15 Best Anime Like Yuri On Ice That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Yuri On Ice

This list of sports-themed anime can help fill the need left by the extremely famous Yuri On Ice series.

When Yuri on Ice debuted in 2016, it was an instant hit. It became a craze among the general public, and it soon spread to the rest of society. Yuri’s products sold out across the United States and the rest of the world in a matter of days. The narrative of Yuuri Katsuki, a once-promising figure skater, is told in this ice-staking comedy series. He returns to his hometown of Kyushu after a disappointing Grand Prix final result. To some, it’s unclear whether or not Yuri succumbed to his country’s expectations. On the off chance that his family is home, Yuri goes into a hole in the ground and eats pork cutlets.

Figure skater Yuri’s Grand Prix mentor is a former five-time world champion named Victor Nikiforov. Yuri’s quest for the title has begun. Yuri Plisetsky, a promising Russian skater, is determined to defeat Victor and gain Victor’s guidance in the process. Many anime are BL oriented or focused on sports and comedy in general and have a lot of heart in them. They’re not only for the kids, either.

Anime isn’t just about science fiction, fantasy, or big robots. When it comes to ordinary themes, certain people excel. Manga featuring sports themes are particularly susceptible to this type of bias. Character growth and situations that are relatable to a wide range of people can be found in these programs.

15 Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko's Basketball

High school basketball and magic are woven together in this anime tale. There’s a lot of attention paid to Tetsuya Kuroko and his crew. They are aiming to win the Interhigh Championship, which is the most prestigious award at their level of play.

Kuroki’s Basketballhas 75 episodes as opposed to Yuri’s, which only has 54.

A deeper level of description is possible because of this. Some games go Tetsuya and the others’ way. They are defeated and confronted with a slew of difficulties. Still, viewers are drawn to the show by the persistence of these young men.

14 Chihayafuru

A sports show based on a card game based on poetry? Western animators aren’t likely to give this a try. Anime, on the other hand, has a lengthy history in Japan. There is now an opportunity for American audiences to see what it is about.

One hundred writers from Japan’s Heian period collaborated to create the card game Karuta, the inspiration for Chihayafuru. With sports anime, the focus is not on the sport itself but on the people who compete at a high level and how they overcome the challenges they face.

13 Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Tennis is the subject of Baby Steps. There is a bare minimum of storylines involving friends, family, and romance. Instead, it’s the story of a young man determined to transform his life.

That character isEiichiro. He joins the Southern Tennis Club because he’s fed up with how he looks and his sedentary lifestyle. The abilities and tactical information he acquires in this environment will help him develop into a strong tennis player. Baby Steps is devoid of superhuman abilities. Instead, the focus is on the results of long-term, diligent practice..

12 Ace Of Diamond

Ace of Diamond revolves around the concepts of cooperation and perseverance.

A high school baseball team with a strong desire to win the kshiensummer championship, which is the Little League World Series in America, is the focus of this film.

The series has 126 episodes and five OVAs. As a result, anime writers and filmmakers had plenty of time to flesh out the connections between the protagonist and his squad. Japanese baseball isn’t all that different from the American game, so new fans shouldn’t have a hard time grasping the fundamentals.

11 Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal

Cycling is the subject matter of this anime, which explores the world of professional cycling in detail. There’s no protagonist already well-versed in the sport, however. Sawakichi Onoda, a high school student who is angry that his after-school anime club has disbanded, is the focus of the story instead.

As he makes his way home on his bicycle, another team member sees how fast he is going without any gears. Onoda is encouraged to join the Sohoku biking team by him. Adolescents undergo an incrediblePygmalion-like change from aimless otaku to professional biker in a matter of a few years.

10 Days

Football, an all-encompassing game, is the focal point of the show. Jin and Tsukushi are the two protagonists in this classic sports anime. Jin is an excellent soccer player, although Tsukushi is a novice. Tsukushi is an inspiration to many young soccer players as he strives to master the game.

Tsukushi and Jin enjoy a wonderful relationship. The story’s parallels between Yuri and Victor become apparent when sports are thrown into the mix. Days re-establishes trust in friendships that go beyond the playing field.

9 Tsurune

Tsurune is a place where archery is a big part of the culture. “Target pain” has plagued protagonist Minato Narumiya since his previous competition. As a defeated marksman, he gives up on ever being an archer again.

Mr. Tommy, a force in the world of talent, chooses to coach him one day. Seiya and Ryohei, Tsurune’s two pals, encourage him to start over. Tsurune reminds you of the importance of friendships, whether platonic or otherwise, in your life.

8 Banana Fish

Banana Fish

When it comes to the nature vs. nurture debate, Banana Fish touches on it. Breaking away from his mafia existence and searching for answers to his life’s mysteries is Ash Lynx, an attractive young guy who has been raised in the mafia. Ash decides to get to the bottom of the epidemic of drug use in the city. Banana Fish” is the name given to the sametitular medication that drove his brother insane in Vietnam.

Eiji Okamura, a young Japanese photographer, becomes a friend to Ash. Eiji must be protected as he takes on his former mafia lords and puts an end to gang wars. The friendship between Eiji and Ash immediately reminds viewers of the emotional complexity of Yuri on Ice. Ash and Eiji vs. the world is the driving force of the anime.

7 Cheer Boys!!!

A cheerleading squad at Haruki Bando’s university is in the works. To follow their love of cheerleading, Kazuma Hashimoto and Haruki leave Judo.

Kazuma and Haruki face an uphill battle to achieve their aim in a society that isn’t ready for male cheerleaders just yet. They end up with a team of people from many walks of life. Kazuma and Haruki’s relationship fills spectators with a sense of warmth.

6 Starmyu

Starmyu (2015)

Yuri fans will find Starmyu to be an obvious choice for a show with comparable visuals. Starmyu, a high school musical, tells the story of five students who are desperate to get into the top class at the Ayanagi Music Academy. Star Frame Class is the place where the best pupils are taught by the most accomplished teachers.

The group’s stardom reaches its peak as they execute a dazzling idol dance routine. Winning an audition for the Star Fame Class, on the other hand, is a whole other experience. Despite this, Yuuta Hoshitani and his team are unflinching in their pursuit of victory.

5 Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Anime series Free! centers around a group of elementary school swimmers and friends: Haruka, Rin, Nagisa, and Tachibana, who are all best friends.

After winning a relay racing tournament, the buddies decide to separate ways. The two eventually cross paths in high school, when Haruka joins the swim team. As a result of realizing that he and Rin ended their relationship on bad terms, he has been fixated with the idea of defeating him ever since.

Rin and Haruka have a level playing field as they work through the intricacies of their relationship and the sport they both love.

4 Run With The Wind

Run With The Wind

Kansei University is where Haiji Kiyose is a student. He is a fourth-year student at Kansei University, where he devotes his time and efforts to the track club. Haiji is desperate to run in the Hakone Ekiden university marathon.

While talking to Kakeru Kurahara, a former world-class athlete and member of Haiji’s running club, Haiji realizes he must extend an invitation. Haiji hopes to win the Hakone Ekiden now that he has 10 teammates. If you’re looking for an anime that delves deep into the subject of relationships, then Run With the Wind is the one for you.

3 No. 6

Yurifans should go for No. 6 mainly because of its portrayal of male relationships. Shion and Nezumi, the two male heroes, immediately evoke images of Victor and Yuri in the minds of viewers. In No.6, Shion has a peaceful existence thanks to the Treaty of Babylon.

He meets fugitive Nezumi on the eve of his twelfth birthday. Shion is in hot water with the law after he lends a hand to wanted criminal Nezumi. Shion reveals the dark secrets of No. 6 four years later when the two reunite.

2 Prince Of Stride: Alternative

Prince Of Stride Alternative

An intense competition known asStride is held in eastern Japan. Teams of six persons compete in a relay competition that spans several locations. Due to a lack of interest in Stride training, the Hnan Academy has been closed.

First-year students Takeru and Nana were able to reignite the flames.

If you’re looking for anything with a BL undertone, Prince of Stride: Alternative is a great choice.

1 Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! tells the story of Shy Hinata, a volleyball fanatic ever since he was a boy and saw the’small giant’ perform on TV. When Shyo meets Tobio Kageyama in middle school, he loses to his ace adversary.

Many years later, Sh joins the volleyball team at Kurasuno High School and defeats Tobio. However, no one knows that this will develop into a healthy co-dependency both on and off the field.