15 Best TV Shows Like PLL That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

TV Shows Like PLL

In the event that Pretty Little Liars has left you with a void in your binge watching schedule, here are some suggestions!

It’s been a while since the final season of Pretty Little Liars came to an end. As a result, the show has remained popular and continues to be streamed and purchased by fans. Even now, years after the series’ final twist was revealed, fans still enjoy discussing it.

Try one of the many shows we’ve listed below that have similar themes and storylines to the former Freeform drama if you’re ready to switch things up.

Matthew Wilkinson made the following update on June 25th, 2020: If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then that is definitely the case with Pretty Little Liars. It’s been difficult to replace a show with such a passionate following; instead, fans are reliving the series and recommending it to others.

There are, however, other shows out there that even the most ardent PLL fans will enjoy. Even if you don’t like Pretty Little Liars as much as you did Riverdale or You or Big Little Lies, there are plenty of other excellent shows to choose from.

15. Riverdale


Look no further than Riverdale for your next dose of teen drama with psychotic killers and plenty of secrecy. It’s important to note that the tone and subject matter of Riverdale are far darker than those of Pretty Little Liars.

It frequently errs on the side of the fantastical, with everything from cults to multiple serial killers to contend with. It should be a good fit for fans of Pretty Little Liars who enjoyed the more outlandish storylines; after all, that show had its fair share of frightful material.

14. The Vampire Diaries

This isn’t going to scare you off because of the supernatural elements, so don’t let that deter you. Because it shares so many similarities with PLL, there’s no reason why fans of that show shouldn’t enjoy this one as well.

The fact that this is a vampire show lends it a darker tone, but that doesn’t make it any less compelling. Secrets abound, characters can be hated or adored, and it’s easy to become engrossed and addicted.

13. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Both Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars are about adolescent girls whose lives are turned upside down by an enigmatic figure who appears to know everything. Gossip Girl, on the other hand, has a lot less bloodshed and psychological torment. In spite of this, there are striking similarities between Gossip Girl and A.

Both serve as a driving force behind the show’s scandals and plot twists. That said, Gossip Girl’s identity isn’t as important on the New York-based show as A’s is on PLL.

12. American Vandal

Even though American Vandal has a lighthearted theme, the serious tone of the show adds a layer of interest. It has a lighter tone, but fans of Pretty Little Liars will enjoy the high school setting and the secrets that emerge from it.

While there are only two seasons, the mystery poos and graffiti make it easy to get sucked into the show’s world. PLL had a lot of hooks because of the show’s secrets, and American Vandal uses those secrets as a plot device, so it’s a perfect fit.

11. You

You is what you’d get if the entire second season of Pretty Little Liars was shot from A’s point of view. Penn Badgely plays a creepy “nice” guy who turns out to be a murderous stalker in You.

While Pretty Little Liars came dangerously close to entering the horror genre at times, You has fully embraced it. It’s enough to make your hair stand on end to be trapped inside the mind of a psychopath like Joe. Even worse, he usually believes he is doing the right thing and that the people he is torturing deserve what they are getting as punishment.

10. Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is frequently compared to Pretty Little Lies in jest due to their nearly identical titles. A much more mature show, Big Little Lies is frequently cited as one of HBO’s best. Nicole Kidman and Alex Skarsgard won an Emmy for their performances, and the film was nominated for numerous awards.

You’ll want to watch Big Little Lies when you’ve had enough of Pretty Little Liars’ convoluted storylines and obvious plot holes. If you’re looking for something more realistic and well-written, watch the HBO series and read the book it was based on if you have the opportunity.

9. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix teen drama that is both dark and frighteningly realistic at times. Due to the graphic nature of violence shown to its young characters, the show drew a lot of criticism during its run.

It covers a wide range of topics, including suicide, rape, homophobia, and just about anything else you can imagine. Depending on your point of view, the show is either great or terrible. But it’s addictive, and it takes a different approach to teen drama than most of the others on television today..

8. The Fosters

The Fosters

‘The Fosters’ follows a group of foster children who have been adopted by a lesbian couple named Lena and Stef in this entertaining family drama. The show is well-known for its wide range of characters and plot twists.

Most people who watch the show will find a theme or a character they can identify with. Good Trouble, the Fosters spin-off series that’s still running on Freeform once you’re done with The Fosters.

7. Dexter

Despite the fact that Dexter is more violent than most of the other shows on this list, it has a compelling story that PLL fans will appreciate. Fans of Pretty Little Liars will enjoy Dexter’s moral compass and his penchant for keeping secrets.

There’s a lot of intrigue, romance, violence, and secrets in this show, all of which combine to make it a great one. While there are a few weak spots in Dexter, the show as a whole is excellent and well worth watching.

6. Dynasty


Unlike Pretty Little Liars, Dynasty is a family drama, but the level of scandal and outlandish plots is very similar to that of PLL. Following the Carrington dynasty, Dynasty tells the tale of their nefarious schemes.

Fallon Carrington, played to perfection by Elizabeth Gillies, is the center of attention for the majority of the episodes. She’ll make you think of Alison DiLaurentis from way back when. In addition, there are numerous catfights on the show, as well as many soap opera-style plot twists and turns.

5. The Returned

Fans of Pretty Little Liars should definitely check out The Returned if they get the chance. People who were presumed dead end up making a dramatic reappearance in this thriller set in a small town, much like in Pretty Little Liars.

An element of mystery runs through the entire series, which was one of the reasons PLL was so popular. This show is no exception. While it lacks the opulence and polish of other productions, this one is still well worth seeing.

4. How To Get Away With Murder

A show like How to Get Away with Murder would have been useful for many of the characters on Pretty Little Liars, in which murder is a major plot point. It’s not too late to watch HTGAWM, though.

In addition to Davis’ star power, the show was created by Shonda Rhimes, who is well-known for her mastery of suspense and twists. Annalise Keating is a seductive and brilliant criminal defense lawyer played by Davis. Dark truths slowly emerge as the show follows her and a select group of students who will work closely with her on special cases.

3. The Bold Type

The Bold Type

A second Freeform show, The Bold Type, has a similar vibe to Pretty Little Liars, but it focuses more on drama and lacks the thriller elements of the former show. A group of women who work at Scarlet, a global women’s magazine, are the subject of The Bold Type.

It has a strong focus on female friendship as the characters try to find their voices, identities, and even love. It has several LGBTQ+ characters. Inspired by Joanna Coles, a real-life magazine editor who works on the show.

2. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars, like Pretty Little Liar, has a devoted fan base that fought tooth and nail to keep the show on the air. The show has a strong hook from the get-go thanks to Kristen Bell giving it her all in the role. As Veronica attempts to unravel as many of the town’s mysteries as possible, the number of secrets grows as she deals with various problems.

The show features a diverse cast of fascinating characters, all of whom are written superbly. There are parts that shouldn’t be taken seriously due to the over-the-top nature of the events, but the series as a whole is fantastic.

1. Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Pretty Little Liars is a lot like Desperate Housewives, but it follows an adult cast who live in a classic American suburb behind white picket fences on Wisteria Lane instead.

Despite the lack of a ‘A’ character, the show is filled with sinister secrets, murder plots, and scandalous tales and affairs. When it aired on ABC, it was hugely popular and became an international hit. It’s just as soapy and addicting as Pretty Little Liars.