having a good time, whether it’s a chance encounter on the riverbank or a tryout in the sister’s bra.

5. Non Non Biyori

Even though Non Non Biroyi is more like a slice of life drama than a comedy, the story of the cute residents of Asahigaoka and their day-to-day existence is one of the most wholesome comedies available.

Non Non Biyori is a considerably more realistic story than Nichijou, whose portrayal of “ordinary life” is as far removed from reality as possible. Hotaru Ichijou, a city girl who moved from Tokyo to a rural town with her friends of all ages, is trying to adapt to country life.

4. Paniponi Dash!

Paniponi Dash

If you’re looking to sum up Paniponi Dash!, you’re going to have a hard time doing so. Rebecca Miyamoto, an 11-year-old MIT grad who is under the scrutiny of extraterrestrials, is hired as a homeroom teacher at Peach Moon Academy to work with a strange group of students.

Nichijou’s fast-paced style of comedy is very much in line with this show’s use of fourth wall breaks and numerous references and inside gags.

3. YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily

Another animation centered on adolescent females. The majority of comedic anime, good or bad, follows this subject and setting, if it hasn’t previously been made plain. YuruYuri is set in an all-girls middle school and follows the antics of the “Amusement Club” as they attempt to make the most of their school days.

Although Akaza Akari is intended to be the primary character, her friends love to tease her about how nobody seems to notice her.

2. Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Acclaimed manga series, Yotsuba, was the inspiration for Azumanga Daioh’s four-panel comic strip.

Despite being a 10-year-old prodigy, Chiyo Mihama worries about fitting in at her new high school, only to learn that her peers are as bit as eccentric. Even their homeroom instructor is crazy, yanking away a student’s bicycle in order to ensure that they arrive on time for class.

1. Plastic Elder Sister

Is Plastic Elder Sister an anime series at all? The entire 12-episode season is the same length as an ordinary anime episode, so it’s questionable. Even while the humor differs from Nichijou in that it is more vulgar and crass, it is still enjoyable.

Iroe “Nee-san” Genma and her friends in the Model Club are featured in a series of sexually explicit jokes that are only 2 minutes long.