5 Best Shows Like Misfits Update 06/2024

show like misfits

Want to see more great shows like Misfits? Check out these recommendations! These five individuals demonstrate that being an outcast can have its benefits. British science fiction and drama series Misfits combines a relatable everyday situation with the paranormal to create a hilarious and gripping show. The story revolves around a group of juvenile offenders who have been sentenced to serve time in a community service program. The teens encounter an electrical storm while at work, and as a result, they have been granted superhuman abilities. Misfits is a great choice if you want a mix of drama and the supernatural in one show. Only five seasons of the show were produced, with the last one wrapping up in 2013. Here are five shows that are similar to Misfits if you want something new to watch.

1. Being Human

Being Human

Being Human combines horror and comedy for a unique viewing experience. Vampire, werewolf, and ghost all live together in an effort to maintain as normal a life as possible in the series. Being a mythical or horror-based being makes it difficult to fit in with people or define what is normal. In total, there are 37 episodes across five seasons of the show. Being Human is a great show to watch all in one sitting over the course of a long weekend.

2. Skins


Taking place in Bristol, England, Skins Skins follows the lives of high school students as they study for important exams. Teens and comedies can all relate to the storylines in this show, which features mental illness and bullying as well as substance abuse and dysfunctional families among others. The six-year run of the show was a huge success. There are 61 episodes in total, and they’re all worth watching.

3. Heroes


If you enjoy shows about people with superhuman abilities, Heroes is the show for you! The format of this show is very similar to that of a comic book, where there are separate volumes with their own storylines. Heroes depicts the journey of ordinary people who discover they possess superhuman abilities. As a team, the heroes work to avert disaster and keep the public safe. You should watch all 77 episodes if you can!

4. Shameless Shameless

Shameless Shameless

No Remorse Shameless is a British and American television series about a dysfunctional family. There are no superpowers in this show, and it does not attempt to save the world, but Shameless shows us how a lower-class family’s problems can and do arise. Families with an estranged father must work together to pay bills, maintain their standard of living, and perform other routine tasks that should not be expected of a young person. Each episode is hilarious while also being a little heartbreaking at times.

5. Wonderfalls

Wonderfalls, a delightfully offbeat comedy-drama that aired on FOX for a scant seven episodes in 2004, is no longer available on DVD. It was based on Jaye Tyler’s life as a sales clerk who was given orders to rescue people in need from animal figurines. Animal figurines, that’s what they’re called. They came to life specifically to inform her of those in need. Although only four episodes were broadcast on FOX, the entire 13-episode series is available on DVD. Netflix does not have it available for streaming, but their DVD plan does (yes, people still use DVDs!).