10 Red Hair Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Red Hair Anime Characters

The color of red hair in anime is red, not the orange of real-world redheads (we’ve already done this list for the anime world). In real life, red-haired characters tend to be passionate and adventurous, as well as aggressive and hot-headed.

This is why, although it is not a rule, the color red is often linked with fiery, slightly aggressive, and passionate male characteristics. Female redheads have many of the same characteristics as their male counterparts, but their expressions tend to be more subtle.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 red-haired anime characters we’ve come across. We’ll draw on a variety of resources and assign them a star rating based on their ubiquity and overall greatness. There will be a wide range of personalities included on the list, drawn from a variety of media.

10. Battler Ushiromiya

Battler Ushiromiya

The primary protagonist of the novel, he is the son of Rudolf and his first wife Asumu. As soon as Battler was 12, Rudolf married Kyrie, much to his son’s chagrin.

Unable to come to terms with his father betraying his own wife, Battler intended to leave the family and join the family on the maternal side but was compelled to return to the Ushiromiya following the repeated deaths of his maternal grandparents. After six years away, he’s finally made it back to Rokkenjima.

Even though he has a few odd quirks, he is a down-to-earth guy who treats anything having to do with the paranormal with a smile.

When Beatrice confronts him at the end of Episode 1, he explains that he will have to solve all the riddles around Rokkenjima so that she can convince him that they are the results of her magic.

9. Shō Hinakawa

Division 01 of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division employs Sho Hinakawa as an enforcer.

A man in his 20s, Hinakawa has an average height and a muscular physique. Left-handed, he has red hair that covers his left eye with a patch of gray. Except for the brilliant purple lining on his rolled-up sleeves, he wears a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Whenever he’s out in the field, he wears a tan-colored hooded jacket with frog clasps to keep out the rain and cold.

As the only person who recognizes that Kirito Kamui is wearing a hologram disguise, it’s hard to believe he’s anything but a hologram genius. He’s also incredibly good at spotting the difference between various substances.

Throughout his life, Hinakawa has struggled with depression and subsequent drug abuse.

8. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory, High School DxD (2012)

This young lady is known as “the Madonna” of her high school, and she is also known as “the mistress/lover” of Issei. Her actual identity is Princess Crimson-Haired Ruin, the heir to one of the most powerful dynasties of demons, the Gremory.

An exchange student between Japan and Scandinavia, she is in fact the head of an occult study society that serves as a haven for demons under her command. Issei is a member of her chess team, and she holds the title of “King” among the pieces.

After realizing the enormous strength that is buried deep within him, she takes a great interest in him. She is an almost invincible heroine. Lord Sirzerch is actually Sirzerch’s brother.

Both have the ability to annihilate anything in their path. The fallen angel that killed her servant, Issei, had a rare Sacred Relic, so she brought him back to life.

7. Eijiro Kirishima

Class 1-A student. Intense, loud, and impetuous, this young man has his own ideas about what it means to be virtuous as well as a code of ethics that causes him to admire the courage and determination of others.

His Fortitude The ability to alter his skin’s hardness gives him a tactical and offensive edge. He has trained to increase his hardness to a point where he is virtually impervious to physical attack, but he must be careful not to overdo it because the more he uses, the shorter the time he can maintain the transformation will be.

When he’s in this state, it takes a lot of physical effort for him to maintain it for more than a minute. Eijiro joins Suneater and the Pro Hero Fat Gum in their assault on the Shie Hassaikai as part of his internship.

6. Satori Tendō

Satori Tendō

Tend is a jovial and boisterous character, albeit not entirely innocent. For some reason, he likes to tease his teammates and opponents alike, but prefers to tease the latter. When he gets into the game, on the other hand, he transforms into a different, more terrifying character who takes pleasure in watching the look of defeat on the faces of those who reject him.

Because of his great awareness and self-described “guess blocking” technique, he is also very confident in the strength of his defensive stoppage abilities. Nevertheless, as the game goes, he discovers that Hinata can see through his assumptions as well, and occasionally his guesses are not correct.

Those who have not met Tend have described him as creepy or unusual. While growing up he was mocked and occasionally barred from practice because of it. His confidence seemed to rise when he became a middle blocker, so it doesn’t bother him that people saw him that way.

5. Daisuke Motomiya

During the second season, Daisuke (Davis) Motomiya is the protagonist. He discovers the Digital World by mistake as he and T.K. and Kari stroll through the Digital World entrance.

Awakening his companion with the Courage symbol awakens him and gives him the role of leader of a new group of chosen ones that Tai has formed. Kari, who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings for him, is adamantly in love with him, and he develops a deep relationship with his Digimon partner over time.

Like his football idol Tai, he excels at the sport. With the Courage and Friendship Symbols he is also blessed with the Miracle. A DemiVeemon and Davis’s father’s glasses are passed down to Davis’ son, who is now 25 years old. Davis also raises his kid as a noodle seller.

4. Shōto Todoroki

Shōto Todoroki

As a fellow student, she is one of the four highly regarded students. Fire may be generated from the left and right sides of his body using his Quirk termed “Half-Cold, Half-Hot.”

Alternating between the hot and the cold sides of his abilities is necessary to maximize his abilities, as doing so could result in frostbite or burns. He has the ability to conjure up massive icebergs out of thin air and to spew out incredibly hot flames, and he can use both sides of his body simultaneously to great effect if he so chooses.

The shapes of the ice he creates are limited by his skills. His athletic prowess was on display during the school’s annual Sports Festival, earning him the title of strongest student (despite the fact that he finished second, losing to Bakugo). All Might’s second-best hero is his son, Endeavor.

3. Gaara

On his initial appearance before the start of his chnin exam with his brother Kankurô and sister Temari, he is a ninja from Suna. She is a shinobi from Suna: The Secret Village of the Sand, where her name is Gaara. On top of that, his father is the fourth Kazekage.

In order to acquire a weapon to restore their village, his father had him born as a host to a tailed demon. After being shunned by his own people in Suna and having the Tailed Beast labeled as a “village curse” by his late mother, Gaara became a vicious assassin who only cares about killing his foes.

Since he finally becomes Suna’s Fifth Kazekage in the second section of the manga, Gaara’s worldview shifts.

2. Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai

Rukia and Renji Abarai were childhood friends in Rukongai, the town where he was born. Rukia was adopted by the noble Kuchiki family, and they lost touch with one another as a result. Prior to Rukia’s departure for the human world (and the beginning of Bleach), he was elevated to the rank of lieutenant in the 6th Division of the Gotei 13.

He cares deeply for Rukia, even if he doesn’t show it at first. Captain Kuchiki has always been his idol, and he hopes to one day surpass him. Divisions 11 (under Zaraki Kenpachi) and 5 have previously been passed by him. Captain Zaraki’s gang, Momo Hinamori, and Kira Izuru, lieutenants in the 5th and 3rd Divisions, are all close pals of his.

Ichigo is one of his many acquaintances and buddies. Ichigo’s pals believe that Renji and Ichigo are cousins because he introduced them to one other in the anime by calling them that.

Because they look so similar, his friends think they’re related to him. He’ll bite his fingers. However, when the going gets tough, they stick together like a house of cards. This is especially true when facing up against Aizen. While Renji enjoys teasing Ichigo, the reverse is true when it comes to the two.

At one point in the Hueco Mundo, Ishida informs him that he is like Ichigo after a rash action that nearly killed them, Renji seems to accept it as a praise.

1. Erza Scarlet

The manga’s protagonist is Erza Scarlett. She is regarded as the Fairy Tail guild’s strongest woman. She was kidnapped as a youngster from her hamlet of Rosemary and sent to work as a slave on the Tower of Heaven.

During this time, she meets Jellal and Miliana as well as Shaw and Simon as well as Wolly and Rob. Expelled from the tower by Jellal who is governed by an evil force, she decides to join Fairy Tail, Rob’s guild. She had been shy and distrustful of people since the minute she arrived at the guild.

Gray’s persistent desire to challenge her will aid in her opening out to others. Natsu’s father, Ignir, was unable to complete his apprenticeship at the guild, so she helps him learn to read.