10 Best Shows Like Psycho Pass That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Psycho Pass

Season three of Psycho-Pass is winding down. For fans of the crime thriller genre, we’ve compiled a list of recommended anime.

It depicts a dystopian future Japan in which the government uses technology to track the hopes and dreams of every citizen, as well as their deepest desires and inclinations. This information is combined to create each person’s psycho-pass, which is represented by a single number. People are sentenced to therapy or execution if their number of convictions exceeds a certain threshold.

For its sophisticated narrative and stylish visuals, the post-cyberpunk tale filled with socio-futuristic themes and commentary on free will in the face of government surveillance has received widespread acclaim.

Here are ten more anime to watch after you finish Psycho-Pass if you’re one of the many fans.

10. Death Note

Death Note

Death Note has a lot to say about Psycho-concern Pass’s about the wrong kinds of people having the power to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Light When Yagami, a brilliant high school student, discovers a mysterious notebook, everything changes for him. If Yagami mentions the name of a specific person in the book, that person will perish.

The notebook’s power corrupts Yagami, and he plots a global genocide against everyone he considers morally unworthy of life. The only way to put an end to Yagami’s reign of terror is for an elite police task force led by the enigmatic Detective L to step in.

9. Ergo Proxy

Humans and robots coexist peacefully in the future, until a rogue virus gives the cyborgs free will, causing some of them to go on the rampage and commit murder on their own. After being tasked with bringing down the robots, Inspector Mayer uncovers a much larger conspiracy that involves a new species of humans created by the government under the codename ‘Proxy. ”

Because of the combination of 3D modeling and cel animation, Ergo Proxy was considered visually groundbreaking. Critics lauded the show’s themes, cast, and central mystery for their attention to detail.

8. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

In Stand Alone Complex, an elite law enforcement unit investigates cybercrime cases based on the phenomenally successful manga series that also gave birth to the 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell.

First, they must stop the hacker terrorist The LaughingMan, and it is this case that causes the Stand Alone Complex, a socio-psychological condition in which several unrelated people react in the same manner to a specific situation, to emerge.

7. Attack On Titan

Both Psycho-Pass’ and Attack on Titan’s evil government officials would have gotten along just fine. An elite group of aerial ninjas must defend a city from regular attacks by gigantic, vaguely humanoid beasts with an insatiable appetite.

Monsters are slain, secrets are revealed, and the origins of the titans are revealed to be much more tragic than previously thought. Once again, this is an excellent anime that takes the standard monsters-eating-people premise and turns it on its head in an amusingly grotesque way.

6. No. 6

No. 6

During a stormy night in the dystopian future city of No. 6, Shion, a young boy from a wealthy family, feels compelled to offer shelter to a boy named Nezumi. Shion’s world is turned upside down when the two re-meet years later due to the circumstances of their first meeting.

To discover the secrets of the city he had always considered his perfect, Shionsets sets out on a desperate quest, while realizing his true feelings for a young boy who had sought shelter from him all those years ago in the city of his dreams.

5. Plastic Memories

When cyborgs reach the end of their useful lives, they become a danger to society. Tsukasa and Isla are the only ones who can find and dispose of them before the rest of society does.

To make matters worse, in this world, the only people who aren’t cyborg are those who are artificially created.

4. Monster


Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon working in Germany, is the focus of the story. During his investigation, he meets Johan Liebert, a former patient who turns out to be a serial killer.

Both Kenzo and Johan engage in a cat-and-mouse game as Kenzo digs into Johan’s past to uncover the horrifying source of his bloodlust.

One of the best-rated anime series of all time, it is regarded as one of the best thrillers ever produced in the medium.

3. From the New World

When five childhood friends discover their latent telekinesis abilities, they are born into a seemingly utopian world full of greenery and natural beauty. They have each other for support.

Nevertheless, as they get older, the blemishes appear in their picture-perfect life. As the young friends are forced to fight for their lives and seek to overthrow the existing social order, they realize the true cost of their power and freedom.

2. Paprika


Think of Inception, but with more mind-bending effects and a cast that includes everyone instead of just Ellen Page from the film. In order to better understand a patient’s mental state, a psychologist has developed a device that allows therapists to enter a patient’s dreams.

There is chaos when one therapist begins to use the device on patients without their consent. a topsy-turvy struggle for survival where nothing is as it seems on the surface and old demons lurk in the shadows of one’s subconscious becomes the result.

1. Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System

The Psycho-Passnarrative will be continued in a trilogy of films that delve into the backstories of the show’s characters. While it may seem strange to recommend Sinners of the System in this context, these films are often overshadowed by anime series and movies like Psycho-Pass: The Movie.

Through this trilogy, fans can learn more about their favorite characters’ minds and see glimpses into their past lives that helped shape who they are today.

The trilogy is a strong entry in the Pscho-Pass series and is highly recommended for fans who want to learn more about the strange and forbidding world that was introduced in the first three episodes.