7 Best Anime Characters From Kakegurui That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime Characters From Kakegurui

Who in the main cast of Kakegurui would win in a popularity contest?

One of the most insane watching experiences for anime fans is Kakegurui. Hakkaou Private Academy is the setting for the show, a school for the children of the ultra-rich and famous. However, a student’s social standing at school is largely determined by how well they do in a gambling competition. The students with the greatest victories run the school, while those with the most debts become “House Pets” for the other students’ whims.

Yumeko Jabami, a new student atHyakkaou, arrives at the school to feed her gambling addiction. As Yumeko reshapes the school, the Student Council strives to put an end to her reign once and for all in the new series. Anime fans who haven’t seen the anime may recognize the peculiar attention given to tongues. However, with a cast this large, some characters are more popular than others.

7. Kaede Manyuda

Kaede Manyuda

Manyuda, who used to be the Student Council Treasurer, is a self-obsessed jerk who thinks he’s an expert gambler. His plans are mostly geared around gaining the position of Student Council President for himself. As a result, Yumeko completely outplays him in a game of chess. Even while his past is detailed and he has some understandable justifications for his crueler behaviors, he doesn’t make for a particularly enjoyable character.

Kaede, more than anyone, lacks the other characters’ obnoxiousness. He doesn’t make an effort to be liked by the people he interacts with. As a result, seeing him in Kakeguruia is a very vexing experience.

6. Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki Sumeragi may have a charming exterior, but she is a cold-blooded killer. She bought her way into the Student Council by being the school’s best card player. To make things even more unpleasant for the viewers of Kakegurui, after Itsuki has drained her rivals of their money through bets, she makes them lose their fingernails and toenails in an act of almost sadistic joy.

She does turn against the Student Council after all, but she does so out of pure selfishness. This woman simply wants to overthrow a system from which she no longer gains anything.

5. Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami

In Kakegurui, the main antagonist, Kirari Momobami, is a sadist who treats people more like toys than as living beings. Kirari is one of those characters that, despite the fact that she has a cool character design and some very over-the-top villainy, isn’t appealing, despite viewer involvement with her. She takes great pleasure in destroying people and subjecting them to unimaginable suffering.

She introduced the House Pet system, which made an already dysfunctional system much worse, when she became the Student Council President. In spite of this, Kirari is a villain that fans “love to loathe.”

4. Sayaka Igarashi

Sayaka Igarashi

Sayaka, the secretary of the student council, is devoted to her best friend, Kirari, above all else. On some way, Kirari appears to reciprocate her feelings for her, despite the fact that she doesn’t care about anyone. To ensure that Kirari isn’t unfairly judged by other pupils, she will go to great lengths to protect her reputation.

It’s the intensity of the commitment that’s both endearing and frightful. Viewers hope that Sayaka will be able to win the heart of her admirer. When it comes right down to it, no matter how cool the motivation may be, she is still allowing some pretty repulsive acts.

3. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami

Kakegurui’s protagonist Yumeko Jabami is a nice and lovely young woman: she doesn’t gossip, she doesn’t like bullies, and she pays off the debts of a stranger. When Yumeko, on the other hand, engages in a game of chance, things take a strange turn. She’s a drug addict who craves the euphoria of a gamble’s uncertainty. She’s not bothered whether she wins or loses. Yumeko craves the excitement of a game with a truly unpredictable ending.

When she tries to go that high, she becomes utterly irrational. When she isn’t abusing her habit, she comes across as a pleasant person, but when she is, she turns creepy.

2. Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome, who began the series as a villain, is reduced to House Pet status at the hands of Yumeko after a humiliating loss at the hands of Kakegurui. This gives Mary a compelling redemption story. Within the context of the anime, she is a tsundere character. As the book unfolds, though, she becomes one of Yumeko’s most steadfast allies and a co-protagonist.

As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly evident that Mary cares about the people around her, despite her erratic interactions with them. That kind of redemption provides her more substance and clearly defined aims to work with in the story.

1. Ryota Suzui

Ryota Suzui

Ryota Suzui is one of the most likable characters in theKakegurui series. He’s not addicted to gambling, he’s a laid-back guy who sincerely wants to help Yumeko control her problem, and he and Mary are friends despite the fact that he was once Mary’s house pet. Yumeko relies on him as her moral compass. Ryota agrees with the audience that the school’s gambling is completely out of control.

Ryota is the most laid-back character in the core cast, serving as both a straight man for the more eccentric characters and an audience surrogate.