13 Best Shows Like Z Nation On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Z Nation On Netflix

1. Black Summer

Black Summer

Those who enjoyed Z Nation will enjoy Black Summer, as it is set in the same universe as Z Nation. The story picks up six weeks after the outbreak started. It is up to a group of survivors to face the peril of the unknown and make it out alive.

Netflix has given it a second season order. A prequel to Z Nation is presented in a much more rapid-fire fashion in this show. One thing viewers praised was how intense each episode was, making you feel as though you’re right there with the characters.

2. Daybreak

There are hordes of zombies stalking a group of teenage survivors in Daybreak, a fun post-apocalyptic zombie series. Even though the show’s second season was canceled by Netflix, it still deserves to be seen.

Dark humor and snappy dialogue combine to make for an engaging viewing experience. When Mad Max-style zombie gangs, including zombie jocks and zombie cheerleaders, emerge in the same way they did in the movie, a 17-year-old boy is desperate to find his girlfriend.

3. The Last Kids On Earth

The Last Kids On Earth

The Last Kids on Earth is a really fun and engagi

Do not let the fact that it is aimed at children deter you from watching Netflix’s animated series The Last Kids on Earth because it is entertaining for people of all ages. It’s based on Max Brallier’s eponymous book series.

Jack Sullivan and his friends, all thirteen years old, must fight zombies and other monsters that have infiltrated their town in order to stay alive. The show was given a second season order.

4. Van Helsing

Even though the show’s title suggests that Van Helsing is about vampires (which it is), the vampires on this show are eerily similar to zombies in appearance and behavior. It’s a Syfy dark fantasy show, somewhat akin to Z-Nation.

The following are some of our favorite Star Trek characters to have on our side in the event of a zombie apocalypse:

Currently, there are four seasons of the show; however, a fifth and final season was recently announced. The story revolves around Vanessa Van Helsing, a Van Helsing descendant. After waking up from a coma, she finds herself in a vampire-infested wasteland.

5. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Kabaneri is one of the many excellent anime series available on Netflix. It’s a steampunk zombie horror series with plenty of gore and gore. This anime is a continuation of the Kaberneri saga that came before it.

Because Netflix opted for chapters rather than films to break up the original feature-length film, there are currently three chapters available online. While the show’s narrative arcs are secondary to the action and zombie-mashing, it is still entertaining to watch and provides plenty of zombies for diehard fans.

6. iZombie

Comedy, romance, crime, and horror are all mixed together in The CW’siZombie(loosely based on a comic book series). If you’re looking for a show that checks all those boxes, look no further. To avoid accidentally killing innocent people, medical resident Olivia “Liv” Moore goes on a brain-eating binge in the morgue.

What’s going to be the twist? In the process of eating, Liz discovers that she is absorbing the personalities and memories of those who have gone before her.

7. Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet

It’s not necessary for all zombie dramas to be gruesome! There’s a lot of humor in the whole “walking dead” thing, as demonstrated by the comedy-horror series Santa Clarita Diet. There’s nothing unusual about Joel and Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore), except for the fact that Sheila is a flesh-eating zombie who has no idea who she really is. While they try to figure out what’s wrong with Sheila, Joel hides her kills until they can figure out what’s wrong with Sheila and find a cure. Sheila calls her new diet of human flesh the “Santa Clarita diet.” This will be a blast if you enjoy outrageous comedy.

8. The Walking Dead

Is there even any need to introduce a show as monumental as The Walking Dead? I doubt it, but let me give you some background information just in case. The series is set on the outskirts of Atlanta and follows a group of survivors who are fighting for their lives in a world overrun by zombies known as “Walkers.”

Although the plot seems unremarkable at first, the character development is what keeps everyone glued to the screen. While Rick Grimes is the de facto leader of a small band of survivors, it’s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), the strangely seductive redneck, who steals the show right from the start. There’s zombies, blood, guts, romance, and betrayal galore. So, what else is there to ask for?

9. Z Nation

Z Nation

Z Nation, a syfy zombie series similar to 28 Days Later, is set in a post-apocalyptic world. As far as is known, Murphy is the only person who has been bit by a zombie and has not turned into one. The antibodies in Murphy’s blood, despite his transformation into a zombie-zombie hybrid, are the only thing keeping humanity alive. The last surviving Centers for Disease Control organizes a small group of survivors to try to transport him across the country. What are the chances that Murphy’s strange condition won’t kill them all before they get there? See what happens if you pay attention.

10. Kingdom

Surely, after the success of Train to Busan, South Korea has nailed the zombie subgenre? Kingdom is a Netflix original zombie series based on a South Korean historical horror novel.

This big-budget thriller is based on the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods and is set in Korea’s Medieval Joseon period.

There aren’t many films about zombies that are so steeped in culture and history given the post-apocalyptic setting. This is why Kingdom is a must-see for zombie fans everywhere.

11. Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Is it impossible for you to choose between an entertaining comedy and a zombie show? What’s the harm in having it both ways? Evil Dead is an American horror film franchise that consists of three feature films: Ash vs. Evil Dead, Ash vs. the Evil Dead: Resurrection, and Evil Dead: Resurrection 2. Ash Williams, a former hero and zombie slayer, now works as a stock boy at the “Value Stop” in the series, which is set roughly 30 years after the last film. Once again, his mundane existence is turned upside down when he unleashes a plague on the world, forcing him to enlist the aid of some dependable sidekicks in order to save humanity.

12. Dead Set

The Big Brother set would be the perfect place for a zombie outbreak.

Lucky for us, the British TV horror seriesDead Set is based on that exact premise! During filming, a zombie outbreak forces the entire cast and crew to seek refuge inside the Big Brother house. According to the showrunners, the show is more than just a bloodbath; it offers an unexpected critique of the entertainment industry and contemporary media.

13. Glitch


Glitchi, an Australian supernatural drama akin to The Returned, centers on seven people who mysteriously rise from the dead and return to perfect health. Despite the fact that these aren’t the classic flesh-eating zombies, the undead in this show literally rise from the grave, frightening the living daylights out of everyone in town.

James Hayes investigates the disappearance of seven people after finding his dead wife walking the streets. He uncovers an unexpected (and sinister) connection between them all.