10 Best Anime Like Akudama Drive That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Akudama Drive

Fans of the cyberpunk anime Akudama Drive will love these ten recommended reading selections, which include

Akudama Drive, a sci-fi anime set in a cyberpunk future, will premiere in the summer of 2020 for fans of the genre. Taking place in a futuristic dystopia in Japan, Akudama Drive follows a group of expert criminals on a ridiculously dangerous heist at the orders of a mysterious employer. To complicate matters, one of the criminals is an ordinary woman who accidentally became part of the group.

Fans of Blade Runner and Quentin Tarantino films were enthralled by the edgy, action-packed tale. Because Akudama Drive only lasted 12 episodes, we’ve rounded up some more shows that might be able to satisfy the longing of Akudama Drive fans.

10 Gantz


Gantz, like Akudama Drive, features a group of people who find themselves in a predicament they didn’t expect, and who are attempting to escape. While trying to save someone from being run over by a train, our hero loses his life. The recently deceased are all members of a combat team as they awaken from their slumber in the afterlife. It’s a death sentence if they don’t succeed, but a new beginning if they do.

9 The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender, like Akudama Drive, is a criminal anime, but its tone is quite different. Con artists are depicted in the film as they try to pull off a variety of elaborate scams. Fans of Cowboy Bebop will recognize the joyful, musical spirit in this film. This is a must-see for everyone who wants to see how people pull off challenging criminal operations, thanks to the thieves with golden hearts.

8 Lupin III

Lupin III

Similarly to The Great Pretender, Lupin III centers on a man who sets out to steal his money while also coming up with creative solutions to problems. He frequently finds himself in heroic roles as a result of his thefts of jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

It’s a humorous take on the criminal anime genre because he’s both a hero and a detective, but he’s also a cute scamp who is probably out to swindle the people he ends up saving.

7 Cowboy Bebop

As a follow-up for those who haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop, Akudama Drive is a wonderful choice. There are bounty hunters in a cyberpunk universe that go around in a spaceship to other planets and a decrepit Earth, trying to make ends meet and sometimes ending up in difficult, sometimes tragic, situations. The series has a noir sensibility and a well-loved soundtrack.

6 Psycho-Pass


Psycho-Pass is a police procedural with a cyberpunk edge that follows the detectives as they investigate crimes. It is possible to detect whether a person is a criminal by looking at their psychological condition, as well as whether they are a “latent criminal,” which means that they are in a state of mind which could lead to them committing a crime in the future. The series examines the topic of when someone becomes a criminal: when they have committed a crime, or when they have the potential to do so.

5 Death Note

A successful anime series for almost a decade, Death Note has even had a Western remake launch on Netflix, albeit one that received mixed reviews.

The show also explores the philosophical question of whether it is a person’s duty or privilege to kill criminals, and if doing so makes the world a safer place. Using a book called the Death Note, Light Yagami may kill anybody he chooses by writing their full name on a single page of the book.

4 Bungo Stray Dogs

Q (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Many of the characters in Bungo Stray Dogs have magical talents that allow them to combat the mafia and those who work for the black market with ease. Like the white tiger form that the main character (Atsushi Nakajima) may assume when in battle. From F. Scott Fitzgerald to Louisa May Alcott, there are numerous characters in the novel who are named after and influenced by their respective authors.

3 Erased

Erased is a psychological suspense/murder mystery hybrid. “Revival” is the ability of a young guy in the series. With this power, he can travel back in time to stop a potentially fatal incident from occurring. 18 years after his mother’s murder, he uses this power to travel backward in time. Slowly unraveling the mystery of her death, and the killings of several of his childhood pals, is enhanced by the nonlinear tale approach.

2 Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

Satoshi Kon’s final work, the anime series Paranoia Agent, was the only one he directed before he passed away. Psychological thrillers have always been a strong suit of Kon’s, and Paranoia Agent is no exception. This is a series about a young man named Shonen Bat, who assaults people while on rollerblades and with a baseball bat when they are close to a mental collapse. Despite the fact that each episode has a different cast of individuals, the show nevertheless functions as an anthology.

1 Danganronpa

Since Kazutaka Kodaka co-wrote the scenario for both Akudama Drive and the Danganronpa series, fans of Danganronpa may be particularly interested in its sequel, Danganronpa 2. The two shows are put out similarly. In Danganronpa, a group of high school students are forced into a murdering game, and the tale follows them. According to the rules, in order to free themselves from captivity, each of them must successfully assassinate a fellow prisoner.