13 Best Shows Like Playful Kiss That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Playful Kiss

Let’s take a look at Playful Kiss first to see what other Kdramas are out there that are similar to it. In the world of Korean drama, Playful Kiss has become a classic. Even though it’s over a decade old, it’s still popular among Romantic Comedy fans. High school freshman Oh Ha Ni falls in love with Baek Seung Jo despite her clumsiness. Ha Ni, on the other hand, had her feelings for him rejected and was given the cold shoulder as a result.
As a result, Ha Ni and her father were forced to flee their own home and take refuge in an old friend’s house. When two things happen at the same time, it turns out that Seung Jo is descended from this family. Getting closer to her crush became much easier as a result of this. When Seung Jo realizes he’s in love with and about to lose Ha Ni as well, he finally opens up his heart to her.
This drama, which was based on a well-known Japanese shoujo manga, featured many popular vocabularies from the turn of the previous decade. a cold or arrogant man, a cheery woman, a woman who first fell in love, living in the same house, jealousy kindle the love, and finally marriage were among the possibilities. So without further ado, here is a list of Kdramas that share these traits with Playful kiss.

13. Don’t Dare To Dream

Don’t Dare To Dream

Storyline: You can see the chemistry between the male leads and the other male leads in this Kdrama. There is also chemistry between both male leads. Pyo Na-ri is a broadcast meteorologist who works for the SBC network. Star news anchor Lee Hwa-shin is employed by the same station. In addition to being long-time coworkers, Na-ri harbored romantic feelings for Hwa-shin. Go Jung-won, heir to the Chaebol family and close friend of Hwa Shin, showed up in Na Ri’s life and changed everything. When Hwa-shin notices Jung-closeness won’s to Na-ri, he becomes envious, and things quickly spiral out of control.
Ha-Na and Pyo Na-ri both have a positive outlook on life, so there’s some similarity there. When it comes to our hero, she’s always had a thing for him. When Lee Hwa-shin sees that she’s running away, his jealousy comes to life and he realizes how he feels about her. Everything about it suggests a connection to Playful Kiss’s Kdrama.

12. I Picked Up A Celebrity On The Street

Storyline: An unintentional attack on Kang Joon Hyuk, the biggest Hallyu star, occurs when Lee Yeon Seo accidentally hits him during the night. She believed he was dead, so she took him home to dispose of him to avoid being charged with murder. Surprise! Joon Hyuk was only unconscious and awoke to the preparations for his decomposition, which she had no idea were going on around him. All of this led Joon Hyuk to believe that Yeon Seo had a stalker-like obsession with him. Now that Yeon Seo was forced to hold Joon Hyuk as a hostage, he may not have been able to turn her in to authorities. She relies on her neighbor’s help to keep him close by telling him a lie. Attempts have been made to implant Stockholm syndrome into Joon Hyuk’s brain so that he will not be required to divulge her identity. However, as time passed, they realized that everything that was happening to them was just a dream.
Joon Hyuk’s character resembled Seung Jo’s in many ways. He was haughty, conceited, and abrasive. Due to the fact that the main characters had to spend the majority of the film together, the development of their love story with a healthy dose of levity is readily apparent. Because of these similarities to Playful Kiss, this Kdrama is also similar.

11. To The Beautiful You

To The Beautiful You

The story begins with Goo Jae Hee, a Korean immigrant living in the United States. Following a chance encounter at a track and field competition, she develops feelings for one of the high jumpers, Kang Tae Joon. She grows to adore him to the point where she pretends to be a boy in order to assist him. After he has an accident that could end his career, she transfers to his all-boys high school. An iconic cast performed admirably in this drama, and no storyline was left unexplored.
Like Ha Ni, Goo Jae Hee is smitten by the hero and pursued him at first sight. Like the other couples, Goo Jae Hee and Kang Tae Joon shared a house. Because of these similarities to Playful Kiss, this Kdrama is also similar.

10. Boys Over Flowers

Boys over flowers is a cult classic in the world of Korean teen dramas, and for good reason. Although this drama has been on the air for a decade, it received a great deal of attention in the decade prior. The show is loosely based on the Japanese manga (comic) series Boys over flowers, albeit with a few differences. This is a story about a hardworking average girl who just so happened to get accepted into a prestigious private school for the children of the very rich. There, she earns the wrath of F4, one of the most popular and wealthy students at the school. It wasn’t long before she was in a relationship with one of the boys despite her numerous fights and arguments with them. At a later point in the story, we see how they continue their love story despite the obstacles they face.
Similarity: There were numerous ways in which the two dramas’ characters were similar. Neither of the male protagonists had a soft spot for the underdog. Both of the film’s female leads were upbeat young ladies. Both dramas’ male leads experienced a spark of lust ignited by jealousy. Because of these similarities to Playful Kiss, this Kdrama is also similar.

09. Cinderella And Four Knights

Cinderella And Four Knights

Storyline: Our main lead Eun Ha-Won is a smart, athletic teenage girl. She is a high school student who is good at sports and academics. Ha-Won hates her home life due to her stepmother and stepsister. While working to pay off debt, she also saves money for future education. When it comes to the Ji-Woon family’s spoiled cousins, Hyun-Min and Seo-Woo, they have it made. They live in the mansion Sky House with their personal bodyguard, Lee Yoon-sung. Their grandfather willed his three grandsons to attend their grandfather’s fifth wedding at some point in the future. Hyun-Min employs Ha-Won for three hours and drives her to his grandfather’s wedding. He had hoped to cause trouble at his grandfather’s wedding by enlisting Ha-help, Won’s but she had flatly refused. Upon seeing this, the older man approaches her with an intriguing proposition. He offers to hire her as a live-in butler at the Sky House and attend a prestigious high school.
Because Ha-Won moves in with the boys’ family, this Kdrama is similar to Playful Kiss in plot structure. It’s also a rom-com, and the tone often reminds me of the carefree film Kiss.

08. Heartstrings

The plot revolves around the lives of two university students named Lee Shin and Lee Kyu Won in this film. Lee Shin is a member of the band The Stupid and a student majoring in modern music. The public perceives him as attractive and musically gifted, but he also comes across as cold and distant. Korean traditional instrument master Lee Kyu Won specializes in the gayageum. She’s an intelligent, outgoing student from a well-to-do family. Lee Kyu Won devotes herself to traditional music training in order to live up to his grandfather’s expectations. Kyu Won is compelled to attend The Stupid’s concert by her friends because they are fans of the band. There, she caught a glimpse of Lee Shin in action and was immediately enamored with him.
Many factors make this Kdrama resemble Playful Kiss. This drama’s female lead is upbeat and smitten with the lead character, who looks a lot like Ha Ni. The leading man here also portrays himself as a cold and distant character. Furthermore, this is a drama set in a college setting.

07. Queen Of The Rings

Queen Of The Rings

The Queen of the Rings trilogy is a six-episode television series based on the book series of the same name. University student Nan Hee has feelings for her fellow classmate Park Se Gun. Park Se Gun, the department’s most popular and handsome teen, is well-known for his haughty demeanor. Se Gun’s other quirk is that he only dates attractive women. This is a bad habit for Se Gun to have because it makes everyone, including Nan Hee, dislike him. One day, Nan Hee’s mother presents her with a magical ring, a family heirloom from her mother’s side. Her mother explained to her that the ring has the potential to transform her appearance in the eyes of the person who wears it. What happened next is covered in detail in the ring’s history books.
There is a striking resemblance between the main characters of the two dramas. Both of the main characters are cold and conceited. Both heroines are upbeat and fall head over heels in love with the hero. It’s also a rom-com drama set in a high school, so it shares some characteristics with Playful Kiss.

06. Goong

Goong is the drama version of a manhwa with the same name. It is a story of Chae Gyeong, who is an ordinary art high school student. One day she got to know that she is supposed to marry a prince because of a promise made by her and the prince’s grandfather. It turned out that the prince was a cold, emotionless nerd who went to her same high school. The marriage of Chae Gyeong and her family’s debt-ridden finances forces her to make the decision. In the midst of her struggles to integrate into the royal family, she became friends with the prince’s cousin, which sparked a love triangle.
Like Ha Ni, Chae Gyeong is a cheery high school girl in this drama. Both of the main characters had a chilly demeanor. Similarly, Seung Jo came to terms with his feelings for Ha Ni after witnessing her being abducted by someone else. Chae Gyeong is the object of Prince’s affections. It was a common theme in both dramas for a couple to live together and eventually get married.

05. Fated to love you

Fated to love you

Dramatic plotline Fated to love you is a well-rounded film with top-notch acting, chemistry, and plenty of laughs sprinkled in with a few heartbreaking scenes. Lee Gun is the next generation’s heir to a large family business. Kim Mi Young works as a secretary in a law firm where everyone treats her like a pushover due to her inability to say no. As a result, she was given the moniker Post-It. Life happens, and these two ended up in a tangle after each had a high-alcohol beverage. As a result of this drink, Kim Mi Young becomes disoriented and ends up in the wrong hotel room, which she believes was set up by the person who injected them with the drugs. After a one-night fling with Lee Gun, she decides to move on. Mi Young became pregnant as a result of this one-night stand, which she discovers later. As a result of this, they have a hastily planned wedding. And with that, the hysterical comedy begins.
Similarity: Lee Gun, like Seung Jo, is a cold and prickly individual toward strangers. Mi Young is not a very cheerful but naive girl like Ha Ni. Both had been married and were forced to cohabit. The rom-com plot of this drama is excellent. Because of these similarities to Playful Kiss, this Kdrama is also similar.

04. Jugglers

Storyline: It may seem that this drama is like another office romance drama from the surface, but the actors and cinematography made this office drama cliche in something worth to get immersed with. The story goes around an office and its employee’s lives. Here Jwa Yoon Yi is a secretary to the director of a company’s video department. She is a hard-working, loyal woman with a sweet personality. Nam Chi Won is the new director and the boss of Yoon Yi. Despite his cold demeanor, he maintains a connection with those around him. The adventure begins when Chi Won decides to rent out Yoon Yi’s room for the night.
Playful Kiss is a Kdrama similar to this one because of the similarities between the two series. As an example, the female lead is smitten with the male lead first. The male lead exhibited a distant and cold demeanor. They were both attempting to live as close as possible to one another. After accepting their feelings, they began to fall in love.

03. My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star

In the previous decade, one of the most popular Korean dramas was My Love from a Star, which has since become a classic. An alien who arrived on Earth 400 years ago, during the Joseon Dynasty, and Korea’s biggest Hallyu star go on an emotional rollercoaster in this film. The alien’s abilities in vision, hearing, and speed were honed during his 400-year journey across the solar system. In the final months of his time on Earth, he happened to meet Hallyu Star and become her next-door neighbor. This Hallyu star is in a fight with her childhood friend’s older brother, who repeatedly tries to harm her but is always saved by our alien. After that, he makes an effort to avoid her, but he can’t help falling for her.
Playful Kiss and this Kdrama have a lot in common because both of the female leads were smitten with their respective heroes before anything else. The male lead in this drama was also silently treating the female lead.

02. Oh My Ghost

There’s a ghost in my house! Assistant chef Na Bong-Sun works in a high-end restaurant. Her entire life, she’s been a shy, insecure individual with low self-esteem. However, as a member of a shamanic family, she has had the ability to perceive ghosts since childhood. Shin Soon-seductress Ae’s spirit had taken possession of her for a time. Because her wish to be free of her virginity was not granted, Shin Soon-Ae believes she will be unable to leave Earth. Her virginity must be ended by a man of “Vitality.”
Chef Kang Sun-Woo, on the other hand, is a celebrity chef and the owner of Na Bong-Sun. Chef Kang is the man of vitality, as Shin Soon-Ae learned when she was in Bong-body. Soon’s What will happen when Soon-Ae reveals to Bong-Soon that she, too, has a crush on Chef Kang?

01. Because This Is My First Life

Because This Is My First Life

The female protagonist harbored feelings for him and, when possessed, rushes up to him like Ha Ni. For more than half of the runtime of this show, the central couple remained together in the same residence. Because of these similarities to Playful Kiss, this Kdrama is also similar.
This is my first attempt at a life story, so everything is new to me. Dramas like this one have the potential to grow and bear fruit for years to come. The plot revolves around three couples, with Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho, the show’s stars, taking center stage. Nam Se Hee is a computer designer in his late 30s who has a mortgage on his home that he can’t pay off. He believes that getting married is a waste of time and money, and his only concern is for his pet cat. Yoon Ji Ho is a young screenwriter who is also single and unmarried. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she was forced to leave her parents’ house and is now scrambling to find a new place to live. Due to her financial problems, she’s also stopped looking for a partner. The story begins when Yoon Ji Ho, misunderstood, moves in to rent Nam Se Hee’s house, and their relationship takes off.
Similarity: The main characters in this drama are also forced to live together as roommates. The leading man here also portrays himself as a cold and distant character. Even the lead actress is the same in both dramas: Jung So-Min is the same in both. Because of these similarities to Playful Kiss, this Kdrama is also similar.