8 Best Anime Like The Ancient Magus Bride Update 05/2024

Gorgeous and entrancing. A creative fantasy experience that seamlessly blends fiction and reality could not be described any better than The Ancient Magus’ Bride. As a world-builder, The Ancient Magus’ Bride does an amazing job of making the reader feel immersed in the story’s setting. Everything in this show exudes Britishness, from the food to the creatures to the settings to the train sets and stations (such as the First Great Western train and the exact replica of London’s Paddington Station).

The story revolves around Chise Hatori, a 15-year-old Japanese girl who sold herself into slavery after feeling abandoned by her friends and family. ‘Sleigh Beggy’ magic-user Chise has no idea she is one of the most powerful spell-users in the world, whose abilities shorten her life expectancy. Elias Ainsworth, a tall, masked gentleman who buys her at auction, takes her to rural England, where she can begin her new life as an apprentice and his future wife.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride has elements of magic, fantasy, romance, and the paranormal in it, but it also serves as a powerful reminder that no matter what, we should make the most of the time we have. MANGA.TOKYO has made an effort to capture all of these emotions in a list of recommended readings that will transport you to enchanting magical worlds and engrossing mystical stories..

1. Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Yuujinchou

Lonely Natsume, 15, has a special ability that sets him apart from others: he can see and communicate with spirits. In the countryside, he discovers that his grandmother Reiko had the same gift as him after moving in with his relatives. Upon learning that he is now the proud owner of Reiko’s Book of Friends, a book that lists all of the spirits that she has slain and subjugated, he sets out to free every single spirit in the book and guard it against those who would abuse its magical abilities.

As a result of their supernatural abilities, both of the protagonists have had a difficult childhood. Throughout the stories, the pace is the same, with a more or less episodic structure as we watch the characters adjust to their new lives and deal with the world beyond what is visible to the naked eye.

2. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden, a young girl raised solely for the purpose of killing, is in a hospital recovering from her wounds after the Great War finally ends. During the war, she lost someone who was dear to her and was left with words she couldn’t make sense of. Her new job as an Auto Memory Doll at CH Postal Services requires her to write down people’s thoughts and feelings, and she is learning about the complexities of human emotions as she goes about reinventing herself as an Auto Memory Doll.

The worlds, landscapes, artwork, and breathtaking animation in both shows are stunning, and the soundtracks are equally so. The heroines are all about the same age, dealing with the same range of emotions, and trying to figure out how to be happy. During their quest for self-discovery, they meet people from all walks of life who encourage them and appreciate them. They are both given new beginnings by male figures who hold great importance in their lives.

3. Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy

Lydia Carlton, one of the last fairy doctors left in the 1800s, lives a peaceful existence in the English countryside. Fairy sight and communication are extremely rare in humans, and she is one of the few. She is saved by Edgar, who claims to be the Blue Knight’s Earl and hires her to help him find a noble sword as proof of his ancestry. Her life is forever changed.

If you liked The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s English folklore and fairy tales, you’ll love Earl and Fairy. Both shows are set in the United Kingdom and feature British folklore as a central theme. While the male protagonists have unique abilities and are thrust into a magical world of faeries and mythical creatures, the female protagonists grow fond of them and develop romantic feelings for them.

4. Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

Princess Yona enjoys a sheltered upbringing in the kingdom of Kouka. Death and betrayal in her family, including that of her beloved cousin Su-won, change everything as she is forced to flee the kingdom with the help of Son Hak, her childhood best friend and bodyguard who has become a lifelong protector. To reclaim her kingdom, she embarks on a quest to find allies, but soon learns that in order to survive in the corrupted and dangerous Kouka world, she must become tough.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Akatsuki no Yona aren’t your typical shoujo anime. Despite the fact that they have underlying love stories, neither of these novels is primarily about love or romance. Instead, both focus on coming-of-age stories. In fantasy worlds, both heroines possess unique abilities, and despite their flaws or the obstacles in their way, they strive to achieve their goals. As well as learning about family and love, they get to tinker around with magic and dragons.

5. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Tanbarun is home to Shirayuki, a cheerful pharmacist. Because of her striking red hair, which no one in her world has ever seen before, Prince Raji is enamored with her and wants her as his concubine. The second prince of a nearby country, Zen Wistalia, and his two aides save the princess who has cut her hair in defiance of her refusal to give up her dreams and freedom. She decides to travel to Zen’s country in order to further her pharmacy career while also repaying Zen for his kindness. There, she tries to become a court herbalist in the palace.

Despite the fact that Shirayuki and Chise share red hair and green eyes, they are worlds apart when it comes to personality. Despite this, they have one thing in common: they are both saved and given new chances in life by male protagonists with a lot of influence and power who care about them and want to keep them safe. While Akagami no Shirayuki-hime has a much stronger focus on romance than The Ancient Magus’ Bride and is more immersed in courtly life, both games feature fantastical settings and fantastical environments that bring you closer to nature.

6. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-)

Inheriting the gift of seeing spirits from her late grandfather, Aoi is a college student. The master of the ‘Tenshinya’ appears to her one day while she is feeding someayakashi and takes her away to the spirits’ realm because he claims she must become his bride due to her grandfather’s financial obligations. Aoi, on the other hand, is adamant about repaying her grandfather’s debt by working at the Tenshinya.

The main heroines are all very different, but they share a history of abuse and neglect with their mothers when they were young. Male protagonists initially appear to be ominous and evil supernatural beings who force marriage on the female characters, but they turn out to be sympathetic and considerate characters who respect the women’s choices. With respect to lore and fairy tales, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi takes place in Japan and is heavily influenced by Japanese folklore and creatures, whereas The Ancient Magus’ Bride is set in the United Kingdom.

7. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

In the small town of Pasloe, a powerful wolf deity named Holo is revered for blessing the annual harvest and is worshipped as such. Because of this advancement in humankind’s knowledge, the “Wise Wolf of Yoitsu” has faded into obscurity. It’s Holo, in human form, who helps traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence by offering to partner with him as long as he takes her to Yoitsu, the city in the north she was born and raised in. Along the way, Kraft gets closer to realizing his dream of opening his own shop, but he also learns that his plans take an unexpected turn in the process.

A fantasy tale set in a European-inspired world with a subtext of a human romance with a magical creature. Spice and Wolf, on the other hand, focuses more on the social and economic aspects of society, whereas The Ancient Magus’ Bride is all about magic. Both shows have a similar atmosphere, with calming tones, lovely music, and intricate background art.

8. xxxHOLiC

He dislikes his ability to see youkai (evil spirits) because they are drawn to him like a magnet and he is almost constantly devoured by them. His path leads him to an odd store one day on his way home from work, and there he meets Yuuko, a mysterious woman who claims that she can help get rid of his supernatural abilities by having him work for her. Watanuki’s wonderful yet bizarre adventures begin when his mother orders him to start working at the store that grants people’s wishes.

A powerful sorcerer teaches Chise and Watanuki how to deal with the spirits after they are both cursed with the ability to see them. Both characters have low self-esteem, have had a difficult and sad life, and must overcome their demons in order to learn what it means to truly love. Both Yuuko and Elias have a lot in common: they don’t use magic for their own gain, are half-human, half-spirit, or half-monster, possess formidable magical abilities, and are frequently sought out by those in need of their services.