10 Best Alien Anime CharactersThat You Should Know Update 06/2024

Alien Anime Characters

What is the most powerful alien species in anime, and which one is the most common?

There are a plethora of excellent science fiction anime series to be found online. Each of them has a cool vision of what could have been or what could have been in the future. All kinds of insane concepts, from human potential to crazy technology, are explored in these shows. However, the one thing we worry about in every series seems to be the presence of extraterrestrial life. Aliens always tend to improve things, whether it’s in a comedic or serious anime. It’s fascinating to see the wide range of aliens that artists have come up with — some appear like fantastic monsters with previously unsuspected abilities, while others resemble us only slightly. Extraterrestrials might be the focus of a story or they can assist a protagonist in achieving their overall goal. It’s not uncommon for them to be the protagonist.

Consider a series like Dragon Ball, in which the protagonist is like the Superman of the anime world, saving the helpless from harm. It’s possible that we’ll encounter and even live with strange and weird aliens in other, more hilarious series like Space Dandy. We enjoy every anime alien we come across, regardless of the series, and there’s always something out there for everyone. It’s also important to know what kinds of animals are some of the strongest in the genre. From weakest to strongest, we’ve produced a list of 20 of your favorite shows and their most renowned aliens. Identify whether or not one of your favorites made the cut!



You already know the ending if you’re a Gintama fan. Extraterrestrials in this series are referred to as “Amanto” in Japanese. It was the Amanto who created a planetary life force known as Atlana, which they used to power their technology by converting it into energy. While the Amanto may appear to be human, most of their powers are in fact alien.

As a result, they are able to do feats of strength, speed, and durability that are impossible for a person to replicate. When Kagura gets angered, she unleashes a powerful arsenal of Amanto skills that she keeps secret from the public.


The parasites from Parasyte are some of the strangest-looking aliens on this list, but they’re also some of the most powerful. We don’t know where these critters came from or how they got here. But thanks to Migi’s parasite, we get a glimpse of what they’re capable of.

It’s remarkable how much Migi can do with the human body when he unintentionally controls Shinichi’s right arm instead of his full head. Schinichi gains the ability to wield a bladed whip or sword, as well as increased strength and healing. This parasite can even be fully detachable from or fused to another parasite’s host.



For those who haven’t seen Kill La Kill, these germs may not seem like a big issue, but they are one of the most powerful on our list. Although they’re not intruders by any means, they’ve had a significant impact on human life. Multi-cellular, lengthy strands that are parasitic are the norm.

This parasite will feed on the bio-energy of a human host, however it will do it outside rather than internally in order to spare the human host’s life. According to the anime, this is how people first started to cover themselves. Finally, they’d be found stitched into clothing, which is how things like Senketsu were invented to protect against them.


The Sailor Scouts are not, contrary to popular belief, extraterrestrials. To a certain extent, this is correct. Despite their powers, scouts like Usagi and her crew aren’t technically part of their alien race any longer. However, as Pluto and Chaos were never resurrected, their status as “fellow scout” would still stand.

Despite their appearance, these scouts hold an incredible amount of power. Sailor Chaos, a mysterious alien scout who is rumored to be even more destructive than Sailor Galaxia, is the toughest alien scout we’ve ever heard of. There are many instances where Chaos is responsible for the universe’s demise in the manga.



However, we’ve seen some scary aliens emerge from the Space Dandy series despite it being known as a comedy. We had to include the Dethgerian on this list because they’re so unique. In order to entice prey, these aliens will often assume the form of a vulnerable female when they aren’t hungry.

Their feeding form transforms into these terrifying monsters with multiple mouths when it takes hold. While Mamitas appeared to be a normal girl until the point where she was ready to eat anyone or anything, save for maybe old space food, Dandy witnessed this firsthand.


Our first encounter with DARLING, the hive-mind nightmare of space invaders, has taken place in the FRANXX. Anyone who stands in their way or refuses to submit to their authority will be killed by these savage invaders.

In addition to a large fleet of ships and a strong arsenal, they also have a number of mechs that are similar to the Klaxosaurs. On this list of aliens, the VIRM are some of the most savage invaders we’ve ever encountered. They’ll always be at war, it seems.



When it comes to anime, you can’t leave out one of the most popular aliens. One of our favorites on this list are these human-like aliens. The Saiyans are without a doubt one of the most powerful anime aliens. The Frieza race may be similarly powerful, but we’ve seen Saiyans like Goku defeat them repeatedly. It’s obvious that these players are the best in their division based on their record of victories.

Universe 7’s warriors are clearly vying with one another for supremacy, as evidenced by their use of the Super Saiyan transformation.


In the world of anime, there are some genres that are more popular than others, and mechs are one of such genres. As for mech anime, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Macross, a well-known series in Japan with a sizable fan base in the United States.

Bio-mechanical extraterrestrial lifeforms known as Vajra are a major threat to the Macross Frontier Fleet. Some of their abilities include impenetrable energy converting armor, anti-ship beam weapons, and the ability to fold into a cube.



Everybody adored One-Punch Man, but a villain can make or break an anime. The Dark Matter Thieves in this instance were an alien invasion force sent to assault numerous worlds. Known for their extraordinary regeneration skills, the alien race’s leader, Boros, has shown us the full scope of his might.

While he is the most powerful member of his race, he is also one of the most nimble and nimble of all of them. He, like the rest of his race, has the capacity to project energy and regenerate at a rapid rate. Because Saitama has described him as “one of the strongest enemies I’ve ever battled,” we know he’s powerful.


This magical girl anime may look lovely, but we can promise you that Madoka Magica is not. Incubator Kyubey, a cute cat-like creature, is a recurring symbol of the program. In spite of its charm, this extraterrestrial may be one of the most powerful out there. During the show, we’ve observed that incubators are quite difficult to kill.

In addition to this, these aliens are able to fulfill whatever dream you may like to have. Kyubey wants to induce Madoka to make a wish so that incubators can replenish their own universal energy, which is why incubators employ magical girls and witches. As a result of the abilities of incubation, she basically rewrites the laws of the universe and becomes a god.