15 Best Shows Like Ouran Host Club That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Ouran Host Club

One of the most popular shojo series is Ouran High School Host Club, which has swiftly won over the hearts of both shojo specialists and complete novices. When it comes to creating a friendly atmosphere for the audience, the Ouran High School Host Club does an excellent job. The majority of the series takes place in a school, but this anime’s host club is relaxed enough to let its characters and plot go off the rails.

There are a lot of anime in this collection that either have a strong sense of place and character like Ouran High School Host Club or are able to serve as a seamless parody of the very material it loves.

It was updated by Daniel Kurland on June 10, 2021.

Ouran is a slice-of-life anime series set at a school, as well as a more experimental series that doesn’t shy away from experimenting with form. This makes it more complex than a typical host club anime and allows it to resemble a more diverse blend of anime series.

1. Cromartie High School Is The Craziest School Of Delinquents

Cromartie High School

That being said, Cromartie High School is an exceptionally amusing comedy that parodies the typical school drama and slice of life shenanigans with unabashed surrealism.

In Cromartie High School, the protagonist is a blank slate that allows the oddball supporting characters, such as a robot and the late Freddie Mercury, to take center stage.

Cromartie High School, like Ouran High School Host Club, has a tendency to feel like a normal high school, only to suddenly take a dramatic turn.

2. SK8 The Infinity Creates A Genuine Support System

Skateboarding is the focus of the recent SK8 the Infinity anime series, which focuses on the sport. Ouran’s amusing host club anime antics have a different tone than this more competitive and action-oriented take, but the characters in both shows share a strong sense of identity. SK8 the Infinity is full of folks who put on a brave face, yet are actually incredibly kind.

Ouran’s vitality is reflected in the friendships that emerge and the way characters are able to let their shields down. Because Studio BONES is behind SK8 the Infinity, the show’s visuals are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

3. Kakegurui!! Highlights The Absurdity Of High School Through High Stakes Gambling


In anime, it’s a common cliche for boarding schools to double as prisons with a heavy hand.

Using this energy in the most extreme manner imaginable, Kakegurui!! Individuals of Hyakkaou Private Academy are regulated by a strict caste system that centered upon gambling, where they risk everything from their reputation to even their lives.

Yumeko Jabami, a newcomer to the school, is causing quite a stir with her eagerness to put herself in danger. Although the tone of Kakegurui!! is very different from Ouran High School Host Club, the environment and social dynamics are very similar.

4. Baka And Test Allows For Opposites To Attract And Magic To Run Wild At School

This is also true in Ouran High School Host Club, which at first glance resembles a plethora of other host club anime.

A sense of familiarity is built up between Baka and Test, but these expectations are then defied.

Akiisa In a new school, Yoshii is a troubled student who is unable to summon powerful Avatars due to the school’s strict division of students based on their exam scores. Yoshii and Mizuki had a difficult time adjusting to their new roles and friendship.

5. Princess Jellyfish Is A Glorious Character Study That’s Full Of Life

Princess Jellyfish

The josei series Princess Jellyfish is a must-see for any Ouran High School Host Club fans looking for a more adult plot.

When you meet Tsukimi Kurashita at the beginning of Princess Jellyfish, you’d be hard-pressed to tell she’s anything but naive.

When Tsukimi isn’t thinking about her public persona, she’s thinking about jellyfish, which serves as a peculiar incentive in her life. As a companion piece to Ouran, Tsukimi’s antics cross the line between reality and farce, yet they work perfectly.

6. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Turns Love Into A Battlefield

There’s little doubt that Kaguya-sama will fill every void left by Ouran in your heart, and then some — you can even assume that the series’ characters are the offspring of Ouran High School Host Club members if you wish.

Student council vice-president Kaguya-san has a crush on smart scholarship student Miyuki-san, who has managed to steal the presidency from him. Kaguya-san is wealthy, systematic, and precise.

Miyuki-san, like Kaguya-san, is in love with her, but he’d sooner die than admit it. As you can see, their plans would be shattered if they were to develop a mutually loving relationship. It was decided to use the Death Note palette instead of Ouran’s bright hues, which makes the ludicrous rom-com script even funnier.

7. Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun Breaks Down Gender Roles & Expectations

Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

One of the best insider glimpses into the exhausting world of professional mangakas, but it can also be proud heir to Ouran High School Host Club. High school student Nozaki-kun works as a successful shojo mangaka on the side to supplement his meager income. He had a crush on Sakura-chan, his classmate, before this.

Sweet, sweet shojo parody, lamp-shades, and deliciously goofy romantic comedy abound in the Nozaki-kun series. In the same vein as Ouran, the show makes a lot of fun of gender role stereotypes.

8. La Corda D’Oro Uses Music As Its Love Language

Many Ouran fans were enamored by Tamaki’s musical prowess and his ability to exorcise secondary characters’ feelings through the piano.

La Corda d’Oro, an anime based on a manga that was adapted from a harem otome game, perfectly captures this dynamic.

Kahoko Hino, a gentle and talented violinist, finds herself surrounded by equally talented musicians in the novel. This series’ music is incredible, and while it won’t make you cry as much as Your Lie in April did, the emotional rollercoaster it provides is just as thrilling.

9. Kids On The Slope

Kids On The Slope

Shinichiro Watanabe, best known for his work on Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, has created a beautiful new series called Kids on the Slope. Is a story about three outsider students who are fascinated by freestyle jazz in a time when the public is more interested in the Beatles than the future generation of jazz musicians.

An underground jazz band formed by them grows into a major part of the campus culture. When the actors are playing musical instruments, the animation is flawless, natural, and very lifelike. Is there anything I can say? The only plausible criticism is that, on an Ouran scale, it can get a little over-the-top.

10. Fruits Basket Mixes Slice Of Life Honesty With Supernatural Hijinks

If you’ve ever wondered how Ouran High School Host Club got its start, you’ll find the answer here.

A feisty high schooler named Tohru Honda is the focus of Fruits Basket, a story that recounts her adventures after she is abandoned by her parents and finds refuge with the (mainly male) Soma family after camping in a field.

Whenever a member of the opposing sex touches one of the Somas, they take on the form of an animal from the Chinese zodiac, and this happens every time. What similarities does it have to Ouran? What else can you expect from Fruits Basket? A large reverse harem, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story about finding one’s family and carving out one’s own place in a world that wants to keep you in a cage.

11. My Love Story Allows Its Romance The Proper Time To Blossom

If you’re a fan of either Kasanoda or Mori, My Love Story is the perfect series for you.

A high school student named Takeo Goda, who is tall, muscular, and exceedingly nice, is the focus of My Love Story. When Takeo saves Rinko Yamato, a classmate, from a groper on a train, his luck changes.

Even though Rinko is instantly smitten with him, Takeo takes some time to warm up to him.

My Love Story is a sweet love story with an out-of-the-box protagonist that offers a welcome change of pace for fans of the genre.

12. The Wallflower Looks At Tender Relationships With A Dark Edge

The Wallflower

Nekozawa fans will love this show! Sunako Nakahara is an introverted, gothic high school student who enjoys watching horror films and engaging in indoor hobbies. Sumako’s aunt, concerned about her niece’s future as a reclusive shut-in, makes a bargain with four handsome young men: in exchange for living for free in her and Sunako’s house, they will bring her back to the light.

Although Sunako’s appearance has altered, her dark-side likes have not, and perhaps the lads will have to accept her own special inner beauty.

13. Paradise Kiss Examines The Beauty In Life’s Little Differences

Anime fans who are curious about the Hitachiin twins’ fashion empire in Ouran High School Host Club should watch Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss.

This novel’s protagonist, Yukari Hayasaka, is a well-off young woman with a brilliant mind—but she’s deeply unhappy with her life.

When she joins ParaKiss, the fashion label created by the design students at her school, things begin to change.

Paradise Kiss is a strikingly diverse anime, including a cast that includes characters who identify as asexual, transgender, and/or bisexual. Additionally, the artwork is stunning, and the plots are deep and thought-provoking; picture it as a mean Ouran 2.0.

14. Kiss Him, Not Me Subverts Standard Rom-Com Conventions

Fans of Ouran’s Renge will enjoy this show immensely. Kae Serinuma is a pretty and outgoing fujoshi (a girl who enjoys reading yaoi manga), but she also has a secret. Kae enjoys imagining her favorite characters’ relationships with the boys she knows, and she does so frequently. She loses a lot of weight when one of her favorite anime characters dies.

Everyone is enamored with her new appearance as soon as she appears (and yes, this problematic plot point is lamp-shaded and mocked in-universe). Kae, on the other hand, is more interested in watching them have sex than she is in finding a partner.

15. Yona Of The Dawn Explores Gripping Character Development In A Dangerous World

Yona Of The Dawn

Even though it is a shojo with a reverse-harem structure, the story, the world, the artwork, and the jaw-dropping action scenes make it impossible to leave out of this list of great shojo anime. Yona is a rosy-haired princess who is naive and full of joy.

When her caring cousin assassinates her father, she is forced to flee with her best friend and loses everything, including her mane.

The only way for Yona to retake her land is if she can track down the famous dragon warriors and persuade them to join her cause. Characters will grow to the level of Sansa and Arya Stark, and there will be a slew of nuanced interactions between them all.