10 Best Anime About VR That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime About VR

Despite the fact that virtual reality (VR) is still a relatively new technology, there are a number of anime-themed games now on the market.

Immersion in video games can now be achieved with virtual reality headsets, which anime fans also seek. Despite the fact that virtual reality (VR) is still a relatively new technology, there are a number of anime-themed games now on the market.

Because many of these games are only accessible in Japan and have not yet been released elsewhere, they can be difficult to track down. Fortunately, there are a slew of VR games available that are sure to please any anime enthusiast.

1. Tokyo Chronos Is An Immersive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure With An Emotional Story

Tokyo Chronos

Anime enthusiasts are sure to enjoy Tokyo Chronos, one of the games on this list. VR-based visual novel with several endings, a “choose-your-own-adventure.”

This game, developed by MyDearest Inc., has a Steam user rating of “Very Positive” and an Oculus app store rating of “4 and a half stars”. When you play Tokyo Chronos, you’re immersed in an anime world where you can have meaningful conversations with the other players and the characters you’re playing as.

2. Hatsune Miku VR Lets Fans Dance And Sing With The Hid Vocaloid Music Star

Anime character Hatsune Miku has swept the globe. To appeal to young Japanese music listeners and anime enthusiasts, she’s depicted as an adorable 16-year-old anime girl with a vivacious personality. For the most part, she’s a software character who sings in an original style. Hatsune Miku has performed countless live concerts, while being a purely fictional animated character.

This game allows Hatune Muku’s followers to sing and dance along with her on stage by selecting their favorite songs and joining her.

3. Spice & Wolf VR Is An Anime Experienced Firsthand Rather Than Merely Watched

Spice & Wolf VR

Spice & Wolf, a wonderfully animated adaptation of the Spice & Wolf light novels, is another game that immerses players right in the heart of an anime.

This is more of an anime experience than a game based on an anime. This is a great option for individuals who just want to be placed into the middle of an anime without any interaction with the characters.

4. Blade & Sorcery Is Basically A Shonen Action-Adventure Come To Life

Blade & Sorcery is a great example of shonen-style action in virtual reality, even though it isn’t based on any specific anime. Castles are fought for, launching fireballs and flurrying lightning at each other as players unleash their magical powers or take to the battlefield with swords and axes.

Blade & Sorcery, on the other hand, has a medieval fantasy look that leans more toward the west than the traditional Japan. But popular anime like Goblin Slayer, Berserk, and Fairy Tail all have a similar feel. The game is presently playable on Steam, the Oculus Rift, and VivePort even though it is just in Early Access.

5. Attack on Titan VR On Sidequest Recreates The Anime’s Battles For Oculus Quest 2

Attack On Titan VR

Anime series Attack on Titan has been one of the most popular (and distressing) of the last decade. For the first time ever, fans will be able to take on the Titans and soar like their favorite characters. It all happens because of a great anime game, and it’s completely free to play.

It is currently exclusively available on Sidequest, a portal that provides early access to games that are in the final stages of production. Attack on Titan VR’s graphics are dreadful because it is an unfinished free game. However, after playing a free licensed Attack on Titan game, it’s hard to find fault with the visuals.

6. Pokemon VR On Sidequest Lets You Explore The Magical World Of Pokemon Firsthand

Pokemon VR is another title available on Sidequest, and it delivers on its title’s promises. Anime and video games have always met in perfect harmony thanks to the Pokemon series. Pallet Town and Viridian City, two of Pokemon’s most well-known and beloved locations, are now accessible to players in the new game.

A pleasant surprise is the high quality of the graphics, which makes it possible for players to capture and battle their favorite Pokemon. The two of them can even exchange Pokemon with each other

7. Sairento VR: Untethered Lets You Play A Cyberpunk Ninja With An Epic Weapons Arsenal

Sairento VR

How about a game in which players take on the role of cyber-ninjas and battle their way through a dystopian future Tokyo? Isn’t it fun to play this game in virtual reality?

It is possible to enter each level with both ancient and modern weapons. Players can use decapitating katana blows and automatic gunfire to take out their adversaries. Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest users have access to the game, making it one of the most widely distributed.

8. Outlaws VR Is A Martial Arts Action-Adventure Brawler In The Feudal Past

Outlaws VR is currently in early access at this time. In this martial arts brawler/action-adventure hybrid, players can use their fists to fight off foes as they explore their surroundings.

Even though the game takes place in medieval China, many of the opponents’ weapons, clothing, and moves will be familiar to anime aficionados. For the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index, Outlaws VR was developed by HXVR Studio.

9. Beat Saber Lets You Dual-Wield Katanas While Listening To Japanese Music

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a popular virtual reality game. Dual-wielding swords are used by players to try and hit targets to the music. When the music plays, the targets appear at the right time and with the right sword.

There are a variety of additional soundtracks that may be downloaded from the game’s website. Some of the music has been developed by the Japanese EDM group Tokyo Machine. Beat Saber is a must-have for everyone who dreams of wielding a wakizashi while rocking out to their favorite tunes.