10 Best Anime About Singing That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime About Singing

These characters, whether they’re in a band, an idol, or simply talented and passionate about music, sing their hearts out for the enjoyment of their admirers.

Many anime characters can sing, and in any musical anime, there’s a good chance that a singer will also be present.

While some characters may sing for their own enjoyment, most singers are either professional musicians or aiming to be professional one day. This group of anime vocalists, from Clear’s calming Jellyfish Song to Kuku’s own beautiful songs, is certain to get viewers singing along.

1. Clear’s Jellyfish Song Is Soothing And Powerful (DRAMAtical Murder)

DRAMAtical Murder

Ditch the dramatics. Even though Murder appears to be a robot, he is an exceptional singer. He sings the Jellyfish Song in the anime and video game. Clear’s singing, it turns out, can counteract the brainwashing effects of Toue’s androids’ Dye Music, and he even utilizes this music to shut down the androids when fighting them. Additionally, Aoba’s headaches are relieved by his calming voice. In the event that a person is in need of some lovely yet strong singing, Clear is the person to contact.

2. Sayaka Maizono Is The Ultimate Singer (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)

Yes, there’s Sayaka Maizono in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the anime adaptation of the video game. Sayaka has the ability and desire to be a pop sensation or a Super High-School Idol. Sayaka is one of the first victims in Trigger Happy Havoc and the entire Trigger Happy Havoc series. Leon replied lethally after she tried to kill him. As a result of this, the entire cast was able to indict him and sentence him to a horrific death by writing his name in her own blood just before she died.

3. Yui Hirusawa Can Sing Some Amazing Melodies (K-On!)


In the beginning, Yui from K-On! didn’t know anything about music and strove to improve her abilities on guitar and singing.

As a result of her bandmates and friends’ encouragement, she was able to swiftly learn to play the guitar and other musical instruments, including singing. It’s a joy to listen to Yui’s upbeat and enthusiastic singing.

4. Kuku Sings Some Sweet Tunes (I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level)

As a late addition to I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level, Kuku appeared in the first season. She had a difficult start to her career as a musician since she lacked authenticity in both her songs and herself. When she received assistance from Azusa and others to write new songs that were really hers, her career took off in the best conceivable way. If the show gets renewed for a second season, fans hope to see and hear her singing again.

5. Mitsuki Koyama Wants To Be A Singer Despite Having One Year To Live (Full Moon Wo Sagashite)

Full Moon wo Sagashite

As the main character of Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Mitsuki battles throat cancer despite her aspirations to be a singer. Mitsuki resolves to become a singer after two shinigami tell her that she only has one year to live (aided by the shinigami’s powers). In order to establish her career, she adopts the alias Full Moon. Fans would go crazy to hear Mitsuki perform because of her rich, resonant voice.

6. Nana Osaki Aspired To Become A Star (Nana)

Nana Osaki, one of the two main characters in the shojo anime Nana, is a singer whose band was disbanded because of her breakup with her boyfriend. In spite of these disappointments, Nana continues to pursue her dream of becoming a rock star in the music business. The first half of the series focuses on her rise to celebrity, while the second half focuses on the other character.

Her rise to fame as a singer is a joy to see, and her incredible voice serves as a catalyst for her success.

7. Brook Can Pick Up Tunes Quickly (One Piece)

One Piece

In spite of the fact that Brook is supposedly dead in One Piece, she can still sing. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who can sing and play the violin, among other things. Even animals, like the whale Laboon, fall in love with his music and he may use it as a weapon in battle by using tactics like “Nemuriuta Flanc,” which causes everyone who hears it to immediately fall asleep. Because of the many ways he puts his musical skills to use, Brook’s voice is one of his most recognizable on-screen assets.

8. Sho Fuwa Is An Up And Coming Star (Skip Beat!)

Kyoko’s ex-boyfriend from the shojo anime Skip Beat! is Sho Fuwa. When Kyoko learned that Sho was simply employing her as his personal maid while he built his music career, she vowed to get revenge on him by defeating him in the entertainment industry.

Sadly for anime fans, Sho does not sing much in the show. In the manga, Kyoko is forced to play a role in one of his own music videos, thus this episode does cover some ground.

9. Karina Uses Her Blue Rose Persona To Be A Superstar (Tiger & Bunny)

Tiger & Bunny

In Tiger & Bunny, Karina’s heroic persona Blue Rose may have ice-cold powers, but she also utilizes her alias to pursue a career as a singer. It was revealed in one of the episodes that Karina had considered giving up being a superhero to become a famous singer full time. In spite of the fact that she reversed her decision and decided to remain a hero, many fans are wondering if she will do it again in the next second season.

10. Sylvia Lyyneheym Can Conquer The Battlefield And The Stage (Asterisk War)

In the second season of Asterisk War, Sylvia is introduced. The fact that she is a famous idol as well as a talented warrior speaks much about her dedication to her work. Some of her superhuman abilities are linked to her singing, making it handy not only on stage but in various confrontations as well. Sylvia would be an excellent pick for anyone looking for a superb singer who can also serve as a strong ally in combat.