10 Best Medieval Fantasy Movies That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Medieval Fantasy Movies

According to IMDb’s rankings, the ten greatest medieval fantasy films of all time are listed below.

Medieval fantasy was at its peak in the ’80s, with knights in shining armor accompanied by heavy metal guitars. Even if the visual effects couldn’t achieve the requisite charm, the decade’s excessive grandeur and pageantry lent themselves well to the fabled dimensions of the genre. As a result, films like Willow and Legend captivated our young imaginations and prepared us for the day whenGame of Throneswould be widely appreciated by the general populace.

Sword and sorcery films, like theLord of the Ringstrilogy from the early 2000s, have seen a rebirth in popularity, with stories of heroic warriors, enchanted wizards, and brave damsels in distress. Fans of medieval fantasy are in for an exciting ride in the next few years, with Game of Thrones prequels and Lord of the Rings and The Witcher series all coming out. So, according to IMDb, these are the top 10 movies in the category.


Of terms of epic fantasy films, the first in Peter Jackson’sLord of the Ringstrilogy is among the most beloved. It revolutionized the fantasy genre for decades to come with its stunning visuals, magnificent world-building, and dramatic performances.

There were four hobbits, an elf and a dwarf on their way to Mount Doom with the Ring of Power. There is no time to waste if they want to reach there in time before Sauron and his forces of evil catch up to them. The picture maintains a benchmark for all subsequent action-packed comedies because of its combination of humor, emotion, and action.



Hiccup and Toothless, a young boy and his dragon, spawned a series of films about the two of them. To become an adult, he is obligated by his tribe’s warrior culture to take on and defeat dragons, but instead finds himself befriending one in the process.

When the two first meet, they are the most unlikely of allies, but their shared weirdness gradually brings them together. While training to protect their family and friends from attack, Hiccup and Toothless discover new things about each other. Even while it’s entertaining for children, it’s also fun for adults.


Slapstick humor, wit, action, and romance combine to make The Princess Bride one of the most exhilarating fantasy films of all time. Among the cast are a beautiful couple, humorous sidekicks, threatening villains, and appearances by some of the era’s most famous performers.

Stable boy Dread Pirate Roberts (Roberts) becomes the Dread Pirate Roberts and tries to win Princess Buttercup’s heart, who is promised to an evil King. His love will require him to confront thieves, fight enormous rats, and display his swordplay skills in order to win her heart. It’s impossible to leave it out of any list because of the humorous script’s many memorable moments.

4. EXCALIBUR (7.4)


Until you’ve watched Excalibur, the 1980s fantasy epic featuring young British actors like Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren, you haven’t seen the legend of King Arthur recounted in the same way. Violent depiction of a dark epoch and the characters who lived there, including heroes, villains, and monsters

After several wars, Arthur is able to free the legendary sword from its stone scabbard, marry Guinevere, and go on to construct the great kingdom of Camelot. Morgana, his evil half-sister and a sorcerer, takes the shape of Guinevere so that the infant born of their unholy marriage will one day rule the kingdom.

5. WILLOW (7.3)

Willow, the story of a small person who makes a big difference, comes from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. At the beginning of the film, Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) is an ordinary farmer who dreams of becoming one of the greatest magicians in the world. For his tribe, this means he must lead the effort to bring back a human youngster who was found by the river of his tribe in a basket.

Several fairytale creatures lend a hand, as does Mad Mardiggan (Val Kilmer), a former great swordsman turned womanizer and pickpocket. In the eyes of an evil sorceress, the child’s pure magic is a death sentence. There is a final showdown between good and evil that will have you roaring for your hero.

6. LADYHAWKE (7.0)


To be apart from someone you love is an agonizing experience for any young man who joins forces with the mysterious black-haired knight on an unidentified horse. By night, Lady Isabeau (Rutger Hauer) turns into a majestic hawk, Captain Navarre (Rutger Hauer).

It’s the only time they’ll see each other as humans before they shift into a sleek wolf that Navarre does. By helping them overthrow an evil bishop, the thief will help them free Lady Isabeau from the horrible curse that he placed on her.


There were other live-action films inspired by Maleficent, including The Jungle Bookand Beauty and the Beast, that were released by Disney after Maleficent’s success at the box office in 2014.

An fitting twist on the classic Sleeping Beauty tale was put, and Angelina Jolie’s performance as Maleficent was career-defining.

For the first time ever, we get to experience Aurora’s christening from the perspective of the Disney villain, the Dark Fae. A spinning needle is the gift she gives her, but after spending time with an adult Aurora, it becomes difficult for her to want the curse to be carried out.



An apprentice wizard is called upon to save the realm of Urland from an invasion of dragons in the 6th century. Ulrich (Ralph Richardson), the grand wizard, is ordered to slay the dragon with his spells; if he doesn’t, the kingdom will have to continue sacrificing virgins to it, including the princess.

Galen, the famed wizard’s student, must assume control of the spellbook after his mentor’s death in order to bring an end to its reign of oppression. Dragons, knights, wizards, princesses in peril, and awful ’80s puppetry and stop-motion visual effects are all on show inDragonslayer, which is a medieval fantasy classic.

9. LEGEND (6.5)

When Tom Cruise was younger, he starred in the medieval fantasy epic Legend, which tells the story of a forest warden who must safeguard the young princess. One of the world’s most ruthless warlords is searching for mystical beasts in order to increase his might and influence.

In his quest, he is looking for unicorns, which are becoming more and more difficult to come by as they retreat into the shadows. To get unicorns from the forest’s protector, he kidnaps the princess. But the princess herself manages to outsmart him. It’s a must-see for Tim Curry’s performance as the Lord of Darkness and Tangerine Dream’s gorgeous soundtrack.



Dragons have been known to offer part of their hearts in order to save a dying prince since the days of knights and dragons. In later years, the prince matures into an opportunistic tyrant with a sinister disposition. Disillusioned with his apprentice Sir Bowen (Dennis Quaid), Sir Bowen departs from the castle. Draco (Sean Connery) is the last dragon he encounters, and they form a unique partnership.

Their planning is cut short when they learn that the despotic prince is about to wreck the kingdom, so they con the villages by Bowen claiming to rid them of their “dragon.” Sir Bowen must make a difficult decision as he prepares to slay his old pupil, because to kill the man is to kill the dragon.