9 Best TV Shows Like Law And Order SVU Update 06/2024

TV Shows Like Law And Order SVU

Law and Order: SVU has surpassed all other television series in terms of duration. Especially for a drama series with so many nuances, this is a major accomplishment. The show follows the Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department, led by Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), as they investigate some of the city’s most heinous crimes.

Law and Order: SVU is a beloved and respected drama with a distinct voice thanks to its addictive storylines, exceptional cast, and gripping storytelling. Excellent police procedurals and crime shows are readily available thanks to the Golden Age of television. No show has achieved the same level of success and entered the pop culture lexicon as SVU, but when Law & Order: SVU is on a break, there are still plenty of worthwhile shows to watch.

1. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (Netflix)

The Assassination of Gianni Versace American Crime Story


In Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story, the second season, the assassination of Gianni Versace is the focus. Various true-crime stories from across the United States are featured in this anthology series, from murder to genocide. Assassination of Gianni Versace examines the assassination and circumstances surrounding the death of fashion designer Gianni Versace at the hands of Andrew Cunanan. This season of American Crime Story stars Darren Criss, Edgar Ramirez, Ricky Martin, and Penelope Cruz.

Because it is based on true events, fans of Law and Order: SVU and The Assassination of Gianni Versace may enjoy it.

The weekly episodes of SVU are frequently inspired by true stories and current events. One of the main themes of Law and Order: SVU is how victims can turn into criminals, and this is a theme that is explored in the second season of American Crime Story. We’re treated to superb acting in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, especially from Emmy winner Darren Criss. The show can be seen on Netflix.

2. Criminal Minds (CBS All Access)

Criminal Minds premiered in 2005 and ran for 15 seasons before being cancelled in 2020. The show revolves around a team of criminal profilers who use behavior analysis to look into and find criminals who have escaped capture. As a typical police procedural, Criminal Minds features weekly cases as well as the personal struggles of the main team, both of which are connected to their work.

Although the two shows have very different formats, they have a lot in common when it comes to their ability to delve deep into the factors that lead to criminal behavior and crimes. Both dramas are among the most enduring works of fiction ever produced. When it comes to police procedural dramas, Criminal Mind is unique because it focuses on the criminal rather than the crime itself. CBS: All Access offers on-demand access to all 324 episodes of the show.

3. Chicago P.D. (NBC)

Chicago P.D.


Chicago P.D. follows the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department as they deal with criminals and their own inner demons in this crime drama series. Author Dick Wolf, best known for his work on the Law & Order franchise, is behind this one. Chicago PD was the second installment in the Chicago saga, following Chicago Fire.

Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit exist in the same reality. Crossover episodes have been produced between the two series. Both Dick Wolf-created series share a similar slant in terms of tone. As a more comprehensive look at the police department, Chicago P.D. deals with a wider range of crimes and criminals than SVU does. Fans will have plenty of time to fall in love with the One Chicago world and the people who are determined to keep it safe with both series. With a cable or satellite TV package that includes NBC, you can stream every episode of Chicago P.D., current and past.

4. FBI (CBS All Access)

Dick Wolf’s newest hit show, FBI, is a fan favorite. A backdoor pilot for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit was originally planned by him as part of the Law and Order franchise. CBS bought FBI after NBC passed on it. For the first time in 15 years, Wolf was able to launch a series on a network other than NBC. FBI has only been on for two seasons, but it already has a spinoff called FBI: Most Wanted, in an attempt to become its own CBS franchise.

All of Dick Wolf’s shows exist in the same universe, and there will be a crossover episode at some point, even though it will be difficult to execute between competing networks.

FBI follows in the footsteps of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but it has the advantage of airing on CBS, which has a rich history of crime dramas of its own.

However, FBI ups the ante with intriguing cases that provide social commentary while maintaining the tried-and-true procedural style.

CBS All Access subscribers can watch episodes of FBI.

5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS All Access)

CSI Crime Scene Investigation


First up was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which launched the entire CSI series.

Police procedural that showcased crime solving’s forensics aspects. The series ran for 15 seasons, from 2000 to 2015, making it one of the longest-running shows in television history. Aspects of the team’s personal lives were intertwined with the weekly cases on CSI.

Criminal investigations are the focus of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, just like they are on SVU. CSI’s success can be attributed to the fact that it focused on a division few people were familiar with and showed the investigative process in such an interesting way that it drew a devoted following eager to see a reboot. CBS All Access has CSI: Crime Scene Investigation streaming.

6. The Act (Hulu)

About Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Dee Dee Blanchard’s real-life story is Hulu’s original series The Act. This is a true crime story with Patricia Arquette and Joey King as the leads. In recognition of her work on the show, Arquette received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for this performance.

One of the series’ greatest assets is Joey King and Patricia Arquette as the show’s stars in The Act.

Dick Wolf’s popular series, which inspired Law and Order: SVU, has episodes that are eerily similar to those on Hulu’s drama series.

Pathological, an episode of SVU based on the Gypsy Rose/Dee Dee ordeal, is based on this story. It premiered this year.

7. Unbelievable (Netflix)

Unbelievable (Netflix)


Real rape cases in Washington and Colorado from 2008 to 2011 are dramatized in the Netflix miniseries Unbelievable. a young girl named Marie (Kaitlyn Dever) who alleges that she was sexually assaulted is the focus of the film. Karen (Merritt Wever) and Grace (Toni Collette), two detectives on a mission to find out what happened, are also featured in this story.

Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever all put in strong performances as their respective female protagonists.

Rape and sexual assault are touchy subjects on both SVU and Unbelievable. As hard as it may be to watch, it’s an important one because it shows how the justice system can both fail and vindicate a sexual assault survivor.

8. Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

In Orange Is the New Black, Piper (Taylor Schilling) is about to go to prison for a crime she committed 10 years ago. Orange Is the New Black is a Netflix original. The show focuses on the relationships between the inmates and the law enforcement officers at Litchfield Prison. Each episode of Orange is the New Black deals with the season’s plot while focusing on a single inmate and showing how their past has led them to their current situation.

When it comes to the criminal justice system, Orange is the New Black takes a dark comedic approach, frequently criticizing police officers and portraying them as villains.

On SVU, the justice system makes a valiant effort to assist those in need, even if it fails miserably. The shows have a lot in common when it comes to addressing the factors that lead people to become criminals, such as love, the environment, or witnessing a crime being committed against them. A common theme in both shows is how criminal justice can fall short of expectations. In some episodes of SVU, Olivia and the team have second thoughts about how they’re handling a case or a criminal.

9. Other Law And Order Series

A total of seven series have been produced under the Law and Order: SVU brand name.

In terms of new initiatives, Hate Crimes is the most recent. Sadly, due to syndication, some episodes of the Law & Order franchise aren’t available to stream without a cable subscription. However, on July 15, the Peacock streaming service will go live in the United States and make Law and Order: SVU available for streaming. Until then, you can download or stream the episodes from NBC’s website.

+ Law And Order

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit aired from 1990 until 2010. In this book, the New York justice system is seen from a broader perspective. It can be anything from murder to child abuse. Amazon Prime and iTunes both sell seasons of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

+ Criminal Intent

Law And Order-Criminal Intent


Law and Order: Criminal Intent, starring Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe, focuses more on the criminals than the victims. For the first time, Criminal Intent began by revealing who committed the crime before moving on to show what happened next. iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and other digital services sell Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

+ Trial by Jury

After just 13 episodes, NBC decided to end Law and Order: Trial by Jury. It focused on the criminal justice system’s trial phase, with viewers observing the attorneys as they prepared for the case and the trial. On NBC.com, you can watch the complete series online.

+ Los Angeles

Law And Order-Los Angeles


It was with Law and Order: LA that Dick Wolf made his first foray outside of his native New York City. The One Chicago series and the original Law and Order series were much more popular, so this one did not do as well. After a single season of 22 episodes, NBC decided to cancel the show Los Angeles. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit followed the same formula as the original, but was set in Los Angeles. The series had a few standout actors, including Terrence Howard and Alana dela Garza.

+ True Crime

True Crime is the first anthology series in the Law and Order franchise. The Menendez Murders were based on real-life events in the first season. Edie Falco played the lead role. The first season of Law & Order: True Crime ran from 2016 to 2017, but it has yet to be officially canceled or renewed. NBC’s website lets you watch the first season of the show for free online.