18 Best Anime About Baseball That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime About Baseball

Baseball is one of several things that delight the Japanese, including anime, manga, and sake.

Throughout the country, baseball is a popular pastime, with Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) being the most popular league to follow.

Baseball is a hugely popular sport in Japan, and they’ve always been known as a creative people, so it only seems sense that they’d incorporate it into their literature.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 18 baseball-themed anime. I’m a big fan of sports anime, and they always inspire me to get up and do the things I love.

In spite of my lack of sports experience, I feel like I’m right there watching the anime.

Let’s get this party started right!

18. Nine: Original Han

Nine Original Han

Starting things off is a lighthearted baseball game with a dash of romance. Nine: Original-ban is a film adaptation of Mitsuru Adachi’s popular sports manga, Nine, from his own works.

As a track and field athlete, Katsuya Niimi joins an underwhelming high school baseball team.

With the help of Yuri, the daughter of the baseball coach, Katsuya and his judo champion friend Susuumu decide to join the team in order to compete at a high level in the tournament and win the championship.

We get to see the chemistry between the characters as well as the action of baseball in this anime, which serves them justice.

17. Play Ball

When a sports player is injured, they want to be back on the field as soon as possible, doing what they love the most, playing the game they love the most.

Takao Taniguchi, a high school baseball player, has a fractured finger in the film Play Ball.

It’s a story about a young boy who was injured at a young age, but who was unable to give up the game he loved so much.

Injured while playing the game you loved? This anime will undoubtedly make you cry, it may help you go through your thoughts and, most importantly, it will be relatable to you.

Find out how Takao handles this problem by watching. We don’t know yet.

16. Kyojin no Hoshi

Kyojin no Hoshi

Kyojin no Hoshi is a wonderful sports drama that the whole family can enjoy. Hyuma Hoshi, a rising star in the Japanese Baseball League, is the subject of this story, which follows his ascent to stardom as a pitcher.

Ittetsu Hoshi, Hyuma’s father, was a former professional basketball player. He aspires to be as successful as his father, who was unable to play in the National League owing to injuries sustained during World War II.

The anime had a powerful effect on me. Besides discussing the atrocities of World Conflict II and the ways in which everything was touched by the war, even baseball finds its place in this realistic and down-to-earth tale.

See how Hyuma overcomes his obstacles to reach the top of the league in this video.

15. Yakyuukyou no Uta

An animation that was ahead of its time and conveyed the right message. ‘The Song of the Baseball Enthusiast’ is the anime’s full title, and it’s a fitting one.

This is the story of the first woman to play professional baseball in Japan, yakyuukyou Yuuki Mizuhara.

One of the most well-known teams in Japan is named the Tokyo Mets.

As addictive as the anime can be, you’ll find yourself glued to the screen again and time again.

14. Meimon! Daisan Yakyuubu

Everyone loves a good narrative involving the underdogs and how they strive tirelessly to accomplish something that seemed unachievable at first. It’s a great fit for those who enjoy such tales.

There are not one, not two, but three baseball teams in Asunaro’s high school. One is the best in town, while the third is the worst.

Despite the fact that the third team was about to be shut down, Asunaro managed to secure a wager!

When the team wins the wager, they get to replace the first team, and when the team loses, they’re out of business! Because of the enormous stakes, the anime is never boring to watch.

You can find out if Asunaro and the third team win or lose by watching the anime. Will this seemingly insurmountable goal be met?

13. Miracle Giants Doumu-kun

Miracle Giants Doumu-kun

This anime follows the 10-year-old son of a legendary deceased baseball player who possesses an innate ability for the sport that he inherited from his father.

It’s a miracle and a fantastic narrative, and the anime’s title is spot on. Dome Shinjo, the protagonist, is drafted by the Giants. In addition to being a well-known team, his father also played for the Yomiuri Giants.

Normally, I’m not a fan of anime with overpowered protagonists, but this anime is healthy and uplifting, thus I find it amusing.

12. Princess Nine

Princess Nine is a sports anime that teaches girls and boys alike that they are equal and that they can both play baseball.

The head of Kisuragi School believes the same thing: that females can play on an equal footing with boys, and so he forms an all-girls baseball team, led by Ryo Hayakawa, the daughter of a baseball hero.

The anime has a positive and uplifting effect on me. Considering how and when it was broadcast, I can only imagine the motivation it must have provided to the young women who tuned in. As adults, some of them may have gone on to become sports legends.

Find out how the all-girls team competes with the other teams in the tournament and makes it to the top!

11. H2

It is a strange combo, but that’s what anime is known for: combining the strangest things and creating the most inventive idea in all literature. H2 is no different.

Hiro Kunimi is the protagonist of the anime, which focuses on his love for baseball and pornography. Injuries to Hiro’s elbow force him to give up baseball. His love for the sport fades when he joins an all-boys high school with no baseball team, so he focuses on football instead.

If you’re a sports fan who’s been discouraged by injuries sustained while competing, this anime is for you.

10. Azusa will Help

Azusa will Help

This time, robots and baseball make for a strange pairing in anime, making it to the top ten. The result is a comical and uplifting anime.

During the Karugamo High School baseball team’s decline, players begin to leave the squad as they lose more and more frequently. As a result, the students are left with less players than necessary for the game.

Azusa steps in at this point! Instead of a baseball robot, Harumaki ends up purchasing a maid robot to help the team.

Azusa, a baseball-playing robot, is pitted against other robots with impressive baseball skills in this video.

9. Taisho Baseball Girls

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Taisho Yakyuu Musume as another paradigm-shifting anime. Japanese history’s Taisho Era and the activity of baseball are brought together in this novel.

A baseball player once advised Akiko Ogasawara, the anime’s heroine, that women should stick to housework and cooking. Because Akiko is a confident and spirited lady, she set out to prove the man wrong.

She formed her own baseball team with female classmates from her high school in order to demonstrate that females can play baseball just as well as males.

Watch this uplifting anime to see how the ladies win over everyone who comes into contact with them.

8. Ookiku Furikabutte

On his middle school baseball team, Ren Misashi is the ace but has never won any games. Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!) is an anime about him and his teammates.

Ren was humiliated and disappointed when he was brought back into the team by accident while attending a school in a different prefecture.

Watch the anime to see how Ren and his crew work to become the greatest in the prefecture and the city.

7. Little Busters!

Little Busters

The Little Busters are a ragged group of childhood pals who band together to battle evil by reuniting as a baseball team and going by the name they used to call it in high school.

The plot of this anime is engaging, and the cast of characters, my god, the cast of characters! The anime’s character arcs are all about incredible transformations and character growth. As the story progresses, we learn more and more about each character.

This anime is an important component of the puzzle, even if it isn’t directly about baseball. Though it’s not strictly an anime about sports, the show does have a strong focus on the subject.

6. One Outs

Fierce is the term that comes to me when I think of this anime. Toua Tokuchi, a fictional athlete, stars in the show. He’s also a big gambler on top of being a talented athlete.

Many of Toua’s games are “One Out” games, in which only the pitcher and the striker are on the field at a time. He’s a great pitcher who’s won a lot of One Out games, and the manager of a baseball team notices him because of his natural talent.

Watching this show will keep you on the edge of your seat since it’s that gripping! Find out how Toua’s contract will allow him to play in a professional baseball league!

5. Major


Gorou Honda’s desire of becoming a professional baseball player is the subject of the inspirational anime series Major. It is his goal to be the best Little League player in Japan.

A baseball player like his father, Shigeharu Honda, is what motivates him. Although he needs to step down from the mound owing to an elbow injury, he may still play as a striker.

You will be inspired and energised by the anime to accomplish something, to create something new. As the series unfolds, the characters develop and change, making for an engaging story.

See how he navigates the tournament and overcomes the challenges he encounters by watching this video.

4. Moshidora

In Moshidora, the protagonist is neither the ace or one of the strikers, but rather an interesting premise.

To put it another way, it’s not about playing the game, but rather running the game. Minami, a close friend of Yuuki, the manager of the baseball team, is the focus of the anime. After realizing that Yuuki is in the hospital, Minami decides to take over the baseball team’s management.

Minami accidentally buys a business management book instead of a book on baseball team management by mistake. She uses business management techniques to manage a baseball club because the book can’t be returned.

Guys, you need to watch this! A great mix of comedy and sporting excitement make this a must-see for any sports fan.

3. Touch

Another Adachi Mitsuru hat trick. Among the many outstanding sports mangas created by the maestro, this is but one example.

Three individuals are featured in Touch: twin brothers Tatsuya and Kazuya and their childhood lover Minami. Baseball and these three people are the focus of the story.

In contrast to Kazuya, Tatsuya appears to be a slacker and a waste of time, even though he may be the best player on his high school baseball team and have an excellent future.

Tatsuya realizes that he can provide anything to his little brother except for Minami in the story, which is quite a sweet story to see.

2. Cross Game

Cross Game

Who’s back at it again? This time, Adachi has truly excelled himself with another another fantastic sports drama. With its stunning artwork, Cross Game is Adachi’s best manga to date.

As the son of a sporting goods business owner and close friends with his father’s four daughters, Kou Kitamura stars in Cross Game.

Kou is a great hitter, but he doesn’t grasp any other aspects of the game, such as strategy or tactics, save than swinging his bat.

The plot twists and turns in the story are quite spectacular. It’s a must-see for baseball and sports aficionados alike.

1. Ace of the Diamond

Yuuji Terajima’s Ace of the Diamond is a work of art best known for this and this anime alone. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s the best baseball anime and manga of all time.

Diamond no Ace tells the story of middle school baseball star Eijun Sawamura, an exceptional pitcher and the team’s ace.

We follow Sawamura from middle school through the Koushien Championships, where he establishes his name as a baseball player.

Despite the simplistic plot, the anime boasts a wonderful protagonist and fantastic supporting characters.

On this list, it’s a must-see! That explains why it holds the top spot.