16 Best Shows Like Nurse Jackie That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Nurse Jackie

Fans of Nurse Jackie Californication will enjoy this show.

The antihero has become a popular television character type thanks to shows like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, and Hank

1. Californication


David Duchovny excels as Hank in the film Californication. When Hank isn’t writing or raising his family, you can find him cheating on them with a lustful appetite for attractive women.

Duchovny excels as Hank in the film. Because he has some of the same flaws in real life, it may help explain why he plays the role of Hank with such an odd sweetness that it makes you want to root for him.

No matter how bad he is acting. When he expresses regret to his daughter and former flame, it’s clear he really does mean it. For the time being, until the next episode, that is.

2. Girls

The second time I watched Girls, I was blown away by the show’s depth and breadth of content. In this show, four young women in their twenties live in New York and deal with various issues.

Girls, on the other hand, is a realistic portrayal of what it’s like to be in your mid-twenties and trying to figure out your place in the world.

They all have flaws and strengths despite their differences in interests and personalities. In spite of the fact that they get themselves into some absurd situations, they always seem to be there for one another when they need them. The film’s visuals are stunning, and the soundtrack is understated but perfectly crafted.

3. Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Rescue Me, a 2004 film, also has a main character who is emotionally broken but tries to get through each day as best they can. Tommy Gavin is played by comedian Denis Leary. The tragic events of 9/11, in which Tommy’s cousin and countless others lost their lives, have left Tommy in mourning.

With the stress of his job mounting, Tommy is drinking far too much, and he is also dealing with the fact that his wife has abandoned him and is seeing other men. Yes, of course. As an added bonus, Tommy will be able to be closer to his children now that he’s moved into the house across the street from hers. That doesn’t raise any issues.

4. Weeds

Weeds, in my opinion, was a little ahead of its time. This show may be more popular now than it was in 2005, as marijuana is becoming legal in more countries around the world.

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, Weeds is an original, character-driven show about a woman who turns to weed dealing after her wealthy husband dies.

Mary-Louise Parker is the perfect Nancy Botwin, a sarcastic, honest, and loving mother of two boys who is now a weed dealer. Nancy Botwin is perfect. This comedy-drama that aired from 2012 to 2014 frequently featured scenes that were both hilarious and disturbing.

5. Shameless

There are now two distinct iterations of this program. The first one was a 2004 English production.

It’s a great show, but for the purposes of this list, I’ll focus on the 2011 American remake, which starred William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, a single father of six who also happens to be a hopeless alcoholic.

His kids, ages 18 months to 21, look after the house and try to keep Frank from choking on his vomit at night while he spends his days in a drunken stupor.

There are times when the show is heartbreaking, as we see Frank repeatedly spend the mortgage money on booze, but there are also times when it is heartwarming as the family works effortlessly to remain together.

6. The Big C

The Big C

When Laura Linney’s character, Cathy Jamison, is diagnosed with cancer, her suburban life is turned upside down. There is a strong but emotionally damaged character who is confronted with her immortality in this show, as there was in Nurse Jackie.

You never feel sorry for Cathy when she’s on screen thanks to Linney’s excellent performance. The exact opposite is true. To find a little humor and happiness in a world she doesn’t know how much longer she will be in, Cathy takes on every day.

7. Enlightened

I’ve been a huge Laura Dern fan since I first saw Jurassic Park as a kid. She’s versatile enough to play just about any role, and in Enlightened, she really gets to show off her skills. Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern) goes to a treatment center after an embarrassing and explosive breakdown at work before returning home with a new outlook on life.

To see what change can look like and the challenges of dealing with all of the long-term struggles that have been buried for years, watch this entertaining journey unfold.

Dern’s performance is a roller coaster of emotions as she goes from being sorry to being angry in a matter of seconds. The central question of Enlightened is “Can you change who you truly are?”

8. United States of Tara

Toni Collette has been referred to as my “movie mom” by me. She has quickly risen to the status of one of my all-time favorite actors after roles in films such as The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine, and Hereditary. Collette, on the other hand, is equally at home on television.

During Tara, Collette portrays Tara Gregson, who has been diagnosed with dissociative disorder and is also trying to raise and deal with her dysfunctional family in the United States of Tara.

Collette plays Tara with such a sweet and endearing quality that she defies the stereotypes associated with bipolar disorder. Wonderful three-season show that’s well worth your time, despite its short runtime.

9. Nip/tuck


There’s no way I’m sugar-coating this. No one should attempt a nip/tuck if they are afraid of the risks. This is a drama/comedy about two plastic surgeons who are trying to balance their personal and professional lives while running a successful practice.

Plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction are depicted in graphic detail on Nip-tuck, including the actual surgery itself. It’s not uncommon for doctors to be downright cruel when determining what procedures a patient must undergo in order to be considered “beautiful” in their eyes.

Some episodes deal with dark themes, such as when the doctors learn they resurrected a fugitive pedophile with a new mask. Yes, this show is intense, but it was created by none other than Ryan Murphy, the master of the gothic genre.

10. This Way Up

This Way Up, a comedy, is one of the list’s most recent releases. Observing Aine’s exploits as she deals with the aftereffects of a nervous breakdown, played admirably by the show’s creator, Aisling Bea (pictured).

Aine’s life has been turned upside down, but she makes an effort to laugh about it and move on with her sarcasm and wit. It’s difficult for Aine to maintain relationships with former friends who don’t return her phone calls.

In a frightening but realistic look at who will remain in your life after you hit rock bottom, and what it’s like to face the world with a new perspective, this film. There will be a new season later this year, so you have plenty of time to get caught up on the first season’s events before then.

11. Orange Is the New Black

The only show on this list that was hailed as a modern television savior before it was almost completely forgotten after a few seasons is Orange Is the New Black. 91 episodes of a show that ensemble casts will try to imitate for years to come were left after the show ended after seven seasons.

Following Piper Kerman and her fellow inmates while incarcerated, Orange Is the New Black is based on Kerman’s memoir of the same name. Piper has to deal with the complete reversal of her normal circumstances.

Piper learns about herself and what it means to be happy in life by doing things like wearing the same clothes every day, eating bad food, and being around people she doesn’t get along with.

12. Dead to Me

Dead to Me

Dead to Me, a comedy/drama from last year, is also on this list. In Christine Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s new film Dead to Me, a dark secret binds the characters of Christine and Linda, and the story revolves around the themes of grief, friendship, and trust.

Cardellini and Applegate have chemistry despite playing characters with polar opposite personalities. As their friendship grows, truths emerge that put their newfound bond in jeopardy, and it’s an honor to be allowed to witness it. A third season is planned, so catch up now before it’s too late.

13. Ray Donovan

A fun show is what Ray Donovan is. Live Schreiber takes on the role of the title character, a “fixer” for the wealthy. Celebrities, sports stars, and others who can afford Ray’s services, but not their dark secrets, hire him to clean up their messes and keep them out of the public eye.

Ray is a different kind of antihero altogether. When he’s not dealing with the issues of his clients, he’s dealing with his own. He’s tough as nails, but as you get to know him better, you see that he has a sensitive side as well.

Ray has a lot on his plate between dealing with his brothers, his estranged father, potential love interests, and his job. It’s entertaining to watch him try to juggle it all.

14. Mom

As a network television show, Mom has to adhere to more rules than shows on HBO or streaming services. This makes it the most standard of the series on this list. However, this does not detract from the series’ overall enjoyment thanks to the hysterical performance of Anna Faris.

A newly sober mother named Christy is trying to put her life back together without the help of alcohol while dealing with her absentee mother, who hasn’t always been there for her.

In the show, we learn that we can all change if we try hard enough, and that the childhood experiences we had don’t have to be the ones our children have.

15. Happyish


Despite having a stellar cast that includes Kathryn Hahn, Steve Coogan, and Bradley Whitford, Happyish ran for only one season. Unfortunately. What an impact it had in the brief time it was on our television screens.

Following Thom Payne’s (Steve Coogan) tragic but all-too-real exploits, Happyish sees Thom dealing with the feeling of insignificance in a world that values youth over maturity.

A new boss doesn’t like Thom, and he’s upset that anti-depressants are interfering with the effectiveness of his erectile dysfunction (ED) medication. In Happyish, we see how we deal with aging and the feelings that can arise as we begin to wonder what our new role in life is as we grow older.. In my opinion, Eddie Falco is one of the most talented actors working today. Besides The Sopranos, America Crime Story, Tommy, and Law & Order: SVU, Falco has appeared in a number of other films and television series.

16. In Conclusion

So there you have it. After you’ve seen Nurse Jackie for the fourth or fifth time, try one of these fifteen other shows. Make sure you watch good television if you’re going to stay indoors all day watching movies or television. Be careful and cautious.