16 Best Anime Like Citrus That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Citrus

The following list of anime and manga are good alternatives to Citrus. Take a peek at the suggested viewing lists and reviews right below to see what other people thought of each title.

1. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

They’re both yuri anime with a similar focus on romantic relationships. Furthermore, both programs’ themes revolve around the blonde character’s sexual and love awakening toward the more experienced/streetwise (yet surprisingly broken) dark-haired character. As a result, Citrus has more to do with sexual fetishes and fan service than Yagate Kimi ni Naru does with healthy and real relationships. Yagate Kimi ni Naru is a more respectful and nuanced yuri show than Citrus if you were put off by these features of the show.

YKNN’s ending is a bit jarring, as the anime ends approximately halfway through the book at a rather inconvenient moment. While this is a fetish anime, it does have some… dubious moments surrounding consent (…you’ll understand what I mean by the end of episode 1). Citrus can be entertaining when it isn’t bad, but the problematic portions can be really off-putting. I would much rather recommend YKNN as an excellent show that is genuinely trying to convey a nice romance.

2. Scum’s Wish

They both deal with human emotions and relationships in a realistic manner. Both films are heavily reliant on themes of trust and the anxieties that arise when people want to build relationships with others while simultaneously trying to protect themselves from being damaged. Relationship breakdown and the reasons behind people’s actions and personalities are both examined in this book. They’re both heartwarming and honest, but they’re also honest about the harsher elements of life. Take a look at both if you like one. Both have a lot of depth and are richer than their surface appearances would suggest, which is unusual in today’s anime.

3. Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

In both NTR and Citrus, two high school girls form a romantic bond. While they are in relationships with other men, two of the key characters in NTR have feelings for one another. While Citrus focuses on two step-sisters who develop feelings for one another. NTR has more sex scenes than Citrus, yet both feature sexual content. Chapters in NTR and Citrus are equally dramatic and suspenseful. A blonde is smitten with a black girl because of their similar looks (my favorite trope)

4. Strawberry Panic

Girls-only schools are the setting for both. Due to their respective pasts, the main characters in both shows are smitten with a woman who is emotionally unavailable. Citrus’ Yuzu, on the other hand, is a lot more loud and confident than the other MCs. Both of their potential lovers present a false front to others. The characters in both series are well-developed and well-balanced (Citrus a bit more so). They handle relationship issues in a positive manner. As the series progresses, they both become uplifting and enlightening. If you enjoy one of these two, I highly recommend giving the other a try as well.

5. Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura

Both are yuri anime, but the premise of citrus *cough* incest *cough* being nasty makes adachi to shimamura a better choice for a lovely lgbt anime:)!!

6. Domestic Girlfriend

They’re both dark erotic romances that explore the complicated relationship between two stepbrothers and raise issues such as the dangers of unwholesome relationships, the consequences of a secret one-sided crush, and the consequences of suppressing one’s sexual desires. Citrus, on the other hand, is yuri and heavily emphasizes homosexuality, and Domekano has characteristics that suggest it might be a harem.

7. OreImo


Citrus is essentially Kirino’s fantasy of having a little sister come true, thus everyone who likes Oreimo would enjoy it. Because Kirino’s voice and style are so close to Yuzu’s, it’s simple to imagine Yuzu as Kirino.

8. Please tell me! Galko-chan

Could you please let me know? When Galko-chan posts something, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know what it is. GALKO-CHAN

Both have a gyaru as the central figure, despite their obvious differences. They are viewed as “bad,” even though the truth is totally different for both MCs.

9. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

Despite the fact that Citrus does not have as many kissing sequences as Sakura Trick, there are still some similarities between the two. “Girls kissing with each other” is the most significant one. Sakura Trick was my favorite, but the dynamic between the two characters in Citrus is equally compelling.

10. A love story between sister

Marimete, in contrast to citrus, does not make use of sexual approach as a storyline device. When compared to Yuzu-Mei, Yumi-development Sachiko’s of a sisterly bond is more believable.

11. Super Lovers

Homosexual step-brothers are the romantic partners in each of these animes. Ten to twelve episodes chronicle the ups and downs of their real-life romances. In Super Lovers, a connection between a young boy and an adult man is depicted. It is shoujo-ai, or citrus.

12. YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily ♪♪

YuruYuri Happy Go Lily

Yuri’s version is hilarious. Despite the humor, there are tender and heartfelt exchanges. However, it’s a letdown because there isn’t an actual pairing.

13. Sweet Blue Flowers

Human interactions and adolescence are depicted realistically in both of these works. Strawberry Panic and Simoun are two of the best yuri animes out there.

14. Nana

This is a wonderful love story, despite the fact that it isn’t shoujo ai. It’s considerably better since it has the airtime to provide a lot more in terms of character and story development.

Yuzu shares certain personality traits with Komatsu Nana, which may have made Citrus more appealing to me.

15. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

In anime, it’s rare to see characters dealing with relationships and sentiments on a more personal level. They both depict the darker parts of life, as well as the brighter ones, and both characters are fully-developed. These two are unquestionably excellent choices!

16. Whispered Words

Both are sweet shows that realistically and fairly examine the development of romantic relationships between female characters. However, citrus is a bit more edgy and heartwarming.