16 Best Shows Like Titan Games That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Titan Games

We’ve compiled a list of 20 shows that are similar to The Titan Games in case you’re stumped for something to watch after the film. The list of recommended books is based on a variety of factors, including its origin country, language, genre, and plot arcs. Series based on concepts such as and obstacle course appeal to fans of The Titan Games.

Athletes from all walks of life will be able to test their physical and mental limits against one another on Mount Olympus in the hope of becoming the next Titan, thanks to Dwayne Johnson.

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TV Shows Like The Titan Games (2019)

Shows like The Titan Games are included in this list. The search engine takes into account genres like reality and reality series like The Titan Games to provide you with a list of tv shows. Additionally, we take into account obstacle-course-style series while deciding on the final list. American Ninja Warrior: Crashing The Course, American Ninja Warrior: Sweden, American Ninja Warrior, American Ninja Warrior: Wipeout Québec, Total Wipeout, The Krypton Factor, The Block, Dog Eat Dog, Big Brother, WWE Raw, Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst, Melodifestivalen, The Titan Games, and many others are relevant television shows like Let’s get into the nitty-gritty now.

1. Wipeout (2021)

Wipeout (2021)

Obstacle course with many strategies and decision points to challenge and wear out the stamina of competitors follows three rounds and three stages of obstacles.

2. Hyperdrive (2019)

On the world’s largest and most dangerous automotive obstacle course, street racers from all over the world put their vehicles to the ultimate test.

3. Million Dollar Mile (2019)

Million Dollar Mile (2019)

Runners of the Million Dollar Mile route have the opportunity to win $1,000,000 every time they complete the race.

4. The Titan Games (2019)

When it comes to athletic competition, Dwayne Johnson is revolutionizing it by allowing people from all areas of life to compete against each other for a shot at becoming a Titan.

5. American Ninja Warrior: Crashing The Course (2016)

For each episode of Crashing The Course, Alex Weber joins your favorite Ninjas to get a behind-the-scenes peek at how a new obstacle moves from concept to reality.

6. Ninja Warrior Sweden (2015)

Ninja Warrior Sweden (2015)

The world’s most demanding and thrilling obstacle course is currently taking the lives of some of the strongest people in the United States. There is a worldwide sensation about Ninja Warrior. The show first aired in Japan in 1997 before making its way over the pond to the US in 1998. Only three persons, all Japanese, have ever completed the race’s course in its 17-year history. There will now be three stages of testing for a Swedish Ninja Warrior. Qualification is the first step in advancing to the semifinals, where the difficulty level considerably increases. There are three tracks in the final, and those who do well there advance to the next round. The final tower, Midoriyama, is the last of the final courses. Time is running out for a 21-meter rope climb. Adam Alsing, a sports anchor, serves as the show’s host. Karin Frick is a journalist, while Marten Nylén is a fitness specialist who serves as a commentator.

7. American Ninja Warrior (2009)

In both city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country, contestants will face a series of rigorous obstacle courses. A beautiful four-stage course based on Japan’s Mt. Midoriyama course awaits the winners of the regional finals in Las Vegas, where they will compete against the best from around the country. The winner will receive $1 million in prize money.

8. Wipeout Québec (2009)

Multiple participants participate in various obstacle-based challenges on Wipeout Quebec, a Canadian reality game show. It was shown on V. On August 31, 2009, the programme premiered. There are currently no new episodes of the show. Wipeout is the inspiration for the Japanese series. Three 30-minute episodes are released over the week to “enhance the suspense” in the Quebec version, which differs from the original one-hour broadcast.

9. The Krypton Factor (2008)

The Krypton Factor (2008)

Iconic and groundbreaking British television quiz program Jeopardy! has been updated for today’s audiences — and this time the tasks are much more difficult.

10. America’s Got Talent (2006)

One million dollars in cash is up for grabs each week on this weekly talent show that features a wide variety of performers.

11. The Block (2003)

The Block (2003)

In a bidding war, couples battle to restore and resell their homes at auction for the greatest price possible.

12. Dog Eat Dog (2002)

As of this writing, the show is no longer airing, however you can still catch up on the original run of Dog Eat Dog here. In several ways, it is similar to the UK’s version of the same name. For $25k, contestants battle against one other in a variety of games, including physical competitions, trivia questions, and more. The Game Show Network is presently airing reruns of Dog Eat Dog.

13. Big Brother (2000)

Big Brother (2000)

Reality game show in which a group of “HouseGuests” live together in the “Big Brother” house for three months, secluded from the rest of the world but subjected to round-the-clock surveillance and a complete lack of privacy.

14. Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (1990)

On 1 October 1990, RTL4 broadcast the first episode of Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, or GTST, the longest-running Dutch soap opera. In the Netherlands, it was the country’s first daily soap opera. Joop van den Ende is the show’s creator and producer, and there have been more than 4,000 episodes shown so far. It was based on the Australian soap opera The Restless Years, but it took its own path towards the end of the third season. GTST airs weekdays at 20:00 GMT. Approximately 1.5 million people tune in each week. It’s the most watched show on Dutch television.

Families Alberts, Sanders, De Jong, Van Houten, and Bouwhuis are the focus of the soap opera. Meerdijk, a fictional Dutch town, is the setting for the story. GTST, like most other soaps, has its share of marriage, divorce, kidnapping, and business dramas. However, in recent years, GTST has gained notoriety for its more controversial plots. Summer breaks are common at GTST, with cliffhangers finishing seasons in June and resuming three months later.. Although early cliffhangers frequently focused on family conflict, more recent cliffhangers have focused on disasters and unexpected twists and turns in plotlines.

15. Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst (1967)

Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst (1967)

ZDF has been broadcasting Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst since October 1967, a German television show that strives to combat and investigate crimes. Until 2003, the show was co-produced by ORF and Schweizeren, a part of the SRG SSR idée suisse, a Swiss public broadcaster. The BBC’s Crimewatch, the Dutch’s Opsporing Verzocht, and its American counterpart, America’s Most Wanted, were all based on it.

The show’s purpose is to use the help of viewers to shed light on unsolved crimes. Three to five short videos, each around ten minutes long, are featured in each episode, depicting a real-life criminal case. The offenders and the chain of events are still unclear in majority of the cases. Aside from that, cases such as the identification of criminals or murder victims using a photograph are discussed on air. Viewers can contact the show through phone or the Internet. Approximately 40% of the cases shown on the show have been solved by the show’s editorial staff, according to a research.

16. Melodifestivalen (1959)

Sveriges Television and Sveriges Radio’s yearly competition to choose Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest entrants.