Top 10 White Hair Anime Characters Female That You Should Know Update 07/2024

White Hair Anime Characters Female

As rare as white-haired anime females are, they have the unique capacity to become instantly adored by fans because of their hair color. Many anime fans (weebs) and otakus (anime aficionados) tend to think of themselves as devout and decent personalities.

Different hair colors, strong physiques, and high- or low-pitched voices for male and female characters are just a few examples of the various qualities that animes provide their characters.

Anime is distinct from western animated films because of its focus on storytelling. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite white-haired anime characters.

Let’s take a closer look at the characters of the top anime girls I’ve just described.

10. Koneko Toujo (High school DxD)

Koneko Toujo (High school DxD)

In her second year of high school, Koneko Toujo is a member of the occult research club at Kuoh Academy. She keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t participate in the conversation in any way. As a rule, she prefers to remain aloof and emotionless. She also has a tendency to be abrasive and dismissive when she’s in conversation with others.

9. Elizabeth Lioness (Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth has long white hair, which enhances her attractiveness. Despite being the kingdom of Liones’ third princess, she maintains a calm demeanor. She prefers to greet people with a smile and a pleasant demeanor. Because of her immense authority, she is capable of horrific deeds and the misery she causes to others. Even in the midst of violence, she prefers to treat others with a sense of peace and compassion.

8. Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

Nao Tomori is the president of her school’s student council. She has bangs and long white hair that is pulled back with a twin tail. When no one notices how hard she works, Nao becomes irritable and self-centered. She is a brilliant teacher who works tirelessly to help her students succeed. Overall, she comes out as a kind human being with admirable motives.

7. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

As a doll given life and feelings, Suigintou is able to think and act for herself. Suigintou favors all-black ensembles, lending her look a dark, edgy feel. To the point of being dismissive of other people’s feelings, she is a cold and haughty person. She despises being polite and dislikes expressing her feelings. Even though she’s the first doll ever to be given life, she’s vicious and wants to win at any costs.

6. Canaan (Canaan)

Canaan (Canaan)

Canaan is a character in the series Canaan that is dark in hue. Heavily muscled and unbelievably strong, she works for the underworld as a mercenary. She maintains her composure even in the most dangerous situations.

5. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto Shippuden)

A popular Shonen series, Naruto Shippuden, features Kaguya Otsutsuki as the protagonist and the mastermind. She intends to exterminate all life on Earth in order to enrich her clan. Two horns, three eyes on her forehead, and a long white robe make up Kaguya’s distinctive appearance. After spending time on Earth, Kaguya marries a human and has a child. She has two children. After having her own children, she doubts her purpose.

4. Najenda (Akame Ga Kill)

Najenda From Akame ga Kill

Najenda is a female baddie in Akame ga murder who wears an eye patch over one of her eyes due to a birth deformity. An assassin organization known as the Night Raid is commanded by Najenda in her rebellion against a wicked corrupt regime. Najenda completes her badass look with short white hair.

3. Kiriko Shikishima (Denpa Kyoushi/ ultimate otaku teacher)

Denpa Kyoushi or Ultimate Otaku Teacher’s maid, Kiriko Shikishima, works in a cafe called “heart on heart” in the anime. She begins as a timid child who blossoms into a womanly young lady because to the author’s masterful use of character development. Kiriko’s long, double braids give her an innocent, adorable appearance.

2. Neferpitou (Hunter X Hunter)


Hunter X Hunter’s most famous character, Neferpitou, doesn’t show up until the very end, when we learn that she is the chimera ant king’s bodyguard. In the film, Neferpitou is depicted as an intriguing and fearless figure. Having short, wavy hair and cat-like ears, Neferpitou looks both menacing and adorable.

1. Isla (Plastic Memories)

The program In Plastic Memories, the protagonist falls in love with Isla, a character from a sci-fi romantic show. Because Isla was developed to do a certain duty, she will not be able to survive for very long. There are no qualifications or certificates required for this character to join the corporation that made her.