10 Best Anime About Hell That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime About Hell

This is a psychological thriller anime that has a distinct look and feel. Check out these shows if you’re seeking for comparable ones.

In Hell Girl, Hiroshi Watanabe and Takahiro Oomori’s psychological series, a female named Ai Enma and her acquaintance’s contractual duties in conveying despised souls to the afterlife are examined. Individuals punished by Enma and her supporters receive no mercy, but those who urge this action are made to suffer dearly.

Despite its episodic nature, Hell Girl is revered by fans as a terrifying horror show, with many reporting that the character of Enma still gives them the creeps. This series, however, isn’t the only one that shares some of the same characteristics.


Higurashi When They Cry

As shown in the manga and anime, Higurashi When They Cry follows Keiichi Maebara, a young man who moves to Hinamizawa and makes friends with five female classmates. When Keiichi confronts his friends about Hinamizawa’s tragic past during the village’s annual festival, they refuse to tell him anything. As the series progresses, the spectator is presented with a number of mysteries to solve.

Aside from Hell Girl, Higurashi When They Cry is one of the best horror animes and will leave viewers feeling spooked. Both anime show the darkest side of human nature as well.


Light Yagami, the protagonist of Death Note, is a young man who stumbles across a deadly notebook left behind by the death god Ryuk. As a hero in the eyes of the public, Light goes by Kira and murders criminals with the notebook after obtaining an explanation of its capabilities from Ryuk. To stop Kira’s shenanigans, the police appoint an investigator named L Lawliet.

Death Note, like Hell Girl, is a mystery anime that everyone should see because the characters and storyline are so well-loved and memorable. Each of these shows will have fans pondering whether or not the actions taken by the characters are appropriate.


Ghost Hound

It’s about three young men who’ve had a difficult life in Suiten, Germany, and wonder why they keep seeing ghosts and other unexplained occurrences. In order to put an end to the weird happenings taking place around them, the story revolves around these three lads as they embark on an adventure into a magical, unknown world. They must overcome their anxieties and heal a rift between this world and their own.

Like Hell Girl, Ghost Hound’s tale might be tough to follow and deal with afterlife themes. The character designs in both series are strikingly similar, and the animation is top-notch.


Shiki tells the story of a town where the residents believe influenza is to blame for a large number of deaths. However, Toshio Ozaki, a doctor, and Natsuno Yuuki, a 12-year-old, form a team to take down the Shiki, the individuals Ozaki claims are responsible for the fatalities.

With its eerie soundtrack and haunting animation style, Shiki is sure to terrify lovers of the horror series Hell Girl. In both series, the brutality is ratcheted up a great deal, and the whole tone is not one to scoff at either.


Ghost Hunt

For Taniyama Mai, the protagonist of Ghost Hunt, eerie stories are her favorite pastime. Later, Mai is introduced to a guy who has been summoned by Mai’s school principal to look into the school’s peculiar riddles. In the aftermath of accidently smashing Kazuya’s assistant’s camera, Kazuya asks that Mai become his new assistant in order to make up for her mistake. Mai is the protagonist of the novel, which revolves around her experiences as a ghost hunter.

The episodic style of Ghost Hunt, like that of Hell Girl, will leave viewers unnerved by the show’s horrible moments. According to MyAnimeList, Ghost Hunt’s manga is one of the greatest Horror manga series ever.


Death Parade tells the story of Decim, a guy who uses various activities to determine a person’s fate after death. Decim has no problem delivering accurate judgment, but he soon encounters a person who will force him to evaluate his work.

Death Parade, like Hell Girl, is episodic and tells the stories of various characters as part of a larger story. Death is a recurring topic in both series, and the characters in both are initially cold, but open up as the story unfolds. Death Parade’s principles are, however, better illustrated by the characters.



Pucks of Magic This anime follows the adventures of Madoka Kaname, a young woman who meets the mythical Kyubey in the title character’s titular manga and anime series. Her transformation into a supernatural being is made possible thanks to him. As encouraging as it sounds, Madoka and her companions learn the secret behind its proposal.

Madoka Magica, like Hell Girl, is a thought-provoking series that deviates from expectations by telling a story about a happy life turned dark. Both series have beautifully stylized animation and aren’t afraid to get intense when it comes to violence.


Paranoia Agent tells the story of a strange assailant dubbed Shounen Bat, who has a golden baseball bat and relentlessly attacks civilians in his village. Two detectives decide to look into the matter in order to put an end to his rampage. Shounen Bat is causing increasing concern among the populace, and as each day passes, their fear grows greater and worse. Because of this, Shounen Bat is a race against time for the investigators in this show.

Like Hell Girl, each episode of Paranoia Agent delves deep into the mind of a new character by focusing on a particular situation they’re facing. Even today, Paranoia Agent is considered one of the greatest horror animes of all time.


Elfen Lied

When the government imprisons an exotic girl for her supernatural skills, it is called Elfen Lied. There are two people that take Lucy in, but they don’t know how important she is to the government and the difficulties they will face soon.

As in Hell Girl, Elfen Lied also features a strong female lead character who is capable of murder and is desolate in the company of others. A dismal, psychological environment is depicted in both anime and the audience is left wanting more.


Studies That Are Repeated It’s all about Lain Iwakura, who receives an email from a friend who took her own life after receiving a bizarre message from her. Email opens Lain up to a virtual realm called the Wired, where she encounters a series of mysteries. To top it all off, Lain has to cope with men who know more about her than she does. Making difficult choices to safeguard both worlds, Lain comes to understand the true meaning of uniqueness, consciousness, and insight.

Serial Experiments Lain is similar to Hell Girl in that it deals with uncomfortable subjects and has strong psychological and thriller components to keep the audience engaged. Fans of horror anime should not miss Serial Experiments Lain.